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My Love Where Are You- RiAnsh Chapter 16 ‘Plan to work?’

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Riddhima was sitting on the bed resting on the bed back with her diary in the hand.
“This is so big… I think I should skip my college days and jump to my… Married life? Done.” She smiled and flipped the pages and randomly stopped on one.

I can’t tolerate Vansh anymore. He always scares me to death. Only I know how I live with him. I am sure he is correct. I miss you so much. I will soon put Vansh to jail and come back to my happy life.

Riddhima closed the diary in astonishment. Wasn’t she the one loving him? She flipped some more pages.

It’s high time to tell him, that I love Vansh only. Vansh and only Vansh. I will tell Vansh everything, very soon. But first I need to win his full trust, so I can tell him and he will listen to me properly.

“I am a spy!?” Riddhima said not realising Vansh standing there who choked on his water.

“What did you say?” Vansh said being angry.

“That I am a spy” Riddhima replied looking down. She had never seen him being so angry, or she had forgotten.

Vansh sat next to her holding her arms angrily and she flinched seeing his blood shot eyes.

“Dare you say that again. Riddhima…don’t. Where did you get to know!” Vansh tried to be calm, but it was heard by Riya who was going from there.

Riddhima had hidden the diary in her hands at back.

“I am asking you something Riddhima. WHERE DID YOU KNOW?” Vansh exhaled a deep breath. “Give me that diary”

Riddhima was scared, by him, for the first time, she felt very hurt, she felt lonely, and weird.

“I am sorry I will not say it again” Riddhima said with her head down.

Vansh snatched the diary from her throwing it out of the window.

“Vansh! That was mine…” She exclaimed

“Let it be ‘was’ sweetheart. You need to rest. I will be back soon.” Vansh said leaving the room and Riya left from there too.

” He never did this to me… Is he the old Vansh of the diary? No… He loves me. Maybe he is stressed? When is he not stressed. I should look where he is. I hurted him.” Riddhima mumbled to herself and came down the bed moving out slowly.

As she left the room, someone entered the room, as it was left open..

Here, Vansh was roaming here and there infront of his piano while Angre was sitting there waiting for him to say something. Riddhima came and stood at the door. She inhaled breath to speak but Vansh started talking.

” She should not know about this at any cost. She will hate me Angre…”

Riddhima squeezed her eyes trying to digest what she heard.

“Vansh?” She asked and Angre stood up from his place, both looking at Riddhima with surprise. Riddhima moved forward to Vansh holding his hand, keeping her head on his chest, listening to his heartbeat which was fast.

“I will never hate you”  she said with full calmness and eyes closed.

For a moment, Vansh was drowned in her innocence, she didn’t knew anything, how much wrong happened with her, she forgot everything, still; she believes him to an unlimited extend. Coming out of his thoughts he cupped Riddhima’s face.

“Why did you come here? You need to rest.” Vansh said and Riddhima nodded.

“Why did you say I will hate you?” Riddhima asked, and Angre silently left from there giving them some place.

“Vansh I am asking…” Riddhima was looking in his eyes trying to find answers.

“I can feel it Vansh, you are hiding something. Tell me?” Riddhima spoke and Vansh looked the other side so he could not get poured in her.

“You need to rest…come” Vansh holds her hand taking to the room. Riddhima kept looking at him all the time.and Vansh was just stealing glances.

As they reached the door, Vansh got a call, and left from there. Riddhima sighed and entered the room only to see her clothes lying on the floor and her cupboard open.

“No!” Riddhima became worried and she was herself throwing thing here and there as she was looking for something. Her one hand was on forehead and other on her waist. Vansh saw the room scattered and became worried.

“Riddhima are you fine!?” He pulled her for a tight hug.
“Vansh I am fine… But… someone came here. Look, the whole room is scattered.” Riddhima said pointing at her cupboard.

“Don’t worry, you need to rest. I will make it.” Vansh made her sit on the bed.

“But who did it!? Even some of my things are missing.” Riddhima complained to him.

“Whoever it is will not be spared, and you will get your stuff back. Ok? Now sit nicely.” Vansh said to her and she sat on the bed folding her legs looking Vansh who was busy making his wife’s clothes and keeping them at place.

“Bhai look!!” Ishani barged the room with a report in her hand and Angre behind him with a big smile.

Ishani handed him the envelope and Vansh sat next to Riddhima looking at it. It was a sonography report.

Vansh and Riddhima looked at the report and smiled to each other, and then to IshAngre. Riddhima hugged Ishani and she did the same.

“I am very happy for you both” Riddhima smiled and Vansh side hugged her.

“Angre come we will show it to Dadi…” Ishani holds his hands pulling him out of the room and Vansh chuckled.

“Poor Angre… Whole day is stuck between this brother-sister duo.” Riddhima complimented and went out of the room.

“Oh mam where are you going?” Vansh asked.

DineerrrrShe replied and went away.

Vansh smiled and was closed her cupboard, he realised something and opened it again. He took the packet out, and opened it only to find…

A pregnancy test kit

“We didn’t get intimate after….no”

Vansh’s mind was occupied a thousand of thoughts. Is she pregnant? Is it Kabir’s child? What If she is not? Maybe it’s just kept here? Should he ask her?

“Vansh! Come have your dinner!” Riddhima called from downstairs. He nearly threw the kit in the cupboard, closed it and reached down..

PrecapAre you pregnant?

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