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Hi guys so here is the silver jubilee chapter of my FF. thankyou for your constant support and comments. I never thought that I would reach 25 chapters of my first fanfiction.

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Here it goes…

VR mansion was ready for the party . The theme was masquerade. Vansh insisted to keep this theme as it would be interesting .

Ridhimma was getting ready in her room .she was wearing a beautiful black gown. Suddenly she felt two arms wrapped around her. She looked onto mirror to see Vansh behind her

Ridhimma: what are you here Vansh ??

Vansh: came to see you.(nuzzling his face in the crook of her neck)

Ridhimma: I have to get ready leave me now (chuckling).

Vansh left her making frown .

Vansh :you are such a mood spoiler.

Ridhimma: leave that(laughing) . Vansh about which surprise you were talking about ??

Vansh: it’s a very big surprise Ridhimma you will get to know it in party only..(smirking inwardly)

Ridhimma : okay at least give me a hint na please (making a cute pout)

Vansh: okay okay it is related to todays party theme. Now no more question lets come .

Both descend from the stair like a royal couple twined in black outfit. The whole limelight was on them .

The party started and everybody was enjoying. Anupriya was standing at a corner when Pragya collided with her and the whole juice was spilled on Anupriya’s dress

Pragya: I am so sorry aunty I did’nt notice you

Anupriya : (trying to keep voice calm) its okay beta I will just go clean it up.

Pragya saw anupriya going to her room and muttering some curses and smirks .

Vansh was busy with some buisness associates when Ridhimma decided to go ragini’s room to collect some proof.

She entered ragini’s room and started searching her cupboards draws and

shelves but she found nothing dejected she was about to go when suddenly a pendrive fell . She picked up the pendrive examined it and inserted it in her phone . When she opened the file she was shocked to see the photos of anupriya Vyom and Ragini. She checked other files and got a recording of anupriya and ragini’s conversation where they were planning against Vansh . She discovered a shocking truth about anupriya

Ridhimma: (shocked) this means aunty was also against Vansh. She did everything that happened in past to Vansh. Vansh needs to know this .(angry)I can’t be she can stoop so low .

Saying this she went out and was going to Vansh when she saw him happily talking to Kabir. When Kabir saw her he went to stage and announced Vansh Ridhimma ‘s dance .

Kabir: ladies and gentlemen attention please . Please welcome our royal couple Mr. Vansh Raisinghania and his fiancée Ridhimma on stage .

Vansh came to her and took her to stage .

Ridhimma: Vansh I need to tell you something. Please listen(desperately)

Vansh: everything else after dance Ridhimma . Now just concentrate on us. (smiling)

Ridhimma also smiled back but was desperate to tell him anupriya’s truth .

Vansh Ridhimma started dancing on beintaha in a synchronized way. They were lost in each other . Soon other also joined them . After the dance ended Vansh took the mic and said

Vansh: as I have said that today I will give you all a surprise so the time has come. Ragini can you please connect it to the projector

Ragini took the pendrive and connected it to projector . A video started on projector in which Ragini was ordering the poisonous powder to kill Ridhimma .

Ragini was shocked to see it and was sweating hard . All present there were also shocked. Anupriya face showed fear of getting exposed

Vansh: how was the film Ragini did you like it .

Ragini: va..vansh it is not true this video is false (scared voice)

Vansh: is it?? I am so sorry but how about checking the tattoo in your hand . Pragya please

Pragya: sure Vansh (smirking)

She went to Ragini pulled her hand harshly took out the artificial skin with a jerk which made Ragini scream. She showed everyone her tattoo to Vansh. Ragini was shocked and was not able to understand how Vansh knew it

Kabir who was not able to understand anything asked

Kabir: what happening Vansh can you tell us.

Vansh: lets start from beginning . Do you remember Ridhimma when at under construction part of office bricks were about to fall on you??

Ridhimma: yes Vansh

Vansh: that was planned by Ragini. That day I suspected it to be a attack and told angre to take out information about it. He got the cctv footage of that area and I saw a girl in with this tattoo and ring which Ragini is wearing. Then during the engagement ceremony I saw Ragini wearing the same ring I got doubtful and asked him to find out about past few years of her and keep a track on her.

Ragini was shocked knowing Vansh suspected her from starting .

Vansh: then I decided to give her a chance to play her move so that I can catch her. And went away in the excuse of meeting. I called Pragya here to keep a eye on her.

When I went away Ragini got careless . She told Pragya about the tattoo with a false story .Pragya informed me and I got sure Ragini is behind it. I told Pragya to install a camera on her room so that I can know her every move. (smirks)

Ragini became numb as she was fully exposed in front of family .she was not able to think of anything.

Vansh: apart from me someone else was also behind her right Ridhimma (looking at her)

Ridhimma(shocked) : you knew I was behind her.

Vansh : I also know she destroyed your proof the day I came back. You were sad because of her

Ridhimma: you knew everything then why didn’t you told me

Vansh: I wanted to see what else you can do to expose her (smiling playfully) so now coming back to Ragini what do you have to say now (smirks)

Ragini was not able to say anything but she thought to expose anupriya also

Ragini: I was behind all this but you don’t know that there is a snake in your family who helped me in all these. She is your beloved mother Anupriya

She looked at Vansh who was calm .anupriya was scarred and started to defend herself

Anupriya : she is lying Vansh .just now you saw how cunning she is . She is trying to manipulate you

Suddenly she heard her own voice behind her and saw the video of her and Ragini conversation where Ragini said all her deeds

Vansh: anything else left to say Anupriya .

Anupriya and others were shocked to hear Vansh calling her by name. Vansh looked at them and said

Vansh :she does not deserve to be called mom . She is a stain on that . We gave you respect love but what you gave in return betrayal along with you son Vyom. But you know there is nothing left to say you can never changed .

Ragini saw everyone attention was on anupriya and noticed a knife on near by table. She took it and held Ridhimma at knife point shocking every one .

Ragini: if you want her alive let me go here (pressing knife on her throat)

Vansh signaled Pragya and Pragya took out her gun and shot Ragini on her leg. Ragini winced in pain and left Ridhimma who ran towards Vansh. Anupriya tried to flee but Kabir caught her.

Soon police arrived and Ragini and anupriya were arrested and taken away . Everyone was in shock of what happened .Vansh quietly went away from there and Ridhimma noticed it.

Ridhimma: (to herself) I know Vansh you are broken inside and just acted strong . But I promise I will never let you feel alone

With determined look she went behind him.

Here the 2nd last chapter ends .This time no precap but you can tell me what you want to read in its last chapter . Sorry for rushed plot but I couldn’t think of anything else as ending this FF was a sudden decision . Hope you liked it please comment and let me know.

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