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Pavitra Bhagya 30th July 2020 Written Episode Update: Armaan points out at the growing proximity between Reyansh and Pranati

Pavitra Bhagya 30th July 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Pranati says you aren’t stone hearted. You just hide the real you. If you were this bad then we might have never had a past! You try to keep relations with so many people in order to forget yourself! You try to change yourself. You try to appear as stone hearted. You have swayed from your path, you run away from your responsibilities as you know the meaning of responsibility well. Thank you! She gestures at her feet. He nods and helps her keep her other feet down. She says you will change again tomorrow. Let’s not pretend to be nice to each other as I know you don’t like to look like a good guy. She gets up to go but he holds her. She walks away.

Reyansh takes out a drawing from his cupboard. It shows Reyansh and Pranati pulling Jugnu in opposite directions. I cannot tell you the truth behind the change in my attitude. I must focus on the fact that I have to only use Pranati! Don’t forget this, Rey!

Jugnu comes to eat golgappas from a stall outside her school. It is the same lady who has been following her. Her elbow is black. The lady refuses to take money from her. Jugnu tells her of mom’s principles but the lady

Dadi notices Riya with Pranati in the living room and wonders why Riya is here and why Pranati is sitting with her. What if she fills her ears against our family? She calls Pranati aside to find out what she was saying to Riya. Were you instigating her against us? Pranati asks her if she should do that. Have you done something wrong? Dadi says it is important for her to have a positive outlook towards us. Pranati questions her again but Reyansh manages the situation. He tells the situation to Dadi. Dadi tells Pranati to continue and leaves. Pranati asks Reyansh what Dadi wants from Riya. Reyansh tries to divert it but Pranati knows he is hiding something. Tell me the truth or I will go. Is Riya Armaan’s choice or Dadi’s? Reyansh says you doubt me always. She calls him a liar. He is about to swear using Jugnu’s name but she warns him against it. She sprains her neck as she moves too fast. He tries to help her but she tells him not to touch her. Reyansh tells her to be quiet. He touches her neck. Ishq hai plays in the background as they share an eye lock. He twists her neck at the right point as they had observed in the college. She says I know you are still lying to me. I will call Armaan right away and ask him everything.

Armaan’s phone is with Navya. Navya is surprised to see Pranati’s name flashing on the screen. Is it the same Pranati? She picks the phone but Armaan takes it from her in no time. The call ends. Pranati says a girl picked up Armaan’s phone. Reyansh says it might be wrong number. Pranati is sure he cannot be trusted.

Navya questions Armaan about Pranati. He manages to divert her by speaking about his wish of opening his own business.

Reyansh acts to scold his brother in front of Pranati. Armaan cooks a fake emotional story for Pranati. Reyansh calls his actions unjustified but Pranati asks him if he actually likes Riya or not. Armaan says I love her Bhabhi. Reyansh makes a face. Pranati corrects Armaan. I am Pranati, not Bhabhi. Reyansh gives her a new name Prabhi (Pranati Bhabhi). No one calls elders by their names. Pranati ignores it. Choose between your present and past. Move on. Leave your past in the past. Armaan agrees. She leaves.

Armaan thanks his brother for saving him. Reyansh tells him to be serious now. You can fool the world but I am your father when it comes to these marks. Now focus on the task Dadi has given to you or you will get real marks on your body. Armaan thinks everything is fine but I enjoy fooling Pranati like this.

Reyansh makes a heart on the top of the coffee he has made for Riya. He burns his hand as he touches a hot pot while jumping in excitement. Armaan is right there but does not notice it. Reyansh reprimands his brother lightly for not taking care of him when he has hurt himself. Armaan acts in front of him but Reyansh tells him to give coffee to Riya.

Armaan tells Riya he made this coffee for her himself. He goes to get sugar. Riya asks Pranati if Armaan has been this sweet since beginning. Pranati says people change sometimes. Armaan returns and tells Pranati that Bhai is calling her. He calls her Prabhi. Riya asks the logic behind Prabhi. Armaan tells her. Pranati heads to the kitchen. Armaan watches Riya drink coffee.

Pranati asks Reyansh what happened. He says I burnt my hand while making coffee. She calls him drama but he insists he isn’t lying. He gives her coffee. She looks at him in surprise. What’s this? He tells her that this expression hints at affection and not surprise. I made it for you so you don’t sleep. She says I am helping you so I don’t owe you a thank you. Next coffee should come in another hour. She calls him chef and leaves. he thinks the next coffee will be amazing now. Wait and watch.

Armaan thanks his brother. You should be grateful to Prabhi for her assistance. You did a great job in making her agree to do all this. Reyansh tries to dismiss the convo but Armaan continues talking. I think she still likes you. Pranati left everything to live here. She is staying in the room which is right next to you. What else do you want? Use this chance well. Reyansh shocks him by pulling him by his neck angrily. Stay in your limits. Armaan says I am not wrong. You are talking as if you too have feelings for her. Reyansh denies but his brother says you wouldn’t have pushed me if you dint have feelings for her. I have said such things about other girls too but you never reacted this way before! Reyansh tells him to respect his elders. Armaan says she is here for no reason. Learn to respect her first then. Armaan goes to Riya as she calls out to him. Reyansh realises that Armaan might be right.

Precap: Pranati says sorry to Reyansh. I dint know you were actually hurt. Reyansh says time heals everything. Reyansh watches Pranati stealthily while she teaches Riya and she watches him sweetly as he spends time with Jugnu. Later, Riya asks Pranati how much she loves Rey. Reyansh and Pranati look at each other.

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