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Riansh OS # Riddhima – A short one # by aisha08

Hello peeepies aagyi me..

I decided to drop the idea of writing my own story as some things are meant to be concealed

This story is totally hypothetical it has nothing to do with my real life.. ( no vanshu in my life😭)

But riddhima’s character is me..her thoughts her words all are mine.. she is me..and her ordeal is mine..

This is something how i motivated myself..

Ps : No vansh in real zindagi..only mintos zindagi.. dimg ki batti bujha de😂..

Scene 1

A girl is sitting in school assembly keeping her palm on her forehead

Her pov

Hello..riddhima here..i am in 10th class..right now i am sitting in my school assembly waiting for prize distribution ceremony but this principal is not shutting his mouth..(typical speaches u know 😩)

Pov ends

Principal- And the award for best anchor goes to Miss Sejal sharma..

Sejal comes on the stage and receives the award..

Scene 2

At School’s garden..

Riddhima comes running to sejal and pounced on her .

Sejal – Ufff!!riddhima..u just scared me..

Riddhima – i am soooo happy for u seju…u got an award i am so happy

Both hug each other and celebrates

Sejal – Accha tell me..where is he..

Riddhima (pouting)- he again became grumpy man..

Sejal (laughing)- Now go and pacify him..

Riddhima leaves biding adeau to sejal

Scene 3

A boy is standing near window with a frown on his face

Riddhima comes from behind and hugs him

Riddhima – Vanshu…why are u gussa..

See na i am so happy today ..seju got an award..

Vansh turns and sits on bed

Vansh – that’s my problem..why she got that award when u were the one who wrote the script by scarficing your multiple nights

Riddhima – its ok na vansh..i wrote that for her only

Vansh – And she didn’t give credit to u..

Why don’t you understand sweetheart that love that appreciation and that award was your share but u being u..leave yr..its useless to preach u..

He turns his face in annoyence

Riddhima (sobbing)- So..sorry..🥺

Vansh instantly turns and hug her

Vansh (patting her back)- Riddhima..jaan..i am sorry i didn’t mean to hurt u..

But why u always do like this..why u always stay behind the curtains..let world know how much talented u are ..

Riddhima (sadly)- You already know what i feel..i am scared..what if this people will laugh on me..what if they will make fun of me..its insulting vansh..

Vansh- If u can’t respect urself then never expect from anyone to respect u (my personal opinion guys)

He kisses her forehead and they hug each other..

Vansh’s pov

Hey.. vansh here .so this was my little cute girlfriend riddhu..urf buddhu..

She is my girlfriend since 8th standard but nobody know about it except sejal..

Riddhu fears what if everyone will laugh on many times i told her that it’s not like that but she being ziddima..

Okok I won’t tell u the reason why she fears this much..she will eat me raw..

I have to go to a family function in which my riddhu will also come as we are family friends

Pov ends

Scene 4

At function

Vansh is standing with some of his friends

Boy- Hey vansh..u told us na u will introduce us to your friend where is she..

Vansh- Yes..she must be coming..

Riddhima comes from front wearing a beautiful lehenga..

Vansh (pointing towards riddhu)- There she bestie

Boy (laughing)- That short one!! Just look at her..she doesn’t even look like a 10th student..

Vansh (angrily)- Don’t show me your face next time if u want to laugh again

Unknowingly riddhima listens all this and ran away..

Vansh is searching her madly and he finds her in a garden crying

Vansh (side hugging her)- This precious tears ..for whom..

Riddhima (sobbing)- Leave me..chhod do mujhe..

I don’t want people to make fun of u just like they make mine..

Just look at u are are 5 feet 7 inches tall vansh..and..i ..i am just 4 feet 6 inches.. I can’t even reach to your shoulder 😭

Vansh (pouting)- But i can reach to yours na..

He bends a little and peck her nose .

Vansh – Why u always understimate urself sweetheart..

Do u know how pretty u are..and not heigh matters all the time..

You have so many other talents..

You know na how much amazing writer u are..your shayaris..uff.. i love them..

Riddhima – then why they make fun of me..🥺

Vansh- because u let them do so..

U are a writer riddhu…if u have guts to write then u should have guts to speak also..

Learn to stand for urself..but u.. always stay behind the curtains..

The number of talents u have is much more high than the number of your height..

Riddhima (smiling)- thnq for being with me always..

They hugged each other and head back to function again..

Scene 5

Riansh are standing with their family members

Lady – Riddhu beta..your height is so small.. don’t u do something for this…

U don’t look like a 10th student( typical log..i wanna smash their face for mocking anyone)

Riddhima (smiling)- C’mon maasi..even u don’t look like amrita’s mother..u look like her granny..but what can we do..this things are not in our hands..

Lady 2 – But beta if u will stay this much dwarf then who will marry u.

Riddhima (winking at vansh)- I will find a Amitabh Bachchan for myself

Vansh supress his lips not to laugh and winks at riddhima who was already smiling at her..

Scene 6

Riddhima’s room

Vansh is laughing holding his stomach rolling on bed

Vansh (laughing)- Shit..riddhu u were savage replier man..that aunty..her face was worth watching..

I didn’t know u have this much guts also

Riddhima – Your words affected me vansh..

Now i have decided I won’t let people make fun of me..

I will fight..i will show how strong i am..

She kisses on his cheeks and they hug each other

Scene 7

2 years later

Now riansh is in 12th standard

Vansh relevaled riddhima is his girlfriend and riddhima started showing her write work to everyone and they just love her and her work..

Vansh’s room

Riddhima comes running shouting

Riddhiima (happily)- Vansh…see..i got the award of best anchor and writer in school

I am so happy today

Vansh pulls her in his arms and twirl her around

Vansh- see..i told u na..u can do this..

I love u jaan..u are best..

Riddhima – yes vansh you were right..

Now i love myself ..and people started loving me now..

You know i started writing on wattpad also..

U were right my shayaris and stories are not meant to be written in copies only they are meant for people to shower their love on me..

U know readers love me alot..i have so many friends there.. they are best people in my life . they don’t judge me..they love me ..

This riddhima changed because of u..thnq jaan..

She kisses on his hand and they hug each other

Scene 8

1 month later

Riddhima’s room

Vansh (knocking the door)- Riddhima..i am warning u if u won’t open the door this time i will break it .

And thuddd!! He broke the door and barged in

Vansh (whispering)- Ri.. riddhima

She is lying on bed sobbing badly

Vansh (taking her in his embrace)- Jaan..what happened why are u crying..

Riddhima (sobbing)- Why..why😭why they always taunts me..

What is my fault that i am short heighted

Vansh- Jaan..what happened..did anyone say anything to u..

Riddhima (crying)- I give a damn about other people but it hurts when my own family taunts me..

They say i am short because of my carelessness..i didn’t put effort for myself

Its not like that😭..i did..i exhausted myself ..i had eaten the bitterest medicines for that..but if it is not increasing then what is my fault

Vansh- Shhh!! Stop crying ..u are my brave riddhu na..

Riddhima – I know i am strong..but sometimes i feel low..i feel tired of all this shit..

Just because i am crying right now it doesn’t mean i am am strong i know..

I know my capabilities..i also have that guts to shut the f**k up peoples mouth..

But sometimes i break down..kabhi kabhi himmat jawab de deti hai vansh😭 nhi hota kabhi kabhi

Sometimes i doubt myself that whether i will be able to do anything or not..

But then your motivation and my readers’s love give strength to me..

I will stand again i will fight again..and show this world that i am small with height only..but my talent is much more tall than their taunts

Jab log mujh se bat krte hai to unhe apna sir jhukana pdta hai na ab Me itna successful houngi vansh ki logo ko mujhe dekhne ke liye apna sir uthana pdega..

She wipes her tears with determination in her eyes..

Vansh (kissing her forehead)- My sherni riddhu..

Riddhima giggles and pecks his cheeks

Riddhima’s pov

Jhuk jayegni nazare jis din ham chamkenge

Mehek jayega sama jis din ham mehekenge

Tum naap bhi nahi paoge hamare kamiyabi ke kad ko..

Ham is tarah sir utha ke chlenge


I don’t have any vanshu..i motivated myself ..

This people only know how to demotivate someone..

Its only upto u how u take them.. as a taunt or as a motivation..

If anyone is suffering from anything like this or other.. just remember you are best in your own way..

Don’t let that 4 people decide who are u..

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