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Lakshmi Ghar Aayi 30th August 2021 Written Episode Update: Raghav Plans To Divorce Maithili

Lakshmi Ghar Aayi 30th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jwala with teary eyes performs Raghav’s aarti before he leaves for job and says she eagerly waiting for this day. Raghav its time for celebration instead and asks Rani to feed him sweets. She suggests him to work honestly and make their parents feel proud. Raghav then takes Mangi’s blessings and hugs Chanchal. Maithili also seeks Jwala’s blessings before leaving for job interview. Jwala wishes her all the best. Maithili says she needs her blessings. Jwala blesses her. Maithili wishes Raghav all the best for his first day at job. Raghav leaves. Maithili waits for auto. Raghav’s driver stops car and asks if they should get madam in. Maithili ignores Raghav. Raghav asks driver to move and hears Maithili hiring auto for Rangpura.

Raghav reaches office and gets emotional hearing remembering his parents’ high hopes on him. He takes his seat. His assistant Shukla briefs him that senior officer Singhal is coming to meet him and site visit for new government project next week. Raghav says they will visit this week itself. Shukla describes him about crime prone area. Raghav reads Rangpura in the list and remembers Maithili visiting Rangpura. He worried for her rushes out of office. Maithili walks on road chatting with Aarti and says she will get a job and will take up administrative coaching to appear in administrative exams and make her papa feel proud. Jwala’s SIL disguised as thief follows her and snatches her certificates. She pleads to spare her certificates as they are her only wealth of hard work. Raghav reaches there on bike. SIL snatches file and runs away. Maithili runs behind him crying. He throws file in a dirty pond. Raghav throws tone on his leg and runs behind, but seeing Maithili trying to jump into late to get certificates stops her. She cries that all her hard work and her papa’s blessings are lost. He consoles her and says they will apply for certificate copies. Shukla calls him and reminds his meeting with Singhal. He says he will reach office in 1 hour and tells Maithili that he will drop her home. She denies. He says its a dangerous area and he cant leave her there. She agrees saying she is accompanying him as its his first day of job and she doesn’t want anyone to blame her for his bad day.

Jwala eagerly waits for her SIL’s call. SIL with injured leg and scratched hand reaches home and informs that Raghav was already present, so he couldn’t harm Maithili much. Raghav rides bike home with Mithili as pillion, they both get drenched in air. They get closer due to bumpy ride. A romantic song plays in the background. SIL provokes Jwala that Raghav and Maithili must be romancing somewhere. They both reach home. Jwala gets jealous seeing that. Raghav changes his clothes and rushes towards office when Jwala shows him Maithili’s bag and starts her emotional drama that he can shift Maithili in his room as he is young and cannot control his emotions. He says she is thinking wrong. She continues her emotional blackmail and insists him to divorce Maithili. He agrees. Maithili walks to him to thank him for his help. He thinks he will divorce her.

Precap: Singhal asks Raghav to throw a dinner party for him. Raghav informs family. Maithili gets excited to host party. Jwala orders her to be in room. After sometime, chandelier breaks down and Jwala shouts if an angel will fix it. Maithili walks to her. Chanchal says angel came to fix it.

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