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Qurbaan Hua 31st August 2021 Written Episode Update: Chahat accidentally burns her face

Qurbaan Hua 31st August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Naveli serves the tea, she accidentally drops it when the photo of Chahat in the newspaper gets ruined, Zain questions what she did, Neel questions what the matter is because it is just a newspaper, Zain says that he can not accept any disrespect for Chahat. Chahat in the room wonders what the reason for is so much smoke and she accidentally drops the coal falling on them, burning her face.
Some time earlier, the old man arrives asking how did they deceive him and now are having a function, Zain questions who is he because he did not recognize him, Neel starts walking here and there, Neel then exclaims he is a distinct relative of Dr Rahil, Ghazala exclaims she did not hear of him before, Neel replies she would have known him if she was not always roaming around Dr Rahil, Neel starts blaming Ghazala for ruining the life of brother Rahil, he exclaims Chahat looks the same like Zeinet Bhabhi, he hugs Chahat, Ghazala says to Zain that she doesnot know him because she used to stay away from Dr Baig’s family.

Neel reveal to his family that he is actually Neel, they all start laughing, Zain then asks Neel to sit down because he the elder and they should finish the engagement function, Zain is about to make Chahat wear the ring but Neel hits him with his stick, Zain questions what has happened, Neel standing asks Ghazala if she did not tell Zain about their family rituals explaining that in their family the bride and groom cannot touch before the Nikkah, they both are shocked, Neel says he would be the one to fulfil the ritual being the uncle of Chahat, he takes out the ring which he bought for her, Zain tries to reason with him explaining it is his engagement however Neel keeps pushing him back, Neel thinks if Chahat doesnot wear the ring then how will they get married, he asks them all to clap.

The entire family is shocked, Chahat realizes that it was Neel who said that he would give the ring to his Girlfriend, Zain thinks it might be Neel, however he replies that a lot of rings are available in the market, he is about to remove the beard when Bopho turns off the lights, Zain exclaims he would now show the reality of Chahat’s uncle, the lights come back, they are shocked to see it is someone else, Ghazala says it would be Neel, Zain vows to not leave him.

Neel comes running downstairs, he is searching for his ring, they all get shocked, when he reveals he was about to give it to his Girlfriend, Ghazala asks what does he mean, Neel replies why can he not have a girlfriend when he is a lot handsome then Zain. He is still searching when Chahat raising her hand asks if this is his ring, Neel going to her asks how did she get to wear the ring, Zain taking him by the collar asks if he was the one who came disguised as the old man, Ghazala exclaims that he doesnot need to talk with Neel, Zain asks Chahat to take out the ring, she tries to but it is not able to come off, Zain starts pulling it without caring about the pain which Chahat is having, Neel asks if he cannot see she is hurting, Zain replies he only cares to take out the ring and would even cut off the finger, Neel questions Chahat what sort of love is this because had he been in the place of Zain then would never have hurt her, Ghazala pulls Zain saying that he must not force hr as Neel si trying to deviate her.

Neel tries to remove the ring but is not able to, he then exclaims she can keep the ring as he would have another one made for his girlfriend, Zain pushes him away when Neel agrees to leave but then warns Chahat to find someone who would take care of her and will fill happiness rather then those like Ghazala and Zain who are trying to ruin her life, Zain asks Chahat to come and have dinner when Chahat leaves saying that she doesnot feel like.

Chahat in her room is trying to remove the ring but she is not able to, there is someone at the door, she turns in anger thinking it would be Neel however is shocked to find Vyas je, he comes in mentioning Zain was pulling her finger so there might have been a wound, he has come to apply the herbal medicine, he sees she is in a state of confusion so questions what is the reason, Chahat says that she is sad because her father is not with her otherwise she would have asked him the question, Vyas je asks her to inform him because he is also like her father, Chahat says she is worried wondering if she should marry Zain, Vyas je explains if she is having this feeling one day before the wedding then should really think about it, he asks her to question her own thoughts questioning if Zain is really worthy of her and is he capable of taking care of her, would he stand with her in her problems, then if the answer is yes she can marry Zain, Ghazala enters the room asking Vyas je to not try to deviate Chahat from her righteous path, Vyas je leaves instructing Chahat to think about it, Ghazala asks Chahat to not be worried.

In the morning Bopho brings the breakfast for the children instructing them to eat, they both exclaim they cannot eat the Dalia, Chahat brings the sandwiches for them both, she starts helping them eat them when Neel comes, Chahat asks what does he want now mentioning when she is tensed, she gets hungry and feels like eating, Neel questions why is she still marrying the side hero, Zain says he tries his best but got late as they are getting calls from everyone.

He shows the newspaper, Chahat asks what was the need, Zain replies it was because this was the wish of her father so he might even come after hearing the news, Zain leans close to her mentioning everyone who has saw the news praised how good they both look, he has also brought a gift for her, she shows the necklace, Chahat asks what was the need for such expensive gift, he helps her wear it, Naveli comes with the tea but drops it.

Zain asks what did she do as it ruined the face of Chahat, Zain replies he cannot accept even a dot at her portrait of real face, Neel questions what happened to his love because Zain just loves her appearance while his love is for the seven generations, Neel advises Chahat to think about it, Neel and Zain get in a quarrel, Ghazala comes asking her to come with her because they both would remain fighting.

Ghazala says that she wanted to call the beautician but Chahat said she would get dressed, Zain wants her to look so beautiful that everyone just looks at her, Chahat thinks what Neel said that she must not marry anyone who just cares for her beauty, Chahat wonders if Zain really loves her beauty, she recalls when he praised her, Chahat takes out the clothes when she starts suffocating from the smoke and hitting her leg falls on the coal, Chahat screams with pain, Neel and Zain both rush to her, Vyas je also questions what happened, he rushes to open the window, Neel going to Chahat asks what happened, she is hiding her face so he asks what happened, she must remove her hand, Chahat shows that her face is burnt, Zain is tensed.

Neel questions what happened, and it must be hurting a lot, Zain exclaims it cannot happen then when Chahat says that she came back after ironing her clothes which is when she fell and burnt her face, Zain leaves saying that he cannot even watch her face, Ghazala also leaves.

Neel asks Chahat to not be worried as they would go to a doctor and her face would be cured, Chahat replies it can never happen when her face has got third degree burns and she would have to live with these scars, Neel assures her he would help her in the treatment, then runs away, Vyas je also runs mentioning he would prepare the herbal cream for her, Chahat thinks Zain left her after seeing the scares, she wonders where Neel has gone.

Precap: Vyas je stops Neel asking where is he going, Neel replies that he is going to get the Priyaghpush which Chahat brought for him after going through so much troubles, Ghazala warns Chahat to not let him apply it as this might be his plan to ruin her face even more, Neel explains it would cure her however Chahat stops him.

Update Credit to: Sona

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