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#Riansh one shot by Aayu

“Mrs Riddhima Rai Singhania?”

A voice echoed in the whole mansion…

Pale faces of the rai singhania family, ishani hugging Riddhima sweeping like a baby, dadi closed eyes, face full of tears sitting on the floor with messy face and emotions.

Anupriya’s fake emotions and crying voice was just giving a drama sequence to the situation.


Angre Vansh’s most trusted man who always have a smile on his face whenever his boss calls his name out,was sitting there emotionless infront of his boss’s photo which was adorned with flower garland.


Aryan was standing there at the corner with a blank expression, he knew his connection and his perspective never go along his Vansh Bhai but He was his bhai who was always there for him.To protect him,to pamper his wishes, to make him burden free from responsibilities. His Vansh Bhai..


All turned towards the voice..


‘Kabir’ Riddhima said out of blue.


She was still not recovered from the shock, but it seems Destiny has planned another one in the row.


Riddhima startled with the strong voice taking her name after another word..

She opened her sub concious mind and saw the view infront of her..


‘Mrs Riddhima your husband’s death body’ Kabir said.


Getting betrayed from her heart she had now no courage to face herself.


‘Tere Ishq mein marjawa’


His words echoed and she stumbled upon her emotions.

Having no courage she closed her eyes trying to recover from the shock she got..


‘Till I am with u problems can’t even touch you’


‘Kabir u killed my Vansh, because of you I lost my Vansh’

She said while holding him from collar..

‘Mrs Riddhima you yourself killed ur husband amd blaming me?’

He said with a smirk..


‘Your husband himself wrote this confession letter.He clearly mentioned why he is doing sucide?’

‘Sucide are u kidding mera vansh sucide nahi kar sakta nahi. I know this is all your plan with your mom..

Dadi!! Trust me I haven’t done anything, This Anupriya with his son has planned all these shitty plans, Anupriya was the one who have attacked siya…’ 

She said with all efforts she has to give her last chance.

But non supported her truth even she herself was against her.

Running towards her room when no one trusted her, she trusted her heart.

She reached and took the box which his Vansh gifted her as her wedding gift, she took the rose and burnt the rose!

At the very next when all the family members reached her room she has just shot herself..


Ankhiyon se dariya beh gaya, haaye

Khwaab wo adhura reh gaya

Baarishon ke mausam me hi haaye

Alvida mujhe wo keh gaya

Deewana tha, deewana hoon, rahunga bhi

Wo hai meri, main duniya se kahunga bhi✧*。


A/N:- This was left in my gmail draft from very long, umm when I started writing I just saw and thought to edit this.

Hope none forget me.. *fingers crossed*

So how was it?

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