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Chale Na Zor Ishq Pe (Ishqaan – Ishq Par Zor Nahin) Part 24

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“The truth about your mother” Isqhi says boldly

Ahaan looks at Chachi, but she excuses herself.

“Ahaan, you should find out the truth” Isqhi says

“Enough of all this Ishqi” Ahaan gets angry

“You didn’t feel anything seeing your mother in that state” she asks sadly

“She left us; she deserves it”

“No human deserves that Ahaan. I agree she left you and you are been told that she ran away with a man. If that’s the case, then why isn’t she leaving happily somewhere. Why is she alone in that hospital”?

“The man she ran away must have dumped her”

“All one-sided accusations and allegations Ahaan… you know only side which your dadi has told you. What about your mothers’ side of the story”?

“I don’t want to hear it” he says

“Why Ahaan? Are you scared that your dadi must have lied to you” Ishqi voices what had been going on in head from the time he left his mother.

“Enough Ishqi… “he shouts “my dadi will never lie to me”

“the truth can be heard even in silence Ahaan, its only the lie which needs shouting” she says “close the door on the way out, I need to rest” she says and closes her eyes

Ahaan comes out and starts thinking. He never knew anything about how his father died. Whom should he ask about it? Dadi will feel bad if he asks. He thinks for some time and his mind clicks. The only person he could ask anything was him. He goes from there.

The next day Isqhi opens her eyes to see Ahaan infront of her holding flowers. She smiles at him

“I am sorry for shouting on you yesterday”

“I am sorry for pushing you a little far too Ahaan, but ….”

“Its ok, lets leave it for now. Its time for you to go home”

He brings her to Malhotra house, and she looks at him questioningly.

“We are getting married Isqhi.. our functions start tomorrow”

“Are you sure Ahaan?”

“Yes I am very sure Isqhi. No reason of my life will separate us” he looks straight in her eyes and answers

“yaar kahi pe bhi shuru ho jaate ho.. bedrrom hai na” Karthik teases them and runs from there

“teri toh main.. “ Ahaan runs behind him

Ahaan comes to the hospital to check on his mother but she was not there. He comes to know some man took her and went.

Now there was no means for him to know where his mother had gone. May be after all Suraj hadn’t dumped her and he had taken her with him. He had come to know that his father’s death was by accident. But his chachaji couldn’t give him any more information.

His phone rang and he picked it up “Do you want to know your mother’s truth then go to the Sharda mental hospital and meet Rahe peon” and the call was disconnected.

“Mental hospital doesn’t make any sense. Maybe it was just a wrong number” Ahaan thinks and leaves for his home.


“He won’t go there” Savitri told Suraj. Isqhi and Suraj looked at each other “I saw the hatred he has for me and believes his dadi a lot. He won’t go to the hospital”

“We have to keep pushing him and lead him to the truth” Isqhi said

“It might impact your relation Isqhi” Savitri said

“Our relation is stronger than that aunty, and I am just leading him to the truth” Ishqi says confidently

“I am so proud that my son has chosen you as his partner” Savitri says

Isqhi smiles and comes to Suraj

“Thank you so much for saving my life each time” she says to him

“You are Savitri’s daughter-in-law and her son’s happiness. We had to save you from Dadi’s clutches” Suraj says to her

Suraj remembers how he had taken dadi into confidence, once he knew what she had done to Savitri. He showed her that she could trust him. He would plan to kill Isqhi along with Dadi and then he would save her.

“But uncle who was that girl who got into accident because of me” Isqhi asked

“She was a poor girl who was in need of money”

“But uncle the car blasted, and she was severely hurt”

“The car blasted but she had got down before that. After that we just took her to hospital and got her bandaged”

“But the chandelier was a close call, you would have got hurt Isqhi” Savitri says her voice laced with concern.

“Yes, if uncle hadn’t pulled me on time I would have died” Isqhi says sadly

“Till when are we going to continue this charade” Savitri asks Suraj

“Till Ahaan gets to know the truth, which will happen soon” Suraj says

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