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Shubharambh 30th July 2020 Written Episode Update: Rani gets her memory back and recognizes Raja

Shubharambh 30th July 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in
Scene 1
Rani is getting ready when she looks at Raja’s house from her window. She gets sad and talks to God, she says you got my heartbroken, this is my fault, I didn’t think Hemant would be a cheat. I spent time with him, went on walks, got tea with him. I won’t think about him, I will focus on my job, I feel like I will get my answers when I go there so today I will go to the shop and face Hemant.

Asha secretly meets Mukesh. He asks what have you thought about my proposal? Asha says you have to prove to me. Mukesh gives her a shop’s papers and says it’s worth is 3 crores, Raja just has to sign these papers and he will get this shop. Asha is shocked and says what? She thinks Raja won’t sign it so I will have to do something. She says I will get it signed and let you know. She leaves. Mukesh meets Gunvant and says your work is done. All papers are fake and some papers in there say that you will own Raja’s shop. We just have to wait for Raja to sign them and the shop will be yours. Gunvant says Asha is very greedy and her greed will destroy Raja’s life.

Scene 2
Asha comes to the shop. A worker is taking some papers for Raja to sign. Asha stops him and says I will get these signed. She puts Mukesh’s papers with others and put it on Raja’s desk. She leaves. Kritida calls Gunvant and says Asha has put papers on Raja’s desk. Someone calls her so she leaves. Rani comes there and puts some papers on the table, she mistakenly touches some papers and finds property papers. She says why Raja boss wants to give his shop to Gunvant Reshamiya? I don’t care, they are rich people. She tries to leave but says why would someone put property papers with tax papers? I should talk to Hemant.
Raja is at his house. Asha comes there and says I had put some papers on your desk, did you sign them? Raja sees golden shoes and says where did you get it from? Asha says they were in the storeroom. Raja says it means Rani came here that day when she was involved in the accident? Raja says this is a good hint, I will tell truth to Rani. Asha says is shocked and says really? She will come back? Gunvant comes there and tells Kritida that Raja is here so bring property papers here.

Scene 3
Rani comes to Raja’s palace and thinks why I feel like I have been here before? She enters the house and looks at Maa’s idol, she prays to her and recalls some memories. Raja is standing in the lounge but he has his back to Rani. Asha turns around and sees Rani. She says you? Here? Raja is stunned. Rani says I am sorry to come here, this house.. looks familiar to me, I feel like I have been here before. Rani says I found some tax papers but there were property papers between them. Asha is shocked and thinks that means Mukesh was involved with Gunvant and wanted Raja to sign them so he would get the shop. Rani saved us again. Rani says I am sorry, I know I shouldn’t get involved but I thought there might be something wrong so wanted to inform Raja sir. Raja turns around. Rani says Hemant you? Raja says you forgot everything but didn’t forget that Raja shouldn’t fall into any problem? Rani sees golden shoes with him and says why you have these? I feel like I know this house. She sees her pictures with Raja and their wedding photos. She recalls how Raja said he was married once. Rani starts recalling her moments with Raja.
Rani comes to her room with Raja and recalls their past. She runs to the cupboard and sees the sweater that she made for Raja there. She recalls everything, their wedding, their life, how Rani saved him and how Raja didn’t trust her and then how she broke her wedding because of their differences in the status.
Rani comes back in the lounge and cries looking at Raja. Rani comes to Raja and says ‘Raja’. Raja sighs and smiles at her. Shubharambh plays.

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