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Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 30th August 2021 Written Episode Update: Pakhi’s Unthinkable Move

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 30th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Virat meets Pakhi at a cafe. Pakhi orders 2 double expresso cafe and says she knows expresso is his favorite. Adi orders green tea and says things change over time and even he and his preferences changed. He asks why did she call him here. She says he is in a hurry and tries to check his temperature. He stops her and says she need not worry about him, asks what she wanted to talk about and what did Samrat discuss with her. She says Samrat asked her to take decision and she wants him to opine. He asks her to be specific. She says what she should do. He asks what does she mean. She says she means what should she do with her life. He says its her life, how can he answer. She says its her life and how can he opine. She says Samrat wants to stay back if she wants to. He asks what should he do. She holding his hand says he is ignoring her since long and they need to talk about them. He pulls his hand back and says there is nothing between them and why don’t she understand that. She says he knows she is staying in Chavan Nivas for him. He says she is mature girl and should understand that everything changes over time. She asks if he forgot everything, them clashing in Nasik, meeting in camp and speaking 1000 words without any meaning; those were the precious moments of their lives and his eyes used to reveal how much he loved her; everything was special between them and he can’t deny it. He says it was his past and she should understand that some stories are incomplete, that is why they separated, and when fate brought them in front of each other, she had already agreed to marry Samrat. She says she thought he moved on, she had not married Samrat when he met next and agreed to marry Samrat on his insistence. He says he remembers everything and just wants to explain her that if fate wanted them to unite, they would have long ago and if she wants to talk same, its better he leaves. She stops him.

He says he already explained her and will repeat again that their story ended when she and their family accepted as Samrat’s wife. She asks why is he doing this to her, they have a chance to reunite. He asks her to sit down and says she should understand that she cannot betray her husband just because he is his brother. She says he betrayed her, earlier her loved her and then asked to move on in life saying nobody can take her place in his life. He says a lot changed in 1 year and even his promise. She says promises are made to fulfill and she married Samrat just because he promised that he will love only her, then Sai entered his life and changed him. He says he is repeatedly saying he has changed, what would she have done if she was in his place; he is alive because of Kamal sir, he cannot repay Kamal sir’s debt and hence fulfilled his last right to marry Sai, now he has moved on and even she should and understand that he and Sai spent more time than them, he and Sai understood each other more and he didn’t realize when she became his wife from responsibility, he can proudly say that he has feelings for Sai.

Sai reaches college thinking what will be Virat’s decision; if he decides to go away from her, how will take care of her; then thinks why she is bothered about him. Pulkit sees her and asks why she looks tensed. She says Virat is having high fever. Pulkit assures her not to worry as Virat’s viral fever will subside soon. Sai’s friends greet them and invite Sai to a coffee shop. Sai denies saying she needs to return home soon. Friends insists. Pulkit tells Sai that college life will not return and she will miss the moments spent with friends, cafe comes on the way to Chavan Nivas, so she must go. Friends insist again, and she agrees.

Pakhi continues crying that Virat moved on in life, but she is standing at the same place thinking he will gather her broken heart pieces; asks if he doesn’t feel anything for her. He says he is not denying her words, but he understood that they meet many peoples in life and get attracted to and later realize it was just an attraction. They like each other a lot and should realize it was just an attraction, love is only between him and Sai and its increasing each day because he gave one chance to their relationship which Pakhi didn’t to her and Samrat’s relationship; he can understand that Samrat left her next day after marriage, but he is back and fate is giving her a second chance, so she should give herself a chance. Pakhi says she wants to move on in life only with Virat, in fact Samrat also wants same. He asks why don’t she understand that he is married to Sai and feels for her. She says he knows that and can see it in his eyes, but Sai doesn’t love him a bit and don’t understand him. He says he knows and himself told her that. She asks then what does he see in Sai which he doesn’t see in her. He warns her not to cross her limits.

Precap: Pakhi tells Virat that they can restart their life together, she will do whatever he will order her and will stay wherever he will keep, she cannot live without him, etc. Sai enters cafe and notices them.

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