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Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 30th August 2021 Written Episode Update: Pritam warns Sakhujas

Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 30th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nitin saying we won’t go home today. Pritam gets some icecreams. He sees a girl. Nitin says say something. Pritam says Monty, we have to make arrangements to stay here all night. He throws the icecream. He sees the girl’s pic. The girl flirts with him. He takes her. Monty says he made his arrangement. Its morning, Kabir says I will go now. Angad says get appointment letter today. Kabir says fine, I will go now.

Dada ji says I want to talk to Pritam. Kamli says he didn’t come. Dadi says tell him to leave. Guneet says Pammi and Baljeet have come. Nimmo and Amrita greet. Baljeet and Pammi ask about the tenant. Everyone complains about the tenant. Pammi asks where is he. Dadi says he is missing since night, don’t know from where did your dad get that goon. Baljeet asks did you not get his police NOC. Angad says we told him, he didn’t come back. Baljeet says that man ran away because of NOC. Pammi says he maybe a terrorist also. They all get shocked.

Baljeet says Angad is innocent, we can’t tell anything. Amrita says he is right. Baljeet says I m never wrong, call him. Soni says we don’t have his number. Pammi asks did he leave anything wrong in the room. Dada ji says he said he will go to Agra, I will call him, I have his number.

He calls. Pritam doesn’t answer. Pammi scares them. Amrita says we should find out, he got shot outside the bank. Baljeet says check his room, check his belongings. Shetty talks to the staff. He asks Kabir to shut up and listen. Meera smiles. He says we should get ads from health care. Kabir says ask Meera to get her dad’s brand. Meera and Kabir argue. Kabir says I know about advertising, ad means to tell the people what they are missing in life. Shetty gets angry on Meera. She says I m resigning now. She throws a water bottle. The glass breaks. Shetty asks what did you do Meera. He sees the police outside. He calls off the meeting. He asks Kabir to come with him.

Dada ji says listen to me, its not good to check his belongings. Nimmo says I worry for the family. Angad says we will ask Pritam when he comes. Nimmo says Pritam changed the lock. Pammi says check the window. Baljeet says window is also locked, we have to break the lock. Guneet says we shall wait for Pritam to come. Baljeet says you all will go to jail if there is anything wrong. Nimmo says break the door. Amrita says no. Nimmo says I m scared now. Pammi says what can we do, we are sweet people, the world isn’t sweet. Nimmo asks Angad to break the door. Guneet says just break the lock. Baljeet asks him to get a hammer. Angad goes. He asks Amrita to see them. Amrita says we will ask Pritam to leave when he comes. Nimmo says his behavior wasn’t right. Angad gets the hammer. Baljeet says see my magic now. He tries to break the lock. Pritam comes and asks what are you all doing.

Kabir says if you react like this seeing police, then you will get caught, be calm. He goes. Shetty worries. Meera looks on. Kabir talks to the inspector. Meera says what is he talking. Kabir says have coffee and leave, you are on duty, thanks. Inspector leaves. Kabir compliments the girl. He sees Meera there. Meera gets angry. Kabir comes to Shetty. Shetty asks what did officer say. Kabir says dead body, where did we hide it. Shetty falls down. Kabir says he came by mistake, I was joking. Shetty gets relieved.

Pritam says you were breaking my house door. Pammi and Baljeet ask where did he run hearing about police NOC. Pritam asks who are you. Pammi introduces herself and her husband. Pritam gets rude. He asks did you give the room on rent, or adopt me. Angad says easy, they have a misunderstanding. Pritam asks what misunderstanding, you are educated, couldn’t you explain them. Guneet says we were not stealing. Pammi asks Pritam to stay in limits. Baljeet asks him to follow rules if he has to stay here. Pammi tells the rules. She asks Pritam to vacate the room and get lost. Baljeet says this family is innocent, but I m not innocent, you will be going to jail. Pritam tells about tenancy laws. Everyone gets shocked.

Amrita goes to cook. Pritam gets gas smell. He calls out and says maybe gas is leaking in your house. Amrita takes the milk to boil. Pritam runs downstairs.

Update Credit to: Amena

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