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RadhaKrishn 30th August 2021 Written Episode Update: Krishna Fulfills Radha’s Last Wish

RadhaKrishn 30th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ganesh invites Hanuman for Krishna Janmastami celebrations. Hanuman agrees. Krishna tells Balram that Ganesh convinced his biggest devotee to attend janmastami function and says now he is eager to fulfill Radha’s wish. Balram says he is so excited to fulfill Radha’s wish, what is his plan. Krishna says he needs to attend a special sabha and disappears. He meets gods and wait for Mahadev to start the sabha. Mahadev emerges. Gods gets happy seeing Mahadev and Krishna at once. Krishna discusses his plan for his last Janmastami on earth and Radha’s wish. They all agree with him.

Janmastami celebrations start at Dwarka. Krishna returns in his Brindavan avatar. Radha gets happy seeing him and asks why is he in his Brindavan avatar. Krishna says she will find out soon. Balram says he amazed them all with his Brindavan avatar. Krishna says he arranges every janmastami valishly, but this time there is a surprise for him. Ganesh tells Radha that she is also having a surprise. Sudama with friends walks in and hugs Krishna. Radha says that is why Krishna is in Brindavan avatar today. Ganesh says he invited even his parents, but they didn’t come yet. Krishna says they are here itself and are performing their duty. Mahadev and Gauri try to break a star barrier/sitaron ka kavach for Krishna and wait for Hanuman. Hanuman flies in. Mahadev says Hanuman is his ansh/part and knows what to do. Hanuman says he will make Krishna and Radha’s janmastami celebration special.

Krishna climbs human ladder to break a high hanging curd pot while Revati and others throw water on him. He slips. Sam gets happy seeing that. He climbs back and breaks the pot and eats curd. Devotional song plays in the background. Radha tells Krishna that he made janmastami special by breaking curd pot. Krishna says she will get a special surprise tonight and asks what is her last wish. She says she didn’t inform him about it. He shows Sudama’s letter and says there were tears in her eyes when she was reading this letter. She says today is curd pot breaking day, how can she ask him to break stars. He says his friend’s request is an order for him. She asks what does he mean. He says they are going to a special place and blindfolds him. She asks which special place. He says where they were staying forever and will stay forfever. He takes her to golok and removes her blindfold. She gets happy seeing golok and emotionally says she feels they were staying here for years. He says she can live their loving memories for a last day as it will change forever since he is turning 100 years old and she didn’t want to celebrate fearing he would leave this world, but something will happen which she cannot image. Radha says this last year is fearing her, what will happen next. He asks her to express her last wish and accompany him to a place where stars will break.

All gods gather around them. Mahadev tells Radha that only Krishna can arrange such an astonishing event. Hanuman greets her next. All stars break at once. Radha gets happy and tearful watching the event. Devi Gauri says Krishna organized such a mesmerizing event for Radha. Krishna thanks all gods for their help, and they disappear. He asks her to seek her last wish. She says her last wish is love and she wants immense love from him.

Precap: Krishna tells Balram that a long wait will end. Radha eagerly waits for Krishna. Shukracharya attacks Radha as a revenge from Krishna. Radha calls Krishna. Krishna gets angry seeing that.

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