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Mere Sai 30th August 2021 Written Episode Update: Dr. Pillai breaks down because of Sarkar

Mere Sai 30th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Santa says Dr. Pillai’s silence is his answer. Sarkar says I may not have treated as many patients as him till date but it is also true that I have treated all those who have come to me. I have heard great things about Dr. Pillai but now I wonder what’s true and what isn’t! You aren’t able to cure your disease? I think your medicine is aggravating your disease. Come to me if you are unable to treat yourself. I will help you recover. You wont treat any patient til the time you recover fully. What if this disease spreads when touched? Villagers panic. Sarkar says I dint want to say these things about Dr. Pillai but this is my duty as the Mukhiya. I regret to inform you that he isn’t well right now and cannot treat you. There is no need to be afraid though. You can come to me for treatment. Dr. Pillai calls him a liar and screams but his pain becomes adverse. Sarkar asks him to tell them the truth then. Villagers leave one by one. Dr. Pillai passes out when he stands up. Swami runs to his father’s side. Sarkar leaves with his men.

Sai stops in His tracks suddenly. Pillai ji, I tried to help but Ram ji has to turn strict to teach arrogant people a lesson. May Ram ji give you strength to bear this! Abdul greets Sai just then. I thought to meet you before going to Nashik for an urgent work. I will be back in 2 days. Sai tells him he wont go anywhere. Abdul shares that he has promised someone. They will be in trouble if I wont go. Sai says they might find someone else. You are needed here. Abdul agrees. Is it something urgent? Sai asks him to come to Dwarkamai in evening. Be on time. Abdul nods. Sai walks away. Abdul is curious why Sai asked him to come to Dwarkamai in evening. He dint tell anything.

Rihana says I agree that the order is big but they would need raw materials to finish that order. The advance is less and we don’t have that many savings either to buy raw materials. I will have to decline the order. My husband would have said no as well. We shouldn’t try to go beyond what we are capable of. Jhipri thinks of Abdul and Keshav’s words. She assures Rihana that the money will be arranged. Just have faith. Jhipri looks hopeful.

Chetan points at the sky. It came out early tonight. Wish it could come down here. Bela asks Sai if Ram ji made a similar wish to Kaushalya Mata. Sai nods. Chetan asks Sai what she did next. Sai shares that Kaushalya Mata filled water in a plate and kept it next to Ram ji. Moon’s reflection could be seen in the water. Bala asks Sai how could accept the reflection as real soon. Sai says Ram ji was very small back then. We accept the reflection as moon when we are kids but as we grow up, we must begin to understand whether it is in our capacity or not. Ragini says it is good to have big dreams and big aspirations though. Sai agrees. You must think not try to accomplish them in a haste. You must think of the consequences and right and wrong or they will harm us. Latika asks Sai how someone can make mistakes when He is around. You can guide them right? Sai declines. One must learn some lessons themselves. The obstacles in such path help people grow and are important for people.

Rihana accepts the order. The person gives them advance and leaves.

Dr. Pillai screams in pain. Nanasaheb and Swami feel bad for him. Banta’s words echo in his head. I couldn’t save my wife even though I tried my best. I found out about her disease quite late and it had spread already by then. Swami says I know how much you cared for you. You did all you could to save her. Maybe it was her time to go. I am proud of your knowledge and treatment. Don’t focus on anyone’s words. They will understand how good and capable you are as a doctor once you recover. Dr. Pillai tells Swami his disease is incurable too. That’s why nothing is helping. I cannot bear it anymore. He cries. I cannot bear the mental and physical agony anymore. Sarkar has stained the profession and knowledge that I wanted to live for. I have lost my name, fame and prestige. I don’t want to live anymore! He screams. Swami cries.

Sai is watching everything.

Jhipri comes to Rihana’s place. Rihana says we have accepted the order but I am worried what if we are unable to arrange money. Jhipri gives her money. Rihana asks her from where she got money. Flashback shows everyone helping Jhipri the best that they could. Jhipri says Tatya, Baizama, Abdul Bhaijaan, Champa and even Kakasaheb helped. Everyone is so nice that they dint even ask for a reason. They help voluntarily. Rihana complements her on her confidence. Jhipri says you are treating me equally so it is my duty to help you in every way that I can. Let’s go and bring material now. Rihana nods.

Baizama comes to Dwarkamai. She asks Sai why He looks so worried. Sai says I am worried about Jhipri. Baizama says even I was worried but I am little relieved now. She tells Sai about the new orders. This will make her life a little easy. Sai is still tensed.

Tejasvi pays money to the person who had given the order to Rihana and Jhipri. You did well. He thanks her. I did as you told me to. What’s next? She tells him to wait. Let Jhipri spend the money she has collected. Let her complete the order and work hard. I will tell you what you should do next. Stay in Dixit House till then. Jhipri will continue to dream and hope. The more she dreams, the more the hurt will be once her dreams break!

Baizama asks Sai if something is about to go wrong. Sai says let Jhipri takes its responsibility even if it does. She is confused. What do you mean? Sai remains silent. She says your silence is telling me that something will surely happen. It wont be right for Jhipri. You must alert her. You cannot leave her alone in such a situation. Sai picks up a few sticks and takes them outside. Baizama watches Him add those sticks to the fire. What are you doing? Sai says I have to cook rice. She says they are too many. He says they will become quickly then. She is, however, worried that they might burn because of excessive heat. Sai replies that this is the answer to her question.

Precap: Dr. Pillai is brought to Dwarkamai on a makeshift stretcher. He throws udi away and asks for death instead. Sai tells him he will get treated now. My crow will treat you. Dr. Pillai looks at Sai in shock and confusion.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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