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Being with my so called kidnapper # episode 42 # not pacifying

Aayi aayi update layi layi layi.

Hello peeepies aagyi me..

U guys motivated me alot so i came

I am not ending this story don’t worry guys and i also decided not to  continue this story with rush..i will go with flow

Want some inline comments 🙈

Let’s start

Scene 1

Riddhima’s pov

This Gajni raisinghania hufff!! Its been 3 hours after our fight and he didn’t come to meet me ..

What if he won’t pacify is it possible..he has to pacify me..

Idea!! I will go myself in front of him and then ignore him..

Then he has to notice me..

I marched angrily towards study ..

Pov ends

Angre’s pov

Me and boss were discussing about a deal and then suddenly thuddddd!!

The door of study open..and  here comes my bhabhi..

Walking like a volcano ready to erupt anytime..

But wait why is she coming towards me..

Weren’t she supposed to go to boss..

” Bha.. bhabhi” i said whispering gulping down my saliva

“Angre!! You better find a girl for yourself ” bhabhi said flaring her nose in anger

” I am not into any girl bhabhi”i said bowing down my head..

“Oh .. sorry i thought u were straight” bhabhi said casually and flipped her hairs

Pov ends

Riddhima’s pov

Like boss like employe.. both are same huff!!

“ i didn’t mean that..”angre said with his eyes almost popped out in shocked

But one person was watching this silently..Mr.gunga raisinghania

“But u only said u are not into girls..and i don’t find u being a gay..

Their are only two genders and if u are not in both then hawww…angre don’t tell me u are in transgender ” i said trying to be as normal as possible

Pov ends

Vansh’s pov

f**k!! I burst into laughter as soon as she said that trash..

I was literally laughing clutching my stomach..

Angre’s mouth was hung open listening to his dearest bhabhi’s bakwas

“Bo..boss” angre whispered looking at me..

“You!! Did i ask u to laugh” riddhima said pointing towards me..

I kept my finger on my lips silently nodding my head in no..

“But u were the one who made fun of him” i said gathering some courage

“He is my brother..i can beat him i can make fun of him.. its my better not to poke your nose between us ” she said and i gulped down

“So.sorry” i said shaking my head a little

How can i oppose her right now..

She is looking like a atom bomb ready to burst anytime

“Angre u better stay away from your boss otherwise you will also become like him only” riddhima said twisting her mouth 😏

“Smart and intelligent just like me 😎” i said lifting my collar with full attitude

” Dumbass and heartless” she said and left the room stomping her foot on floor

I looked at angre who was already looking at me..

He has witnessed his boss’s bezzatti very first time all thnx to my sweetheart

Pov ends

Scene 2

Riddhima’s pov

I got skeptical when vanshu didn’t come to me..

I peeped into his room to see what is he doing

He is talking on phone call that too politely

He never talk about deal like this..

Always bossing around people..but he is sounding different now

And why is he talking sorry whisepring..

He is literally talking in very low voice

I swear i will kill u after tearing your clothes if i find u cheating on me..

What’s the need of tearing his clothes to kill him..i asked myself

So that u can gawk at him last sub consious mind mocked me..

Shrugging my useless thoughts i focused on my vanshu..

” Are u ok did u eat anything ” he said in low voice

To whom he is asking this much politely ..i never saw him asking this to someone except me .

I leaned more to the door to listen further

” Don’t worry i will come to meet u till then be there only” he said and hang the call..

Thudd!! I landed on floor directly inside his room as he opened the door to which i was leaning

Pov ends

Vansh’s pov

Shitt!! What is she doing here..and what if she had listened anything

Again she will become Sherlock Holmes and will fall in new trouble

The more i try to keep her away from my dark world the more she try to indulge herself in it..

“Ri..riddhima what are u doing here ” i said helping her to get up..

“Do i have to pay tax for coming in your room” she said twisting her mouth..

She looks more cute when she is angry but only untill i stay 4 feet  away from her..

Kyuki uske baad toh…mujhe bhagwan bhi ni bacha skte..

” What were  u doing secretly that u have problem with my arrival” she said lifting her brow

“Arrival🙄..that was arrival..are u serious sweetheart …do u arrive everywhere like this only” i said digging my own grave

“Riddhima..riddhima are u mad..what are u doing” i shouted as soon as she picked a knife from fruit basket and kept on my throat

Only she can do this in this world otherwise people trembles just by hearing my name..

Kuddos to my little kitten…

“Don’t u dare to act over smart in front of me..i am sure u won’t like the consequences “

Pov ends

Riddhima’s pov

I was hell angry on him.. first he didn’t pacify me..and now he is making fun of me..

“Riddhima jaan “..he said and i tightened my hold on knife more

“I can take your jaan also..if i will find u with any other girl except me” i said with possesiveness clearing dripping from my voice

“Are u jealous” he said and i threw the knife somewhere in room and grabbed his collar

“You are mine… get that in your empty brain ” i said and left the room in anger

Pov ends

Vansh’s pov baby is jealous..i am loving it..

Very soon i will tell u to whom i was talking once i get sure..

Till then keep burning in jealousy sweetheart..

Angre entered breaking the chain of my thoughts

“Boss u called me ” angre said bowing down his head

“Yes angre..i have a work for u..go to our pent house in malad ..and rest i will message u..” i said dismissing him from my room

Pov ends

Angre’s pov

Boss never tell me the half work..why is he behaving strange since he came back from that meeting

And why my heart is pondering this much fast as if something is gonna happen in my life..

And why won’t i live with The VR..and VR jiski zindagi me ata hai uski zindagi la rukh badal jata hai

I thought and left to pent house..

Pov ends

Done done dana done ✅

Hope u all like it

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