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Choti Sardarni 30th August 2021 Written Episode Update: Seher and Rajveer’s haldi

Choti Sardarni 30th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Seher cries and says Kunal where are you? Rajveer holds her. Nikhil says Rajveer you take care of her. Rajveer says it’s just a car. Kunal wasn’t in it. He gives her water. Seher cries. Rajveer says it was just a burned car. He landed here and called you. He was fine. I am sure he is fine and he is somewhere. Seher says our wedding preps are going on and I don’t know where to find him and what to do. Seher cries.

Seher goes to the temple. Rajveer goes with her. Seher cries. Seher prays for Kunal. She says please stop testing me baba ji. Please have mercy on me. Rajveer sees the burned pieces of the paper. He says you dropped them there. He says all ways aren’t closed. We will find him. Seher says we can’t read it. Rajveer says my friend can try to recover it. Seher says I feel hopeless. He says your mom taught you hope. I will unite you to your love.

Scene 2
Karan says our parents planned Seher’s wedding preps. They wrote all the functions they want to do. They never wanted to change these customs. Param says here is all of it. Seher comes home. Param says Seher.. come here. See this dress you used to wear when you would become a bride in childhood. Seher recalls she dressed as a bride and said I want to be a bride. Meher made him wear tika. Sarab made her wear a necklace. Param and Karan became horses to take her to the temple. Seher said papa promise me you will be in my wedding. seher gets teary. Karan and Param wipe her tears and say mama papa only wanted to see you happy. You won’t cry now. Seher hugs both of them.

Anurita says we will do your haldi and that haldi’s water will be taken to the guy’s house and he will shower with it. The girl’s bhabhi takes it. Param says but she doesn’t have bhabhi. Anurita says I can take it. Param says sure.

Seher says how do I lie to everyone? This water can’t go to Rajveer. Badi bi says it won’t. I have an idea.

Scene 3
The function starts. Everyone gets ready and dances. Badi bi gets Seher ready. she says Rajveer didn’t call. Could the papers be read? She says something will happen. Don’t cry. They will doubt.

Dida says to Nikhil Seher and Rajveer shouldn’t find out anything. Mausa calls Seher and says Rajveer and you can’t leave the house after this ritual. This is our custom. Seher is silent. Param says Seher won’t go anywhere. Mausi ji says I want to hear that from Seher.

Rajveer calls his friend and asks if he could read it. Seher sends him a gift. It has a pot. Seher says this ritual matters to me. I sent you the same pot. I don’t want us to be part of this ritual. Change the pot. You’re my friend not life partner. I hope you understand. Rajveer says I won’t let that water fall on me. Dida hears it. Dida hugs Rajveer and says I am very happy. Let’s go. Rajveer asks his servants to replace the pot with fresh water when light goes off. Dida hears it.

Episode ends.

Precap: Seher calls Rajveer and tells him that they have to immediately go to the hotel to meet the guy. He says, after today’s ritual, she cannot leave her home. He says that he will handle this. Mausi comes to Seher’s home to give her the dress. Param and Karan go to call her, but cannot find her at home.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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