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Kkb episode 46 (Love of Life)

After King leaves. Disha and Sunny also bid farewell and leave for their house. After this everyone goes to their respective rooms.

(Please don’t mind the background of pics.)

While in the Shrinivasan Mansion.
In Ishaan’s room.

Ishaan was comfortably sleeping on his bed with a smile on his face dreaming about someone, a bright ray of sun falls on his face which disturbs his sound sleep, he gets up with a smile on his face and his this smile turns into a broad one when he sees a blue coloured feathery scarf lying next to him. He picks the scarf and caresses it. He brings it closer to his chest and hugs it tightly and kisses it after that.. While caressing it his eyes falls on something which was shining brightly, he picks that I finds it be a earing which was shining in the sun ray. He then looks at it and sighs a little.

While in the Mehra mansion.
A few people go to their respective rooms while some remain in the main hall just to have a small conversation.

In Rhea’s room.
Rhea was continuously moving here and there biting her nails recalling her odd behavior previous night. A smile creeps on her face.

While in the Shrinivasan mansion.
Ishaan comes out of the bathroom after getting freshed. His eyes again falls on the scarf, he goes near it and hugs it  and lies on his bed while still holding the scarf in his embrace and closes his eyes thinking about the previous night. Rhea also lies on her bed and closes her eyes thinking about the things that took place previous night.

In the flashback.
It was when Ishaan and Rhea meet their friends, there was an announcement of a couple dance, Mishka was about to approach Ishaan when Rhea pulls him towards her and takes him to the dance floor, Ishaan was surprised to see her behavior while Rhea was herself not knowing what was she doing, she feels little odd first but later on noticing Mishka she just brushes away her thoughts, she did this all to avoid Mishka coming closer to Ishaan and she herself was not knowing why exactly did she do it, was it only that or something else? Her chain of thoughts was disturbed when Ishaan pulls her closer to him, his one hand was placed on her waist and the other was in her hand. Rhea’s heart starts beating faster, a chill passes through her body she didn’t understand anything about what was happening to her, but was just moving as Ishaan was wanted her to move during the dance. Ishaan was also feeling different as soon as Rhea lands on his hard chest and it had some magical effect on both of them. They didn’t feel this whenever they used to be with Prachi or Ranbir, both were staring at each other continuously with lots of questions in their mind. Why do they feel different whenever they are close to each other? What was the reason? They both wanted the answer to thier questions. Moving on the beats, having their hands in each other hands and ending up with having an intense eye-lock. The music stops , everyone claps for them but they were in the same position lost in each other’s eyes. After sometimes on realising their position they straightened up themselves and make an excuse to get out of the awkward situation.
The flashback ends.

(I am mingling their conversation but note that they are in different mansions. So the sequence will be first Rhea and second Ishaan).

Ishaan and Rhea with a smile on their face open their eyes and get up.

“What is happening to me? ” asks Rhea to herself.

“And Why is it happening to me? ” asks Ishaan.

“Whenever I close my eyes his eyes come in front of me, they spoke something which was not heard by me before. “

“I want to think about someone else but always Rhea comes in my mind.”

“During the day I used to see Ishaan everywhere.”

“But now in dreams also Rhea is coming.”

“Whenever he is close to me I feel different. “

“Whenever she is close to me I feel something magical. “

“This didn’t happen when I am with Ranbir. “

“This never happened when I am with Prachi. “

“Ranbir was my obsession and this I understood long back. “

“Prachi was just my friend, I don’t love her maybe just an attraction. “

“But he isn’t my obsession. I wanted to be with Ranbir because he was heartthrob of college, he always considered me as a friend and I also considered him as a friend only, my misunderstanding made me think that I love Ranbir but it isn’t true and Ranbir loved Prachi because of my hatred I tried to seperate them but now I will make everything right. I don’t Ranbir he was my obsession and nothing more than that. “

“And it’s not just an infatuation. I choose Prachi because of amma and I didn’t realize my feelings before but now I understood everything. I don’t love Prachi. “

“Those butterflies, shivers. Those eyes whom I look at once but is lost forever. The talks which I am lost in. Are something special, my emotions that I am hiding are special. “

“That magical effect, the jealousy which hits me whenever I see some other guy with Rhea, her tresses, her eyes, her talks and everything related to her is special to me, the emotions which I am going through are different. “

“But now I can’t hide my emotions anymore. “

“Till when will I ignore my emotions? “

“Is this love? “

“Yes it is love. “

“It means I.. I love Ishaan. “

“Yes I love Rhea.”

“Yes I am in love. ” says Ishaan and Rhea in a unison.

They both dance joy remembering their moments with each other and covering the journey from strangers to friends and now something more than friends, everything around them was blur but they could only imagine each other in front of them, confessing their feelings to the imaginary reflection in front of them and realising the truth sighing a little then blushing, Ishaan lays on the bed with keeping Rhea’s scarf in his embrace while Rhea also lays on bed, scattering her hands and closing her eyes and feeling the emotions she has been going through.

“But does he / she also feels the same way as I fell towards him/her? ”  asks Ishaan and Rhea to themselves.

While on the other side.

“Prachi why don’t you tell the truth that you love Ranbir, till when will you hide this, one or the other day you have to accept this thing, don’t ruin your life and just remember with you three more people’s life will be ruined, first Ranbir, second Rhea as Ranbir will never love her and she has to live a life full of compromises and third Ishaan he doesn’t know anything about you and  Ranbir,  and you can’t even deny the fact that you can never love a guy accept Ranbir, why don’t you tell the truth to everyone? ” asks Shahana.

“Shahana how many times do I need to repeat the same thing that I don’t love Ranbir, he was just a big mistake of my life, maybe I used to love him but not anymore, now I hate him. It was just one sided love as Ranbir always loved Rhea, and I love Ishaan, listen after many difficulties I am able to get out of my past so just don’t drag me back into the same thing where always I have to suffer, I have to cry and I am always left heartbroken. Ishaan and I are engaged and I am very happy, soon we will be married. And I am again repeating for you that I love Ishaan. ” says Prachi while controlling her emotions and flow of water from her eyes.

Saying this she leaves from there, while Shahana stands there looking at her with a disbelief.

“Is she really falling for Ishaan or just  saying a lie. The confidence with which she spoke it seemed that she really loves Ishaan and hates Ranbir and I as her sister will always be there with her whatever her decision will be, if she really loves Ishaan than I am very happy as I know Ishaan will always keep her happy. But I need to be sure about it. ” says Shahana to herself .

After saying this she also leaves from there, while Rhea overheard their talks and rushes to her room.

In Rhea’s room.
Prachi’s talks were continuosly  echoing in her mind and a tear scrolls from her eyes.

“Because of me, it’s all because of me, because of me Prachi hates Ranbir, the person who loved her truly, she started to hate the person whom she loved truly, she hates dad and Ranbir because of me and I can’t even do anything, she said that she loves Ishaan, if that’s true than I will never come in between them, I don’t want to be the same old Rhea, Prachi has sacrificed a lot of things for me and now it’s my turn, and it’s nothing in front of the sacrifices Prachi made, I have to sacrifice the guy who wasn’t even mine, it is me who loves Ishaan and I don’t even know about his feelings, maybe he considers me just as a friend but for my one sided love I will not ruin Prachi’s life. If she loves Ishaan it okay, I will never come in between them. “says Rhea to herself while wiping her tears and then leaves from there.

While on the other side.
Prachi was sitting in a corner of the terrace of the Mansion. She was sitting quietly with tears scrolling from her eyes.

” In this one year everything changed, the family which I never wanted to meet again in my life came in front of me. A few bad things happened and a few good. I got my dii back and indeed my sister also. I wish papa wouldn’t have agreed to marry Meera aunty, because of his one decision everything got over that day, he lost his all rights on me, was it only Rhea who spent  20 years of her life without maa, what about me, I also lived 20 years without my papa, but everyone just saw her, her mistakes were covered up by the fact that she didn’t have mom. She blamed maa for leaving her. Why didn’t she never question papa? And what was papa doing, he also didn’t think about me, he thought that I am mature and will understand his situation but he forgot I was his daughter, he expected that I will happily attend his wedding with some other lady. Never tried to understand me, the person whom I trusted the most also betrayed me, and now they expect that I should forgive them and act as if nothing happened. How is it possible, how can I forget everything so easily? It is easy for them because they never suffered, it was me who suffered the most. Ranbir betrayed me for Rhea. I will not forgive him for whatever he did with me nor Mr. Mehra for what he was going to do with my mom. “says Prachi while wiping her tears.

She goes down stairs after this. Everyone was present downstairs including Rhea, Kiara, Ranbir and Arhana. They were having chit-chat when Prachi enters the scene, Pragya makes her sit with her. She sits near Pragya and smiles a little. Kiara recieves a call and on seeing the caller ID a broad smile creeps on her face. She picks the call and excuses herself.

On Call.
Kiara – Are you coming?
Someone – Yes but what’s the need.
Kiara -You just come fast, I want you to meet someone special.
Someone – Reached, I am outside the mansion, count till ten and I will be in front of you.
Kiara – Okay come fast.

Kiara after attending the call goes to the main Hall where everyone was sitting .

Kiara – Mom and dad.
Abhigya – Yes Kia.
Kiara – Actually I want both of you to meet someone.
Abhigya – Who?

“Me ” says someone, all the eyes were on him. Kiara goes and hugs him tightly and whispers something in his ear which is muted for you guys.

Abhi – Who is he?

Kiara holds his hand and takes him forward and the person is revealed to be Vansh.

Kiara – Meet him my friend Vansh. Actually he is from London, recently came to India. And Vansh this is my family.
Vansh – What?
Kiara – It’s a long story I will tell you afterwards. They are my mom and dad, they are sisters and this is the whole family.

Vansh greets Abhigya while twins wave their hands.

Aryan (to Ranbir) – I think he is dii’s boyfriend.
Ranbir – I also.
Aryan – He is pretty cool.
Ranbir – Haan kafi achaa haihai. Humara to be jiju.

Both of them chuckle. Vansh who was standing there looks at them with a confused look.

“Baby who are they? ” asks Vansh.

“He is Aryan and he is Ranbir, both of them are like my brothers. ” says Kiara with a smile.

“Then it’s okay. ” says a relieved Vansh.

Abhi – Come have a seat.
Vansh – No no uncle, I have to go to office, Kiara said that’s why I came.
Abhi – Do you work?
Vansh – Of course uncle, I have a company VM, have you heard of it?
Vikram – Who doesn’t know about that and it’s the most famous company.
Abhi – Yaa I wasn’t knowing it’s your company.
Kiara – Come na Vansh, sit for a few minutes.
Vansh – Sweetie I have to leave, understand na but I promise I will some other day.
Kiara – Promise me.
Vansh -I won’t lie to you, promise.

Kiara hugs him and with a smile on his face he leaves. Kiara then turns around.

Abhi – He is a nice guy.
Aryan (teasingly)- Yaa after all dii’s choice.
Kiara – Ho gya tumhara.
Ranbir – No dii it just started.
Kiara -Ranbir you also.
Abhi – Kiara where does he stay?
Kiara -Ohh shit I just forgot to ask that.
Ranbir – He is handsome.
Kiara – I know, our locality girls use to drool over him. I know there will be many if them but as I said that I used to be in my house so I just saw them only.
Aryan – Did he live in your neighborhood?
Kiara – Yes, the very next house was his only and he was the one who helped me to elope from my house.
Abhi – Call him someday when he is free we will talk to him.
Kiara – Okay dad.

They again indulge in a conversation when Kiara recieves a message from unknown number.

Kiara sees the message.
The message ~ Meet me at XYZ place, some things I owe to you, just have to clear them. Come fast you only have thirty minutes after that I won’t be there.

Kiara reads the message and was confused to read it. Her mind was full of questions.

Kiara’s POV.
Who is this who is messaging me? And what does he owe to me. Will it be safe to go there? But I think I should go, I should also know who wants to meet me and what does he that person owe to me.

Kiara was about to leave when Abhi stops her.

Abhi – Princess where are you going?
Kiara – Dad actually I have some important work.
Abhi – Okay.

Kiara leaves from there while Aliya smirks at her. She also makes an excuse and leaves from there.

After sometimes.
Kiara reaches the place where person had called her. It was a small cafe which seemed to be very old and was looked as if it was abandoned long back. The wood planks were broken and the spider web was present everywhere, Kiara feels something is fishy. She looks around the place but finds no one.

“Is there anyone? ” asks Kiara while shouting.

On getting no response she was about to leave when someone dressed completely in a black dress wearing a face mask comes there. Kiara was not able to recognize the person and was little confused.

“Who are you and why are you wearing this mask?” asks Kiara.

The woman didn’t speak anything but just walked towards Kiara and held her by her neck and pins her to the wall. Kiara tried to get out of her grip but wasn’t able to nor she was able to speak anything. With a continues tries, Kiara somehow manages to get out of the women grip, she pushes away the woman and starts coughing vigorously. The woman gets up and picks the rod to hit Kiara, she walks near her, Kiara was still coughing as it was hard for her to breathe. The woman was about to hit Kiara when someone stops her. She was shocked to see the person, while Kiara was highly relieved to see him. The person pushes away the woman and was about to unmask her.

“Vansh.. ” says Kiara while coughing.

The person was Vansh, on noticing Kiara he rushes towards her providing the lady with an opportunity to run away.

“Kiara are you okay? ” says Vansh while offering the water to Kiara.

Kiara drinks the water and feels little better.

“Thank you today you saved my life. ” says Kiara while looking at Vansh.

“Don’t say thank you but who was she and why she wanted to kill you? ” asks a worried Vansh.

“I don’t know who she was? But when I read the message I smelled that something was fishy that’s why I called you. ” says Kiara.

A flashback is shown where Kiara calls Vansh and asks him to come at XYZ place urgently.

“So let’s go home and tell everyone about it. ” says Vansh

“No we won’t tell about this incident to anyone, I want to find this woman myself . ” says Kiara while shocking Vansh.

“Kiara but why? ” asks Vansh while sitting beside her .

“Do you know why did I call you instead of Sunny? ” asks Kiara to which Vansh nods in no.

“Because you know I didn’t want anyone to know about it, if Sunny would have known it that women would be dead, but I want to solve this mystery as from past few days someone is keeping a regular check on me, yesterday in club also and when I read this message I grew suspicious, I didn’t want mom and dad to know it and be tensed. I hope you get it. ” says Kiara to which Vansh nods in affirmation and smiles at her.

“But I have to find this person who wants to kill my Kiara. ” thinks Vansh.

After this Vansh drops Kaira to the mansion. She acts normally as if nothing happened and straight away forwards to her room.

While in Aliya’s room.
Aliya was dressing her wounds. And looking at them with eyes full of hatred and anger. She had turned into a complete evil who didn’t care about her wounds. It was just a small scratch for her which had no effect on her.

“If today that Vansh wouldn’t be there I would have killed that Kiara, he spoiled my plan, but now it will be more entertaining because now I will plan even more better. Kiara has to die and if anyone comes to save her than that person also had to die. ” thinks Aliya in her evil mind with a smirk on her face.

Precap – Rhea’s confession.

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