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Mere Sai 30th July 2020 Written Episode Update: Sai’s Teaching for Sumitra

Mere Sai 30th July 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

A arrogant cloth coloring labor Dajiba shows cloth colored sample to his boss. Boss Adinath checks cloth and says his work is very bad with rough temporary colors and ruined cloth, who will buy clothes now. Dajiba says he doesn’t have to worry about it as Shirdi people are fools and will buy whatever they sell. Adinath says he cannot compromise on quality and orders him to get out. Dajib threatens Adinath that other workers will also go if he goes and boss cannot work without them in Shirdi.

Tatya cuts wood in Dwarkamayi. Sai returns. Tatya says he waited for him for long and then started cutting wood. Sai says someone needed him, so he came late. Tatya thinks he cannot understand Sai; he helps everyone, but when Krishna who trusts Sai the most and Sai also loves her a lot needed help, Sai didn’t. Sai says a child should be left alone to let him/her learn to walk.

Adinath angrily holds Dajiba’s collar. His father enters and asks workers to leave. Dajiba with his puppets walks away warning they will pay for it. Father says Sai will help them, his mother Sumitra is taking feast for Sai. Adinath gets tempted hearing puran poli. Sumitra packs food for Sai.

Sai sits in meditation. Baizamaa walks in calling him. Tatya stops her and says Sai is in meditation, he was meditating whole night and told he was helping someone. Baizamaa hopes Sai helps even Krishna and she gets happiness she deserves.

Sumitra walks toward Dwarkamayi hoping Sai will accept her feast. She clashes with an old man who says he is very tired after day long’s work and if she can feed him some food. She says she would have, but this food is for Sai. She walks further. Another old man seeing her says he is a traveler and needs food. She says it is for Sai. Man says Sai would feel happy if she needs a hungry person. She apologizes and walks further thinking food must be tasty, so many people are asking for it, hopes Sai will like it. A dog stops her next, she shoos dog away and walks into Dwarkamayi. She greets Sai and says she brought food for him. He says he doesn’t need it now. She asks why is he getting angry, she prepared food with great devotion. He says when he asked, she didn’t give him food, now he doesn’t need it. She asks when did he ask. He asks her to go. She asks what is her mistake and apologizes. Sai repeats to go from there. She walks away thinking when did Sai ask him food. Old traveler asks her food again. She says Sai didn’t accept food, so he can ave it. She picks all food items and keeps in man’s hands and is shocked to see Sai receiving food instead. Old man thanks her and eats food smiling at her. She realizes her mistake that old traveler was also Sai and she didn’t identify him. She then sees first old man sitting, apologizes and offers him food. She again sees Sai receiving food. She apologizes Sai and asks what he wants to each her. Old man says he is just a labor, what can he teach her; thanks her a lot and eats smilingly. She then sees dog, walks to it and offers food, again sees Sai smiling at her standing nearby. She apologizes Sai and says she cannot forgive herself. Sai says instead of forgiving herself, she should realize her mistake and change herself; she made food with great devotion, but she forgot humanity, there is no religion greater than humanity and humanity teaches to feed hungry, whether its human or animals; she saw god in him and wanted to offer food, but god is present in every living being; serving food is the biggest form of charity and if a weak asks food, she should feed them first; if she really wants to serve him, she should make sure nobody is hungry around her. She says even then she wants to repent. Sai says after going from here, whoever deserving she sees first, she should give him/her a job. She agrees and requests to accept food at least now. He accepts food saying Ramji Bhala Kare and asks her not to tell the person whom she helps that he advised her to help. She nods yes and leaves.

Sumitra searches a person to help and seeing Krishna thinks she may need help. She walks to her and asks what is her name. Krishna says Krishna. Sumitra asks if she is in problem and asks to tell her problem as she is like her mother. Krishna gets emotional.

Precap: Krishna smiles seeing Krishna having food.

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