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“Don’t Hate Me!!”~ TWINJ (SS)- By Shalini- Shot 1

Here I’m presenting first part of my new story nd hoping you would like it. I’m giving it in the compensation of not posting anything on Manshi’s B’day. Manshi, ab taunt mat karna ki maine tere B’day par kuch nahi diya I know I’m late but I also know you will like it.

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“Don’t Hate Me!!”~ TWINJ (SS)- By Shalini- Promo


It was rainy weather nd sky was full of clouds not giving space to Sun to let its light reach on the earth. It was a cliff top from where whole city can be seen, which was looking very beautiful. It was very calm place having natural beauty around it. There was a big house, a luxurious one, surrounded with hug trees nd plants. A car reached there nd a Man come out of it nd went in the house. He went in a room nd about fifteen minutes he went in another room, which have so many pictures of girls on its wall nd lot of teddy bears. It was looking very beautiful.

“I know you must be thinking why I always come here first before going to office.. right? so let me tell you that I come to you bcz I want to let me remind myself nd you that nothing is important in my life than you, you are my destination, you are my goal which I’ve to win anyhow. nd everyday I work on it only. nd one day you’ll be with me in this room, in this house.. one day I’m gonna make you mine forever nd that’s my promise.. I’ll snatch you from this world”.. he went to the balcony nd thought to call someone nd put his hand in his pocket but it was missing.. he was searching for it everywhere in both room but didn’t found it.. so he went to out to his car thinking maybe he has left it there only nd yes, it was there in the car ringing somebody’s call.. he saw the name nd received it without wasting his time nd what he heard make him furious..

“Sir, I’ve got the news that her father has fixed her marriage again nd in next three day she is getting married”

“Who told you this?”

“The one who always inform you”

“But why didn’t inform me?”

“Sir we both are calling you from past half an hours but you were not receiving”.. realizing his own mistake he apologies..

“Oh yeah.. sorry.. but now what are you waiting for?.. you know what you’ve to do.. so go nd do what you can do”

“But sir.. this time it’s very difficult bcz this time her alliance is fixed with an IPS officer”

“So? it’s difficult but not impossible.. I don’t want any excuses.. I just want her not to get marry with anyone.. get that?”..

“ye.. yes sir.. I’ll try my best”.. he hanged the call nd angrily shut the car door..

“Why are you doing this TWINKLE?.. when you know that it will never happen I won’t let you go then why are you wasting your time?.. kyun nakam si koshish kar rahi ho?”.. he sat in the car nd drove off..

**Next Scene**

It was Taneja house, which was getting decorated with flowers nd lights.. In a room a girl was sitting on dressing table nd removing her accessories she has wear.. another girl came to her while closing the door from inside.. she was counting a number actually repeating same number..

“20.. 20.. this is 20”…

“Oh madam.. what are you doing?.. why are you stuck on 20 like a gum?”..

“Nothing.. I was just counting the numbers of boys your marriage was fixed with.. nd this is 20th boy nd I’m just thinking whether it will stop on him only or another boy is also in line”..

“Shut up Mahi.. this time everything will be fine”

“Are you sure TWINKLE?.. do you really think that He’ll let this marriage happen?.. are you confident that this time he’ll not do anything to stop this marriage?”.. Twinkle was sad nd looked in the mirror

“No, He won’t stay quite nd I’m sure this time also he will do his best to stop this marriage but I’m also sure that none of his plan will work out this time.. bcz this one is not like others who canceled to marry me just bcz of his blackmailing”

“Yeah, I know that he is an IPS officer, one of the bravest nd honest police officer nd very different from others.. but don’t forget he is also not less than your this IPS nd I’m sure he gonna create any issue with him too.. when Papa who is a Minister, he couldn’t do anything against him then what a police officer will do?”

“Mahi, tu kiski side me hai?.. kabse dekh rahi hun usi ki baat kiye a rahi hai”..

“To tu kaun sa bhajan ga rahi hai?.. tu bhi to wahi kar rahi hai”.. she give her death glare..

“I was just saying that he’ll not win this time”

“Twinkle, tu ye mujhe bata rahi hai ya khud ko samjha rahi hai?”..

“What you want to say?”..

“You know what I mean Twinkle..”

“Stop it Mahi.. stop your rubbish please.. don’t start again”

“Why Twinkle? why are you doing this?.. why are you destroying your life just for the sake of your Hatred for him.. Just to defeat him you’ll marry anybody?.. Twinkle…”.. she was interrupted by twinkle..

“Mahi you also know very well that whatever I’m doing just for Papa’s happiness.. for him I’m ready to ruin even my life.. nd BTW he is our father nd he’ll always do best for us”

“But Twinkle, we all know Papa’s only wish was to get you marry with Mr. Kapoor’s son but he refused for marriage.. he was his only choice for you.. but after him whoever come for marriage, wo sab sirf teri aur Papa ki jidd hai.. Twinkle mujhe fikr hai teri apni jidd aur nafrat me tu apni khushiyon ko sacrefies kar rahi hai”..

“Mahi, please no more discussion on it.. maine pehle bhi bola hai ye meri jidd nahi mera decision hai.. I don’t get scared of anyone”


“Mahi please, stop it… my engagement is in evening nd I’ve to get ready for that.. can I take some rest for now?”.. both the sisters were just trying to convince eachother but as always their arguments ends like this only. Both were Twin sisters nd shares very strong bond. Twinkle was sad but trying to be normal.. her eyes, her voice expressing her pain.. she was hurt but still showing to be happy..

On the other side same guy again get the call of from the same caller

“Yeah Raghav, say.. what you findout about him?”

“Sir, I’ve got all the information about him nd as per information this time it is impossible to break this marriage bcz he is not going to listen anything”

“Just tell me what I asked”

“Sir, he is an IPS officer an honest policeman nd he doesn’t have his any weakness in fact his honesty is his biggest strength.. he never get afraid of anything or anyone nd this is the reason that this is his 12 transfer in just 3 years of his duty”.. he was quite nd was just listening what his man was telling him.. he was not scared, it was not like now he can’t do anything to stop this marriage he was just angry or maybe surprised how much hate she has in her life for him… he was angry on her for making him helpless to do all the bad things just to get her.. his thoughts were broken by the voice of the caller

“I’m sorry sir, but I just want to tell you that this time we are unable to do anything except to put his Job at risk.. it is the only way we can make him helpless”…

“NO… you won’t do anything like this with him.. don’t you dare to even think that.. get that?… I just want her at any cost it doesn’t mean I’ll ruin an innocent person’s life.. he is an honest officer which our society, our country need.. nd I don’t want to harm someone’s self-respect… no one can understand the value of self-respect, honesty better than me”

“I’m sorry sir.. I thought it’ll be the best solution of this problem.. but.. don’t worry sir, I’ll try to find out another solution”

“No Raghav, now you won’t do anything.. now the time has come to do something by myself.. ab jo bhi hoga main karunga.. tum bas wahi karna jo main bolunga”

“But sir..”

“Raghav, do what I’m saying.. just give me full information about all the functions going to be held at her place”.. their conversation ends by hanging the call.. he was in his cabin sitting on the chair.. he angrily getup off it nd pushed it away nd throws his mobile which fell upon the couch.. he came to the balcony of his cabin nd held the railing of if tightly..

“No Twinkle, you can’t win over me.. you can’t get rid of me.. what do you thought you’ll use my weakness as your strength nd I’ll back off??.. no you are wrong.. I’m not going to stay quite.. tumhein jitna karna tha kar liya lekin ab bas.. bahot ho gaya ye khel khelna.. now the time has come to give it a full stop.. ab aur nahi.. tumne mujhe itna majboor kar diya hai ki mere paas koi bhi option nahi bacha hai so ab jo hoga final hoga.. you want to marry?.. okay fine, this time I’ll not stop your marriage.. you’ll marry on the same day at same time but with whom, it’ll be decided by me not you.. you just wait nd watch nd be ready for my next move for what you’ve never expected.. not even in your dream you’ve ever imagined about it”.. he tighten his grip on the railing rod nd then went back in his cabin.. taking his mobile from the couch he went back to sit on his chair nd called someone..

“I want your help”… rest call was on mute.. he cuts the call nd closed his eyes to relax himself.. after sometime he get a call again from Raghav…

“Sir, her engagement is today in evening in Hotel Palm, out of the city nd they are doing all the preparation at taneja house just to distract you.. in fact all the function will be held at different places”

“Yeah I know that.. but don’t worry their plan is going to ruin today… now just listen what I’m saying”.. he told him too something nd hang the call… he walk out of his cabin nd went to the garage nd drove off his car…

Next Scene**

It was evening time around 6 pm nd many people were seen in the hotel for the preparation of the function.. Mahi was also seen running here nd there..

“What happened Mahi? why are you looking tensed?.. any problem there?”.. her father Ramindar ask to her being worry..

“Yeah Papa, I’m very tensed.. look at the time.. it’s 6 pm now nd after one nd half hour twinkle’s engagement nd tailor didn’t send Twinkle’s dress yet nd neither anyone came from parlor.. how will she get ready in less time?”..

“Don’t take tension.. call them nd ask why they are late”

“Wahi na papa.. call bhi to nahi lag raha hai.. baat kaise karun?”

“Wait, let me check once”.. he also call them but all the time it was not reachable..

“I think I should send our man to check them”

“Even I think same Papa”… just then a man comes to them nd said that parlor ladies has come.. Mahi felt relaxed nd rushed to them.. she led them in Twinkle’s room where she was standing near the window.. her hair was open, her eyes were looking tired nd her face was clearly showing her sadness.. Mahi entered in the room with three girls of parlor..

“Twinkle come fast yaar.. we have very less time.. tera dress abhi tak nahi aya but we shouldn’t waste our time.. let’s them do their work dress bhi aa jayega”.. Mahi made her sit on the dressing table.. nd trio girls starts their work that is her makeup nd hair style.. she was not looking like a bride should be on her engagement.. an unknown fear, a wired feeling nd many emotions were running in her heart.. she was sure anything bad will happen again still she was trying to calm herself bcz somewhere she was also sure that this time it’s hard for him.. he’ll not do anything in sudden.. she was trying to convince herself that this engagement will successfully done without any obstacle.. after about one hour, they were done with her makeup nd all..

“I think you should go nd eat something until her dress come” Mahi asked them nd they went out

“Abhi tak dress nahi aya.. isiliye bola tha ki pehle hi sab sahi kar le but nahi.. meri to kisi ko sunni nahi hai.. let me call him again”… Mahi said annoyingly.. she was about to call but her phone rang..

“Finally, his call”… she said to Twinkle showing her her phone which was tailor’s call..

“Where are you?.. we are waiting for the dress since hours.. look at the time.. engagement khatm hone ke baad lane ka irada hai kya?”

“I’m outside of hotel.. security is not allowing me to come in.. can you please come or send someone to receive the dress?”.. caller ask to Mahi avoiding her questions..

“Give the phone to the security.. I’ll tell him to let you come in.. I can’t come”.. then she asked to security to not stop him.. nd he agreed.. nd then told the Man Twinkle’s room no.. After about five minutes finally he they got her dress.. Mahi wanted to scold him but she didn’t have much time to do arguments with him so she let him go..

“Mahi I’ll get ready by myself now.. tujhe bhi ready hone hai to tu ja I’ll manage”..

“Are you sure”

“Yeah”.. Mahi gives her dress nd went out of the room leaving her alone in the room while she locked the door.. it took her just few minutes to wear her dresses nd now she has wear her accessories nd jewelry.. she has unlock the door so that Mahi or other girls can enter in the room without disturbing her..



I was sitting on the dressing table nd wearing my jewelries.. suddenly I felt something or someone’s presence around me.. I was shocked, I was scared just imagining about the next moment.. my hands were shivering nd this happened for the first time with me.. before I never felt like this.. nd it didn’t took me much time to recognize that why I’ve such feeling in my heart nd what was happening with me.. nd without wasting a second His name scape from me.. “KUNJ” nd as I called his name I heard his voice..

“Not bad Twinkle.. you can recognize me even in crowd, without seeing me.. you can feel me.. you know what this is what has make me crazy for you.. but why do you say that you hate me when the fact is you don’t?”.. he was coming towards me while locking the door behind him..

“How did you come here when there is tight security everywhere of hotel?.. who permitted you for it?”.. I asked shockingly nd angrily

“You are looking very beautiful in this dress Twinkle”.. he said ignoring my questions.. then I realized that the dress man was none other than him.. he only bring my dress nd no one could recognize him bcz of his looks.. he has wear a glass nd set a thick beard on his face with long hair.. it was really very difficult for anyone to recognize him.. then I remembered why I was feeling his presence around me when he brought my dress..

“By the way, you’ve selected your dress of my choice nd still you lie that you hate me.. not fair Twinkle”…

“I really hate you Kunj Sarna nd this is the fact.. is sach ko tum jitni jaldi accept kar lo utna hi achha hoga tumhare liye”

“I’ve been asking you Don’t Hate Me Twinkle.. don’t show me hatreds in your eyes bcz as much as you’ll do this my craziness for you’ll just increase.. don’t force me to become a devil Twinkle.. I can’t bear it”… he held my arms in his grip nd tighten it badly.. it was hurting me but I didn’t care about it..

“I don’t care what you are becoming.. I know only thing that my every breath, my each heartbeat, my eyes, my voice whatever you’ll feel or see or heard, it will show you just hatred for you.. I hate you most in this whole world”

“You can’t do this.. you don’t have rights for it twinkle”

“It’s my life Kunj nd I’ve full right on my feelings nd emotions.. now leave me nd go away from here otherwise I’ll shout nd you won’t be able to save yourself”… he left me nd step back with a sarcastic smile on his face..

“Ok.. shout.. let everyone come nd see me.. but I also don’t care what they will do with me.. I’m here for a motive nd I’ll not go back without getting it”..

“Whatever your motive Is, but you can’t do anything here bcz this hotel full with security”

“What, security?.. really Twinkle?.. jab tumhari ye so called security mujjhe tumhare paas ane se nahi rok saki to tumhein sach me lagta hai ki mujhe mera kaam karne se rok payegi?”.. I was speechless.. I couldn’t understand what to do.. I was trying be brave in front of him but fact was I was scared from inside bcz of the thought that what he was going to do this time.. before today, whenever I took such decisions in my life, he never come to me like this.. he always used to come after succeeding in his plans.. but today..

“I’ve already told you Twinkle that no one has power to stop me to reach you or separate you from me in this world”.. he said while coming towards me again..

“Kunj stop there only.. don’t come to me”

“Sorry Twinkle but now I can’t stop anymore.. I give you many chance to understand me but you didn’t.. now I’m tired.. thak chuka hun main baar baar ek hi baat samjhate ki tum sirf meri ho.. nd now time has come to do end all this”…

“What do you mean?.. what are you going to do?.. Kunj you can do nothing here why don’t you understand?”.. he was very close to me

“Shhh Twinkle.. you are not understanding me.. I…”.. he couldn’t complete his words bcz of the sound of someone’s footsteps in the corridor, coming towards the room.. we both looked towards the door nd I was about to shout but he puts his hand on my mouth to stop me… nd then…….


I open my eyes nd found myself laying on a bed.. I looked around myself it was a big room.. I was shocked to see the scenario there was only my pictures on the walls nd on one wall Kunj’s pictures was also.. no sooner I understood that I was somewhere at Kunj’s Place.. he was nowhere looking.. I get down of the bed nd proceed towards the door.. I was feeling headache nd weakness but I didn’t care nd went to the door.. it was locked from outside.. obviously he has kidnapped me then how can he leave the door open.. huh.. I looked around nd found balcony door was open so I went there.. as it was evening so there was almost dark outside.. when I came in balcony I was surprised nd shocked too.. my eyes were filled with tears looking at the sight of outside.. it reminds me something from the past nd I couldn’t hold my tears nd I went in Flashback…


It was a hill top of Mumbai nd I was there clicking pictures of nature when I felt two hands around my waist from the back nd a face resting on my one shoulder.. I stopped clicking pictures nd smiled while putting my hand on his but his touch turns into the tickling..

“KUNJ..!!.. stop it”..

“This is not fair Twinkle.. we are here for spend time together nd you are giving your time to nature?.. very bad”

“Just few more pictures Kunj, then I’ll be with you”

“And why these pictures?.. what will you do with it”

“I’ll keep it on wall of my room to feel the nature… look how calm nd beautiful it’s looking.. I love such place Kunj”

“And what about me?”

“Kunj!!.. I’m talking about nature.. why do you always compare yourself with everything?”

“Bcz I can’t share your love with anyone else.. not even with nature”

“Really?.. then what about me when you share yourself with them.. I also feel bad”

“Is it?”..

“yes it is”..

“But you never complain to me about this”

“Bcz I know you love them too.. nd your happiness is my happiness”

“You like this place?”

“Kunj, I’ve always wish for a house at hill top, from where I can see my city, where only we live just you nd me with this nature, its environment, its beauty.. you know dream house.. where I would decorate our room with only our pictures nd my favourite teddy bears?”

“It’s mean I should get ready from now only to make my dream house true?”… he turns me to face him while I put my both hands on his shoulder..

“Your dream?”

“Of course.. your dream is mine too”

“You are mad”

“In your love”

“Nd I’m mad more than you”

“In my love?”


“No problem.. do pagal ek saath hi ache lagte hain.. waise bhi someone has made Tajmahal for his love so can’t I make a dream house of my love, for my life?”

“You know what, I love you so much”

“Yeah, I know that but I love you more than you do”

“No I love you most”

“Your most is also less Twinkle bcz I love you more than you do”

*Flashback Ends with Twinkle’s POV*


NEXT SCENE—– Sarna House

“Kunj what is this?.. why are you doing this?.. She is your Love Kunj why are you hurting her…”

“No Mom, she is not my Love.. I Don’t Love Her Anymore…. I HATE HER.. I HATE TWINKLE so much Mom”….



So how was it? Hope it was worth to read. Sorry if you get bored while reading it. I know it was too long update Nd sorry if waste your time, it was just a treat for Manshi otherwise I was going to make its two part.

Well, I’ll post next part or not, I can’t say bcz I’m not getting good response on my other two stories nd I’m sure I’m gonna disappointed on it also LL Thank you for reading it.

Ignore the typing or grammatical error. No proof reading.







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