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Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 30th August 2021 Written Episode Update: Charmy confronts Namrata

Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 30th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nandini telling Darsh how much she loves him. She says men want their wives to express love, so I love you. He gets chocolates for her. She asks why. He says whoever says I love you first will get chocolates, this is our I love you chocolates. He feeds her the chocolate. They hug. Charmy looks on. Rajvi asks Namrata to have food. Chetan asks Shobit to check Aatish’s uncle address. He signs Rajvi. Rajvi speaks on a call. Namrata says I want normal life, I can’t stay here if you pity me, I want to move on, I want a normal day. Rajvi says okay. Namrata goes to get ready. Charmy says I m so happy, you are moving on so soon.

Parul says my friend Shalini’s husband is a lawyer, he confirmed that we can adopt Vini. Chetan says good, but this isn’t the right time, we have to deal with Namrata’s problem. She says I m not selfish. Chetan says we have to ask Nandini also. She says Vini won’t live with strangers, Nandini won’t have a problem, can she have any objection. Nandini goes to pick Vini. She sees a speeding car towards Vini. She shouts. A man runs and saves Vini. He gets hurt. Nandini scolds Vini and hugs her.
Vini says sorry. The man asks are you fine. Vini nods. He says when love is deep, then even a moment of distance looks like a year. Nandini helps him pick his stuff. She sees the red saree, bangles and sindoor. She thanks him for saving Vini. He says its okay. She says so sorry, the bangles broke, I will buy new ones. He says I was getting these for my wife for Teej, I will buy new ones, I m going to meet her at her Maayka, I love her a lot. She says she is so lucky to get a loving husband, I will pray for you, thanks. He says I love her a lot, but it falls short. He goes. Vini says uncle was good like Darsh. They leave.

Charmy throws the chocolates. She scolds Shobit a lot. He says its our baby in your womb, think and talk. She says I m sorry, Shobit, there are mood swings in pregnancy, its not easy for me to accept you. He cries and picks the chocolates. He says its good, I m not putting any pressure. Vini looks on and says Charmy doesn’t like chocolates. Charmy says support Namrata, that’s most imp. He leaves. She says I love chocolates, but I will get that from Darsh.

Darsh is on call. He says I want Aatish some way, find him. Charmy comes and says sorry, I wanted to have chocolates, do you have it. Darsh says actually…. Charmy says there is a box here. Nandini comes and says let it be, I will get another box. Vini comes and says you told Shobit that you don’t like chocolates. Charmy says he got dark chocolates, I don’t like it. She eats the chocolates. She says thanks Darsh, it gets tough to handle cravings in pregnancy, next time I will keep the stock. She goes. Vini says I m going to Parul now. She goes. Darsh says I had stopped Charmy, what shall I do if she didn’t stop. Nandini says you should have stopped me, you have a habit to do charity always, you let her eat the chocolate from our I love you box. He pulls her. She falls in his arms. Aapki nazron…plays… He says our love won’t get less if anyone eats the chocolate from our box. She says door is open, anyone will come. He says let anyone come, I will make this moment special. He gets close. She runs away. Charmy says what will happen to Nandini when I get Darsh.

Nandini goes to Namrata. Namrata talks to her friend. Nandini says I got haldi milk for you, is there Aatish’s alternate number, Darsh is trying to find him. Namrata says I just want a divorce, I don’t want to meet Aatish. Nandini says sorry, I didn’t wish to upset you. She goes. Charmy comes to Namrata and stops her. She drinks the milk. She says why do you need haldi milk when you aren’t hurt. Namrata says I m hurt. Charmy says I m a doctor, I knew it, all these wounds are fake. Namrata asks how dare you talk to me like this, I will go to mom and tell her. Charmy asks her to come. Namrata says I had no option, I can’t stay a poor life, mom would have sent me back if I didn’t do this drama, Aatish worries for me a lot, what shall I do of his worry, I don’t deserve that life.

Charmy says its easy to prove that these wounds are easy, help me in making Nandini out of Rawal house. Nandini says I will be glad if Nandini goes out of our house. Darsh says I have to tell you something. Nandini asks what happened, is there any problem.

Update Credit to: Amena

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