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Ishq Ki Hadh Ab Hogi Paar (Ishq Mein Marjawan 2) FF – Epi 24

Episodes starts with ridhima crying, Ray consoles her.  Vansh looks at her. Ridhima says why is this happening to us,cant we ever live in peace and happy with my family. Cam says don’t worry ayesha our Ron is a fighter. He will fight for his life and will come back to us. Ridhima says I need a moment. Cam nods, Ridhima comes to Ron’s room, sits besides him. She takes his hand in hers and says Please don’t leave me Ronish, You promised me you won’t ever leave me, You have to fulfill your promise. I really need you Ronish. I can’t deal every thing without you. We have find anshi, Your daredevil crew needs you. Open your eyes please ,My love. Just then Ray says Ayesha its ansh. Ridhima says what happened. Ray says come fast. Ridhima rushes in Ansh room and sees him seizing. Doctors ask them to wait outside. Someone enters Ron Room and looks at him. The figure laughs and says you lost Ron. You’re going to die and your son going to die soon. Ron fingers suddenly moves and stops. The figure says Now Ridhima will be mine forever. Oh don’t worry about her I’ll will make her my queen. She will eventually forget about you. I will make her forget about you and your kids. I’m sorry my friend but it has to end like this. He removes the oxygen mask from Ron face, he picks a pillow and tries to suffocate him.Just then Door opens and Kabir comes and sees him .He says Vansh what are you doing leave Ron. Vansh says no. He betrayed me, Ridhima is married to him. If he dies I will get ridhima. Kabir says Vansh. Vansh started suffocate ron again and stops .Ridhima and others comes and get shocked to see. Cam says you ,how dare you. Ridhima shouts Vansh. Vansh smiles and all looks down to see a hand catching vansh. Ridhima says Ronish and runs to him who just opened his eyes. Ridhima hugs him. Ron drops Vansh hands and wraps his arms around ridhima. Ridhima says I thought I lost you again. Don’t dare to leave me .Ron says never but if you run like that and jump on me maybe I think about it. Ridhima playfully hits him. And wraps hugs him tightly. Vansh looks at them. Cam says ayesha now its our chance. Ridhima moves. Cam and Ray both hug him and cries. Ron says my daredevils. I love you guys. Ron says how’s ansh. Ridhima says his good. Ron smiles and says I want to see him. They wheels him to ansh Room. Ansh sees Ron and smiles. Ron says Hi champ. Ansh says papa. They both hug each other and wince. Ansh sees Ron’s injuries and says what happened. Ron says your mom hit me. Ansh says no. Mamma doesn’t hit anyone. They spent sometime together. After sometime Cam says you wanted to kill ron Vansh. Vansh says no you are getting wrong. Ray says we saw what you were doing. Vansh says I wanted to save ron. Look he is conscious. Cam says I don’t believe you. Ridhima says I believe him. Vansh can’t do anything like that. I trust him. Vansh smiles. Ron sees them and says Am I missing something. Ridhima sits beside Ron takes his hand in hers and says Vansh knows everything. Ron says what. How. He looks guilty at Vansh. Ray says because of your mad wife. As soon as she got the news she basically ran here and exposed us. Ron says thank God. Ridhima says you’re not mad. Ron says no, actually iam grateful. I was actually planning to tell him myself today after the race. Vansh looks on shocked. Ron says Iam sorry Vansh I had to do it. I don’t have any enmity with you. We were helpless. Listen it’s not ayesha fault. I’m sorry he has anshi and he tells commands us. To save anshi we we. Vansh says I know and iam sorry because of me you guys are hurting. Ron says the person only wants the diamonds. Vansh says he will get it. Ron says no.

Precap : Ron says today is the last and more dangerous daredevil Race. Vansh says why. Ron says today you have to race against the Daredevil King.

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