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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 30th August 2021 Written Episode Update: Gehna Rescues Anant From a Blast

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 30th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Baa excitedly plans janmastami celebrates sitting in garden with Tia and others. Anant walks to Radhika and asks why did she tamper his laptop. She says she is sitting here and he can ask Baa. Baa backs her. He asks if Kanak tampered it. Hema says Kanak is with her since a long time. Gehna sees timer clicking in laptop and fearing it would blast snatches it from Anant and tries to put it in water. Anant stops her and asks what is she doing. She says she saw timer ticking in laptop and throws it on ground. A man hiding reverse counts. Anant walks towards it and it blasts. He falls down. Family rushes to him and takes him in. Hiding man walks way. Sapan checks Anant’s hand. Anant asks Gehna not to worry about him, he didn’t know why he couldn’t see the risk, he is fine now with a minor injury. Bapuji says someone tampered laptop to harm Anant. Radha walks in. Gehna confronts her. Radhika she wants to take revenge from Anant and will kill him slowly and not at once.

Anant’s bosses visits with police and ask why did they call them. Anant describes the whole incident and says he wrote program in code language and password protected it, even then he cannot risk national security and hence wants them to remove him from this project. Bosses say they will decide about it later and asks if he doubts someone. He points at Radhika and Kanak. Officers question Radha at first who says she is not the culprit and they shouldn’t waste a time on her and find the real culprit. They question Kanak next who also denies her involvement. Officer act as terminating Anant from project and inform him that he will secretly work on the project, everyone present here are under scanner and officers will keep an eye around him. Krishna walks in looking at his mobile and clashes with officers. A gun falls down from his pocket. They surround him and warn not to move. Gehna asks Krishna to to speak. Krsihna says its a fake gun. Officers check and confirm it and walk away. Baa feels concerned for Anant thinking he lost a job. Anant thinks he didn’t lose his job.

Gehna while cooking sheds tears remembering the recent attack on Anant. Radhika walks in and angrily breaks a bowl shouting at her for alleging her wrongly and warns her to dare not attack her. Gehna twists her arm and warns her to clean the mess she created. Radhika shouts but in vain and cleans the mess with broom. Anant walks in and asks what is happening. Gehna says cleaning and walks away with him. Radhika stands fuming on Gehna. Gehna tells Anant that she still doubts Radhika and needs to find out who is the culprit. She then cries saying what if the blast was big and something had happened to him, she cannot live without him. He says even he, then says she is there to protect him. She says tomorrow is Janmastami festival, god gifts her something each year, she will seek his blessings on her family this time. He asks if she likes Janmastami festival. She excitedly says he knows how much she loves Kanhaji, then gets shy and walks away. Anant thinks he will express his feelings for her tomorrow, there maybe 1000s of Anant but only 1 Gehna, he will be hers from tomorrow. Radhika hears his conversation.

Precap: Sagar escapes from jail and determines to destroy Gehna.

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