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Santoshi Maa 30th July 2020 Written Episode Update – Devi polomi is using her powers on doctor nidhi.

Santoshi Maa 30th July 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The episode starts with indresh’s mother explaining swati saying you understand what I feel so to please stay away from indresh for a month & indresh’s father too trying to explain them to listen nicely when explaining politely & also warns them if you are not listening then I’ll tie swati in a godown for a month but swati’s brother is cursing him saying how can you do this & he shouts him too.
Swati says I accept till one month & indresh’s mother thanks her while his father thinks otherwise that in a month I’ll send indresh so far away that your shadow also can’t find him.
Devi polomi is getting wild thinking about indresh being saved & devraj comes to meet her so she shouts him saying nothing could happen from you & he pleads her.
Doctor nidhi is moving towards her work place but she is called by watchman & as she is going towards him she does not find him & it was polomi who used her powers to attract her & nidhi is following her powers where she finds statue of polomi & starts praying for her as devraj becomes happy watching how polomi uses her powers intelligently.
Santoshi & dev rishi are roaming in the market while dev rishi sees sweets prepared for pooja & gets attracted towards it & tells santoshi that I’ll come in sometime but she asks him knowing why dev rish & he tells her I’ll bring flowers so allows him & he takes some sweets & eats & brings flowers in his hands appreciating villagers how nicely they do all work for pooja & santoshi too appreciates knowing what dev rishi did.
Swati is discussing with her father about indresh’s health while indresh comes to her parent’s house & she gets shocked how come indresh here & he is knocking the doors to open so swati opens & he is telling her to let’s go home but she refuses because of his father & mother but he calms her saying not to worry & I’ll make everything comfortable but again she refuses so he becomes adamant & says I won’t leave from here but swati’s parents also tell him to go but he refuses & goes from her house roaming.
Indresh is walking depressingly thinking about swati saying you have not done good by not coming with me & hits a stone & a shout comes from behind “indresh” & he feels about swati so looks behind but can’t see her & she is hidden behind a tree while finally he sits on a side taking name of swati in injured condition & swati is watching him.
Polomi is waking nidhi saying to go & see indresh & she gets up hearing her voice & runs to see him. Indresh is sleeping on a bench near swati’s parent’s house & swati is watching him continuously thinking why still nobody has come to take him.
Nidhi is running from her house while her father tries to calm her why are you running then she pushes her father too & he gets surprised. Devi polomi also feels glad see what happens when a girl falls in love & laughs as it was her powers using on her to do all this.
Swati sees a car moving near indresh & shouts thinking it’ll hit her but it does not instead stops because nidhi is driving the car & she takes him inside the car while swati feels relaxed thinking doctor has come to take him.

Precap : Swati understands it’s the same girl doctor who had refused marriage with indresh & still not moving the car so is she taking revenge of the same? Nidhi is playing with indresh in the car touching & saying how can i forget you. Santoshi helps swati by giving her security band to put on indresh’s hands. Swati tries to give the band to indresh’s mother to put but his father throws it away & she picks it.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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