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His Hostage in Love- Night Club ep. 20 IMM2

Night Club

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Riddhima left to the washroom picking a few dresses leaving Vansh and Kabir in the room. Kabir got an idea and whispered to Vansh who smirked.

After sometime, Riddhima got out of the washroom, looking stunning in a peacock colored sequin off shouldered, short dress. She went to the dressing table and fished out her make up box, and started adorning herself. She got herself a smoky black eye loo with her hair done in light beach waves. She put a matte berry shade lipstick with big hoops in her ears.

She got up from the stool and went to her shoe section and got black heeled boots. Fitting herself into them, she increased her height and she walked up to her wardrobe elegantly and got her bag. Wearing it on the side she went to the mirror to get a final look of herself where she smiled, she wasn’t called one of the best fashion designers just like that.

The door blew wide open and Vansh entered in casuals looking extremely dashing. He wore a black hoody, sweat shirt with a pair of denims and sneakers. His hair was styled and gelled. He stopped in his tracks when Riddhima turned towards him, he was smitten by her look. She looked ravishing, taking his heart once again. Riddhima looked at him, surprised and lost in him.

Vansh: Gorgeous! (murmuring)

Riddhima: (blushing) Dashing! (she thought)

He walked up to her and forwarded his hand to her. She looked at him confused and tried talking.

Riddhima: Wh…at…fo..r?

Vansh: Don’t strain yourself! Take the pen and write!

Riddhima having no other option did that and wrote.

Why your hand? Where are you going?

Vansh: Ohh, I’m joining you! (smiling)


Kabir: (whispering) Why don’t you accompany her?

Vansh: Smart! For the first time you said something right! I’ll go with her

Kabir: (in his mind) I’m always right but these crazy people never want to listen to me. (to him) Even I’ll come. Go get ready bhai.

Vansh: Yup!

Kabir: In some good casuals please….not some formal! It’s a club mind you, not a meeting!

Vansh: (rolling his eyes) Whatever!

Flashback ends


Vansh: Because I cant leave….especially in what you’re wearing! (realizing) I mean you’re sick (in his mind) Can’t let some random guy gawk at your ravishing look.

No need, I can manage!

Vansh: Nope, I’m coming, in fact Kabir is too!

Gosh! Fine let’s go!

Vansh: Good girl!

Vansh held her hand tight and they both went downstairs where Kabir was waiting for them in his casuals. He was stunned seeing Riddhima in such a bold look. He led the way and them three, sat in the car. Vansh took the wheel while Riddhima sat beside him and Kabir at the back.

Vansh: Which club?

ZNite Club

Vansh: Fine! (started driving)

Kabir: Oh I’ve heard that’s a nice one…near the beach right! It’s going to be fun!

Vansh: Why did you all of a sudden want to go there? (suspicious)

Just drive the car!

Vansh: (sighed) Fine!

He drove the car and soon they reached the club by 9. They got down the car and Riddhima stopped there, waiting for her gang while Vansh and Kabir entered the club not noticing she wasn’t with them. After entering the club, Vansh looked beside him and realized. He searched for her in panic and with Kabir went back to the parking.

He sighed out of a relief when he saw her there but then shocked when he saw her happily hugging Sejal and Rihanna. Kabir got annoyed seeing Rihanna there.

Kabir: What is this girl doing here? (annoyed)

Vansh: Why do you have a problem…..and now I understand why she wanted to come here. (realizing)

Kabir: Why?

Vansh: So she could meet her friends! (smiling) Let’s go!

They went up to them and the two girls greeted Vansh while Rihanna made a face when she saw Kabir.

Rihanna: This guy had to come! (complaining)

Kabir: I heard that!

Rihanna: As if I care. (she rolled her eyes) Riddhu, why are you not speaking?

Vansh: That’s because she’s got her allergy reaction. Mushrooms, you must be knowing?

Sejal: Who told you to eat them! (scolding)

Rihanna: You never take care of yourself! Careless! Are you fine…doctor? And after all that you had to come here! (scolding)

Riddhima glared at Vansh while he chuckled seeing her being scolded. Riddhima nodded her head and signaled Rihanna after which she understood, leading everyone inside the night club. As they entered, they saw a huge crowd on the dance floor along with some others sitting beside the bar stand, sipping drinks. The crowd was increasing as well as getting wild. They all tried making their way through it when Vansh held Riddhima’s hand to ensure she’s safe with him.

She looked up to him while he looked straight, trying to make some way for themselves. He pulled her out of the crowd and they went near the bar, booking seats for themselves. Vans signed Kabir. He and the two girls followed till the seats. Settling down on the seats, they relaxed themselves when a boy approached them.


Will you dance with me?

Spotted together


Question: What do you think the boy wants?

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Please keep commenting and do let me know how you found this episode.


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