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Have I ever loved you?

Scene shows Vansh seeing Riddhima .

Years have passed

Probably 4

He had not seen her

He at once turned his face

But then again

His sight got affixed on her

Chirpy face,always smiling,was looking,lifeless even after she was smiling.

Finally he gave up.

Gave up to himself and moved to her.

Sat besides her .

As she turned her face to see who had sat,

Her expressions were changed suddenly.


She was overjoyed.

Vansh was confused.

The curse he gave her.

Even after that ,so much happiness to meet him?

He held her hand ,smiling,as she was getting emotional.

“Kaisi ho”, …

She smiled,telling that she need to say much,but is not knowing how to.

“Come…I will make you meet someone.”,she moved.

He had no right,to go behind her.

But the pain in her eyes,he moved.

All through the way,they were silent.

They met after so long,

But there were,no talks.

But both were smiling,

As they were, lost in flashback,…

Flashback showed,

Vansh and Riddhima as college students .

Vansh was her two years senior.But their friendship,

Which whole college always believed to be love,

But they both were not clear,if they should call it love or not.

She used to be with him,

For whole day,

Sharing every little thing with him.

He was,

Cold nature.

Not getting excited over anything,

Always focusing on his work,

But her nature,

Always kept him smiling and adoring her.

His studies got completed,

He moved to another city,

For higher education.

Sitting silently ,

After 3-4 days till he left.

Kabir came and sat besides her.

She smiled to him.

Kabir : Missing him?

Riddhima :Hmm..everything is so….gloomy without him

Kabir :Love him?

Riddhima:This question…are baba we are friends.

Kabir :So not love?

Riddhima: I dont know Kabir. I dont know the definition of love.

Kabir : So I will …friends?

She smiled and shaked hand with him.

Days passed,

Kabir was always with her .

Caring a lot about her.,

On the other hand Vansh,

Was always distancing himself,

Not finding time to call for weeks.

Then Riddhima’s mother’s demise.

She was

Broken to the core.

Kabir called Vansh a lot.

He knew he can support her.

But Vansh didnt pick it up.

Kabir himself

Became her support.

She cried really hard

Holding his chest

Because her mother

was only one in her life.

Have it,

Kabir brought icecream for her,

“And todays last okay”, said Kabir.

“I called him today. Perhaps he is …that much angry on our last months fight,that he is not ready pick my call,”said Riddhima.

Kabir: He will.

Riddhima: Thanks Kabir. For being always by my side

And from that day on

They were getting close.

Much closer

So finally one day

Kabir took her

To the beautifully decorated terrace

And when she opened the blindfold

He proposed her.



I told you one day

I will define you love

Let me,

1. We dont want anything back

And  ..I dont want it back Riddhima.

I love you a lot.

But I dont want to force you to love me.

2 .

We feel emptiness without them

I do feel

And that cant be fulfilled by anyone else

And i feel empty without you.

3 .

You fear losing them

and i do.

I really..get scared by the thought of losing you

But even If I do

You dont have to be pressurised

We can still

Be just friends



She was feeling all this for kabir

They decided to get married.

So they did

Onthe marriage day

Vansh returned

he was devastated

To see Riddhima becoming Kabir’s life.

He moved to her

Showed his anger

Cursed her

That he want her to stay unhappy all life.

He left.

Kabir told her that he knew that vansh loved her.

“Why didnt you tell me earlier?

“I did Riddhima. I told you many times to get back to him. Although indirectly,,,,because I feel love should be confessed by own”

She remained silent.

“You can go with him if you want…”,said Kabir.

Riddhima hugged him back. And rested her cheeks on his arms,tightening the grasp,

“I love you.”,said Riddhima.

Flashback ended,

Riddhima and Vansh reached Kabir’s house.

He was not ready to face Kabir,

What would he tell him,

For what he had come?

But when about to say to her that I am leaving.

His eyes got widened.

Riddhima sat besides Kabir,held his hand and kissed his palms,

Who was there,lying,

“He is in Coma ,for three years,8 months.Just after two months of our marriage,his car crashed.

He could feel the pain in her voice ,

Andher incessant gaze at Kabir,but soft smile she was trying to manage.

“Power of love,

Kabir’s love .

He never let me break.

How can I break now?

Vansh,we were friends,really good friends,but love,he told me love’s real meaning

Ishani said,that move on.But how can I? I love him.

Am not blaming you for your curse.

How can I . I am myself blamed by his family,for all this mess.

But Kabir’s love is stil my power.

That’ why even after facing so much difficulties ,I am able to withstand every morning.To move on.And look for him to stand.”

Vansh was speechless.

He was realising

how wrong he was…Ishani entered and Riddhima went for bringing tea.

“She would be bringing four cups.


Still  wait every moment

For Kabir bhai to get up,

And take long sips of her super hot say…still waiting for Riddhima to be yours or moved on?”

“I was waiting.upto now. But now I am getting….just getting your love is not all about love.Its much more than that.”

Scene ended on Riddhima drawing smiley in Kabir’s cup.

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