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Jagat Janani Maa Vaishno Devi 30th July 2020 Written Episode Update: Bharti pleads infront of Mandhari to leave Shullu

Jagat Janani Maa Vaishno Devi 30th July 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Prasad sleeping in Bharti’s lap. She finds cool wind coming and thinks from where it is coming? Just then a chunari flies and falls on her. She recalls giving it to Shullu. She thinks Mata Rani heard her prayers and wakes up Prasad. She asks him not to worry and shows the chunari to him, which she gave to Shullu. She says this means they are hiding from us, Shullu is with them. Prasad asks what to do? Bharti says we have to search Shullu before morning. She ties Mata Rani’s Chunari on her head and asks him to come. Vaishnavi tells Shridhar and Sulochana that whoever walks through difficult times with their patience, they open the door of victory. Bharti and Prasad see the dacoits sleeping. They hide when one of them wake up. Bheema is drinking with his Munshi. Munshi says shall I ask you something and tells that kakashri is returning tomorrow, asks if Bharti brings her brother then your truth will be out, that the theft is done by you and not Shullu. Narendra hears the truth. Bheema threatens to kill Munshi and asks if he shall cut his tongue. He tells him that nobody can save anyone form Narmundal gang. Whoever reaches him, gets killed. Just then a rod falls down. Bheema sees Narendra and runs behind him. He asks where are you hiding? Narendra hides behind the sofa. Bheema catches him and beats him for hearing him secretly. He then takes the cloth and threatens to suffocate him, if he tells anything to anyone. Narendra nods no. Bheema pushes him on ground.

In the night itself, Servant wakes up Bhakti and asks her to bring water from outside and wash the cowshed nicely. Bhakti picks up the pot. Bharti and Prasad see one of the dacoit woken up and sharpening his sword. Bhakti prays to Mata Rani and falls down while bringing water in the pot. Bharti and Prasad hear Shullu’s voice. Prasad tells that the voice is coming from there. They see Shullu tied and kept behind the big stones. Bharti moves the stone and sees Shullu. Vaishnavi appears infront of Bhakti. Bhakti gets up seeing the divine light. Vaishnavi makes the cowshed clean and washed. Vaishnavi tells her that the destiny is dependent on karma and asks her to get up. Bhakti asks how is Bharti and Shullu? Vaishnavi says when two mothers are with them, what can happen to them. She says they are struggling and walking on their path. Bhakti sees the lock and tries to break it with the stone. Vaishnavi shows her hand. They manage to open the lock and free Shullu from the cage.

Shullu asks how did you come here? Bharti says it is mata Rani’s magic and asks how did he get trap here? Shullu tells that when Bheema and he was returning from work, Bheema gambled with the Narmund gang, and lost. He then gets angry on the gang leader, who threatened to kill him. He says bheema ran away, pushing him. Since then they caught him and planned to sell him. They are leaving, when they get caught by the gang. The gang leader asks Bharti to see his brother’s death. Prasad and Bharti pleads infront of them to leave shullu. The gang leader asks his men to behead Shullu. Bharti falls down on the gang leader’s head and asks for his brother’s life. Vaishnavi tells that it is the part of their test. Shridhar asks if she is saying that this is bharti’s test. Vaishnavi says this is the test of Mandhari’s test and his past. She says his bitter past made him cruel and bitter. She tells that she will tell them katha. She begins the story. A little boy makes her mother have water and tells that he can’t see her hungry anymore, as she is hungry since three days and just drinking water. He goes out and steals some grains from the shop. The men tie him and says you will be punished.

Precap: Mandhari tries to kill Shullu and takes the sword.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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