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Mareez-E-Ishq (Chapter 12 – And, they meet again!)

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Let’s start with the story…

And, they meet again!


On seeing those dark brown orbs once again, my heart skipped a beat. The butterflies in my stomach have just multiplied tenfold as my wandering gaze meets his. Why I felt so, I’m still unaware about it.



Few months later…

“Hurry up Riddhima! I’m getting late,” Sarah exclaimed placing the breakfast on the table.

“Coming!” Riddhima exclaimed.

Listening her response, Sarah continued with her work. After a few minutes, she felt a pair of hands hugging her.

“Good morning doctor sahiba!” Riddhima said as she back hugged Sarah.

“Good morning!” Sarah replied.

“Now leave me.” Sarah said sensing the hands still wrapped around her.

“No.” Riddhima denied like a child shaking her head.

“Riddhima will you stop this childish behavior of yours. Already I’m running late and if this isn’t enough, you’re hell bent on making me more late.”

Riddhima broke the hug and sat on the chair with a charming smile plastered on her face. By seeing her face, one could make out that she was very happy and reason she herself knew.

“Don’t you think you’re smiling too much today?” Sarah asked raising her eyebrows as she forwarded a glass of juice to Riddhima.

“Don’t you think you’re being too demanding today?” Riddhima asked in the same tone of Sarah.

“Riddhima tell na!” Sarah pleaded.

“Ok fine. I’m telling.” Riddhima said as she noticed the curiosity in Sarah’s eyes.

“Yes tell,” Sarah said rubbing her hands.

“You remember that few days ago I told you about a new case.”


“Guess what, I got that case. Dr. Gautam informed it to me yesterday at night.”

“What! I’m so happy!” Sarah exclaimed happily.

“Even I’m also very much happy. This case would not only help me get a promotion, but also give me opportunities to learn something new.”

“And when are you going to work on that case?” asked Sarah.

“Dr. Gautam mailed me all the necessary details regarding the case and today, I’m gonna meet the patient and once I get to know the patient more properly, I’ll begin with the sessions.”

“That’s good.”

Getting indulged in normal talks, both the girls finished their breakfast and got ready for their respective works.

“I think I must leave. Between all the best for your new case,” Sarah said as she picked all her necessary articles and headed to her work.

“Bye! Take care!” Riddhima waved Sarah as she drove towards the hospital in her car.

Bidding Sarah goodbye, Riddhima started getting ready for the day. She first thought to check the details regarding the patient, so that she could have an idea about the case.

Going through all the details regarding the new patient, she could make out that the patient had undergone a leg surgery.

For a moment, her mind traveled back to the memory lane, when she treated Vansh. As far as she remembered, he also had undergone a leg surgery. She still remembered those dark brown orbs which were busy noticing her at the very first instance, those lips which curved into a smile when he would feel calm, those well-built muscles which were a part of his burly physique. In short, she still remembered him.

Beep. Beep. Beep.

Her chain of thoughts was broken by the sound of alarm, which indicated that it was her time to get ready for work. Shrugging herself from her thinking, she made her way towards her room for getting ready.

She chose a simple outfit for the day. Pairing a sky blue chikankari kurti with white jeans and applying minimal makeup, she looked pretty. Checking herself for one last time in the mirror, she headed towards the hall. Gathering all the necessary belongings, she made her way towards the hospital.

The hospital Riddhima worked at was just a few kilometers away from the apartment, so it just took her 10-15 minutes to reach there, whereas Sarah’s hospital was at an hour distance from their apartment, so she always had to leave before Riddhima.

Riddhima got discharged after a few days when Vansh got discharged and from that time she lived with Sarah in a new apartment, because the previous place she lived at got sold to someone as it was unoccupied for too long.

After Riddhima got discharged from the hospital, she joined Brain Fitness Program, which would not only help her recover but will also improve her learning and spatial memory. She also started her internship at the same hospital and within few months, it got completed.

After her internship got completed, she applied for her job and to her surprise, she got employed at the very first place she gave her interview. Since then, she has been working over there.




On reaching the hospital, she directly made her way towards Dr. Gautam’s cabin.

“Good morning sir,” Riddhima wished cheerfully.

“Good morning Riddhima. Please have a seat,” said the senior doctor.

Riddhima made herself comfortable on one of the chair.

“I guess, you might have gone through the details of the case.”

“Yes sir.”

“Good, but the details I sent you were less. Here’s the file that contains all the details regarding the case. Please go through it and tell me whether you’ll be able to take the case or not,” the doctor said handing over a file to Riddhima.

Nodding, Riddhima took the file and carefully read all the details.

“I’m ready to take the case, sir,” Riddhima said closing the file and keeping it back on the table.

“Good, here’s the address of the patient,” the doctor said handing over a piece of paper to Riddhima.

“And all the best Miss Riddhima,” the doctor said.

“Thank you sir!”

Once Riddhima came out of the cabin, she looked at the address.

“VR Mansion,” she read it out.

Wishing herself good luck, Riddhima made her way towards the exit. Waiting for a couple for minutes, she finally got a taxi. Taking it, she headed towards her destination, VR Mansion.


“Boss, the Sharmas are making it tough for us to crack the deal.”

“I don’t care Angre. I just want this deal. From the last half month, I have put all my efforts on this deal and I just can’t loose it to mere Sharma’s, who appeared out of no where. Do whatever you want, use how much money you want, but I WANT THIS DEAL AT ANY COST.” The voice roared in the study room of VR Mansion and it belonged to none other than Vansh Rai Singhania.

“Ok boss,” the reply came in a confident voice.

Vansh gave Angre a satisfactory smile and continued to study the file he was studying before his arrival. Sitting on the sofa with legs on the table, he did not look less than a king. Indeed he is a king.

In the last few months, Vansh indulged himself into business as there was no scope of him to join the football team back. Even if there would have been 0.001% chance, his parents, especially his mother, wouldn’t have allowed him to join the team back.

Not finding any other option to do rather than sitting alone at home and wasting his time doing nothing in particular, he decided to join the business and help his father in it. He began studying different aspects of business and business world, and being a good learner, it took him no time to do so. Very soon he was all set to step into the business world.

Stepping into the business world, his life changed completely. With the passing time, he gained more and more knowledge in the business field. Cracking the most impossible deals in a short span of time, he came out as one of the most successful businessman of the world.

Being a daredevil of the business world, he had more enemies than friends, but he did not care about them because he believed to be ‘Good to the good ones and worst to the bad ones’.

Carrying a lion-like aura around him, his one look is enough to instill fear in the people. Though he worked from home, he made sure to visit VR Enterprises once in a week and check whether everything was functioning properly or not. This was enough to show his dedication towards his work.

Vansh Rai Singhania, the man who once was regarded as ‘The King of Football’ is now regarded as ‘The King of Business world’. The man whose life used to revolve around football, now revolved around business deals.

The priorities are changed and so is the man.

“What about my schedule for the day, Ahaan?” Vansh asked sensing his presence in the study.

“How come you know that I came over here, when you were too engrossed in reading that file of yours?” Ahaan whined on being caught. He made sure to make the least noise while entering the study, but the man in front of him caught him in no time.

“That’s called alertness, which is a very important aspect for the business.”

“I know that but how you came to know that it was me? Why not Angre, or dad, or mom?” Ahaan complained like a child.

“First of all, while entering the study, you left the door open, making way for the light to enter the room and let me know that someone has come. Secondly, Angre always takes my permission before entering while mom-dad rarely comes here. And thirdly, the cologne you use.”

“Any tip for not getting caught?” Ahaan asked raising his eyebrows.

“Make sure to make your movements as sleek as a lizard. And yes change your cologne, it’s very bad.”

“Ok, I’ll keep in mind the first tip while ignore the second one because I like my cologne. I don’t care about others.”

This was the reason why Vansh liked Ahaan’s company. He lived his life in his own way, caring a damn about the people’s saying.

“Now tell me about my schedule,” Vansh said.

“Today you are almost free, except the appointment with the therapist,” said Ahaan.

“Ok, so when are we leaving for the hospital?” Vansh asked all clueless about the appointment.

“We aren’t going anywhere. Mom has asked the hospital authority to send the therapist at home, so that you don’t face any problem in traveling.”

“So when is the therapist coming?” Vansh asked.

“She is about to arrive.”

“Have you taken out information regarding her?”

“No. But why do we need to do this? It is the hospital authority who must check on her qualifications.”

“I’m not asking about her qualifications Ahaan. I’m asking you to take out her background. Who she is, from where she belongs, who are her parents, and most importantly, for whom did she work before. Make sure to find if she has any relation with any of our enemies.”

Business world is a world where one could not even trust a friend, then trusting a stranger was near to impossible. Ahaan nodded understanding the reason behind his words.

“Sir the physiotherapist is here,” one of the helper informed.

“Send her to my study and tell Mrs. D’souza to check her belongings,” Vansh said in his professional tone. The helper nodded and went.

“You go and do the work I told you. And yes, be quick,” Vansh said as Ahaan made his way out of the study.

Making himself comfortable on his wheelchair, Vansh wheeled it towards the window and got engrossed in the beauty of the nature.


Riddhima was nervous yet excited, nervous because this was the first time she is treating a patient at his home and excited because she would learn something new.

Praying to god once more and wishing her self good luck, she slowly slid the door of the study and entered in.

Listening the sound of the sliding door, Vansh became alert and his heart started beating faster.

Am I nervous?, he questioned himself sensing his restlessness. It has never happened before. Even when he did big-big meetings with international clients, he was never this restless, so why was this happening today.

Shrugging from his thoughts, he turned his wheelchair and seeing the person in from, his heart skipped a beat.

The same doe shaped eyes, the same nose, the same pink lips and the same midnight black hairs, that he always thought of at night was now in front of him.

Am I hallucinating?, he questioned himself.

Closing his eyes, he opened them once again, but still she was there. Everything was same except those hairs of hers, which were now flying due to the gentle breeze coming from the window. She looked ravishing.

“Riddhima,” he whispered as she moved a step forward and he was sure that he isn’t dreaming.

Words were not enough to describe his happiness on seeing her. How much he craved for her talks, her care, her smile, her presence, only he knew? And now when she was in front of him, his happiness knew no bounds.

The light coming from the window made it hard for Riddhima to see the face of the person in front of her. So, she took a step forward to get a clear view.

Once the face was clear, she met with those dark brown orbs and her heart skipped a beat. It took her no time to recognize who it was.

Is he the patient I’m going to treat?, she questioned herself.

“Mr. Rai Singhania?” she questioned to clear her doubts.

“Yes,” came the reply.

Not knowing what to do further, Riddhima started fidgeting with her fingers.

Still the same, Vansh thought after seeing her playing with her fingers, which she does when she is confused or nervous, a trait of her which he noticed at the hospital.

“Please have a seat,” Vansh said to ease her nervousness.

Nodding Riddhima made herself comfortable on one of the sofa. Again there was a pin-drop silence in the room.

What should I say?, Riddhima asked herself not knowing how to start.

“If you don’t mind, can I examine your leg for a while?” Riddhima asked slowly, which was more a whisper. If not for the silence in the room, Vansh wouldn’t have known what she just said.

“Yeah, sure,” came his reply.

“This may include measurements of overall function and mobility, gait, swelling, girth, flexibility, strength, and range of motion. Do let me know if it pains,” Riddhima said as she started evaluating his leg.

Vansh nodded in response. With the passing time, Riddhima’s nervousness reduced and she began feeling comfortable.

“Everything is fine Mr. Rai Singhania. We’ll start with some pre-rehab downtime to minimize stiffness, and once the stiffness is reduced, we shall begin with the exercises,” Riddhima said once she was done with the evaluation.

“As you say.”

“Then I must take my leave. We shall start our sessions tomorrow,” she said placing her belongings in her bag.

“Ok,” he said with a heavy-heart, although he wanted to deny.

“Take care, Mr. Rai Singhania,” she said as she made her way towards the door.

Vansh saw her retreating figure. All he wanted to do was to ask her to stay back but he knew it would be strange if he ask her the same. He consoled himself saying that she would come back tomorrow.

“Here are the details regarding the therapist,” Ahaan said as he entered the study room with a file in his hand.

“Not needed Ahaan,” Vansh said as he took the file from his hand and threw it over table.

Ahaan stood confused seeing his behavior.

Wasn’t he the one who wanted the details regarding the therapist, now what happened all of a sudden?, Ahaan thought.

Seeing him lost in his laalaa land, Ahaan felt it right to leave him alone.

Why is he smiling so much?, Ahaan thought seeing a smiling Vansh, as he made his way out of the study.




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