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Molkki 30th August 2021 Written Episode Update: Nani is determined to make Dhwani her bahu

Molkki 30th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Virendra explains Manas and Juhi about Purvi’s memory loss. Kids asks him that how can Purvi forget them. He tells them about Purvi’s accident. Juhi tells him that they can tell everything to Purvi now. He tells her that they can’t force Purvi to remember anything so they should stay with Purvi always and tries to make her remember the past slowly. He asks them to stay as Purvi’s students only for now.

Later, Manas tells Juhi that he want to sleep with Purvi and he is missing her so much. She tells him that they can’t go to Purvi now and they prays for Purvi. Meanwhile Purvi wonders that why Virendra came as her neighbor and why she is feeling weird when Veer explained her everything.

Next day, Virendra decides to prepare a tea but he could not because he don’t have any ingredients. Purvi prepares a tea for Virendra thinking that he had done so much for her so she can do at least this much for him. She goes to Virendra’s house and tells him that she brought a tea for him. Kids comes there and gets happy seeing Purvi. He asks her to sit. Kids hugs her and they introduces themselves to her. She asks them to get ready for school and they goes inside.

She gives tea to him. He apologizes to her for his behavior towards her. She tells him that she knows that her face resembles with his wife’s face and informs him that Veer said everything to her. He thinks that Veer make mistake by lying to Purvi.

Chandni is humming excitedly. Daksh and Nani look on. Nani tells Daksh she has fallen for someone who doesn’t like her. chandni says Chand ji has shifted in the opposite house. We are so close now. Daksh asks her who has shifted next house. Chandni shares that Mukhi Virender Pratap Singh has shifted next house. I will also simply g there after marriage. Daksh says it is great news. I will go and meet him now. Chandni tells him to call Virender Jiju. He tells her that she has gone mad.

Virender asks Veer why he lied to Bawri. Why did you have to do that? Veer lies that he lied to her as doc told him not to try remind her of her past. She has forgotten you. Understand that you too must move on and forget Purvi ji as she has moved on with Daksh. Virender tells him to remember it well that he will try his best till he dies. I am here in front of her because of that only. She was and will be mine always. Doc said that she might be able to remember her past after being in similar surroundings as before. Veer reminds him that he cannot forget his duties as a Mukhi for Purvi ji as she does not even remember him anymore. Don’t forget that she is Daksh’s Dhwani, not your Bawri. Virender tells him to be mindful of his words. Veer says she has forgotten you. It will be like snatching her happiness from her while trying to remind her of her past. Forget everything and come to Rewari. Virender refuses to let it happen. I wont let Bawri marry Daksh. She is my wife. I have a right on her. I have faith on my Bawri and my love. I will have them back one day. He walks away.

Daksh receives a call regarding an urgent meeting. I will be there soon. Ask them to wait. Purvi asks him if everything is fine. He denies. I have an urgent meeting that I cannot miss. I wont be able to drop you to school. He notices Manas and Juhi coming out with Virender. They seem to be wearing same uniform that’s in your school. Go with them. I will feel safe too. She denies but he approaches Virender. You turned out to be my neighbour as well. Virender nods. Kids weren’t able to adjust to hostel so I bought a house for them. Daksh appreciates the idea. Neighbours help neighbours. I was going to drop Dhwani to school but I have an urgent meeting. Can you drop Dhwani to school along with the kids? Virender readily agrees. He asks Purvi to hop in. Daksh thanks him. He tells Purvi to go with Mukhi ji. I trust him. He will drop you school safely. She nods and walks up to Virender. Daksh leaves for his meeting.

Ek duje ke vaaste plays as Purvi sits in Virender’s car. He adjusts the rear view mirror as he starts driving. They keep glancing at each other through the rear view mirror. Kids keep smiling throughout the ride. They reach school. Virender and Purvi’s hands touch when they reach for the door at the same time. Purvi takes the kids inside holding their hands. Virender thinks I know you too are feeling this connection somehow. I am positive you will remember me some day if you will turn to look at me once. Just turn, Bawri. Purvi turns just then. They both smile at each other.

Daksh comes home. Chandni tells him that Nani will go back to London next week. Your drama with Dhwani will end then. You have only one week to win her heart. If you fail in doing so then you will end up like me! Do you understand? Nani has overheard everything and calls out to Daksh. Chandni tries to cover up but Nani confronts Daksh. I cannot believe it that you cheated me! He tries to explain but she stops him. None of the girls I met till date were worth it but I liked Dhwani in first glance. She tells him to turn this drama into reality. I wont go anywhere until I make Dhwani my DIL.

Precap: Few eve teasers surround Purvi. Spend time with us till the time your guy comes. One of them holds her hand. She tells him to let go of her hand. My fiancé will be here soon and wont spare you! Virender comes there just then and beats them. One goon manages to graze his arm with his knife. Purvi is shocked to see him thus.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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