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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 30th July 2020 Written Episode Update: Bhima turns into Barrister again

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 30th July 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Ganga brings food for Bhima. What are you brothers talking? Anand says we are having a usual convo. She opens the door for Bhima. Let me know once you are done. I will come to collect the utensils. Bhaskar comes to meet Bhima. Bhima compliments him on being a good person and thanks him for all that he has done for everyone while he was away. Bhaskar says all this has happened because of you only. You weren’t here yet you made it all possible. Bhima stops him from entering inside the room. I cannot break the dignity of my punishment by stepping out of this room and neither should you step inside this room during my punishment. Bhaskar gets impressed. You are so young yet you speak so maturely. This is a miracle. Bhima denies. I do whatever I think is right. My parents have taught me to think like this. We will get your Bhabhi justice at any cost. My Baba is retired Subedar. We will approach police once he returns. Thank you for helping my family.

Bhimbai asks Ganga if Bhima had food. Ganga nods. Bhaskar came to meet him just then and they are talking right now. Meera says you know it isn’t a problem if he visits us but neighbours keep an eye on us always. This will just give them another reason to throw us out. Bhimbai nods. How will we tell him this? Meera advises him to speak to Bhaskar. He will understand you.

Bhaskar promises Bhima he will study from today onwards. I also promise you that I will marry Manjula. Bhimbai opens the window to Bhima’s room. Bhaskar turns to go when Bhima politely requests him not to come here often. It isn’t good for you and us either. Bhaskar understands the logic behind his words. Bhimbai adds that they understand all the efforts he has made for them but just don’t take it to your heart. It is for everyone’s good. Bhaskar explains that Bhima’s words dint hurt him at all. I will come only if there is a need. Don’t give anything to my parents as compensation. They cannot take anything anyways till the time I am here. He leaves. Bhima tells his mother he saw her face and understood what she wanted to convey to Bhaskar but she dint understand him. please get me out of here. I know I have hurt you but don’t keep me away from everyone. We will think how to bring Baba home. She closes the window again. He requests her to hold him close. I haven’t slept properly since the day I left home. She opens the window again. She tells Ganga to close the door with a heavy heart. Ganga closes the door to Bhima’s room reluctantly. Bhima says we both know that we both love each other despite all the anger and hurt.

Next morning, Bhaskar comes to his father’s shop. He reminds his brother that he used to save him from their parents whenever he made a mistake. I used to save money so you could go to city. I used to help you make slippers also. His brother asks him why he is reminding him all this. Bhaskar requests him to convince their parents to not push Sakpal family for compensation. His brother says I always helped you in return for doing me all those favours. What will I get by helping you? Bhaskar puts his stamp on a blank paper. I give you my share of Baba’s property. Get it ready. I have put my thumb impression here. He leaves. His brother looks at the blank page in amazement.

Bhaskar’s parents come to Sakpal House with Police captain. He tells him to arrest each one of them. Bhimbai refuses to give anything in the name of compensation. Police captain tells his constables to arrest everyone. Meera points out that her brother isn’t home yet. He tells her to tell him to get a Barrister once he returns. This will be discussed in court. Bhima’s Barrister incident plays in the background. Bala whispers something in Anand’s ear.

Anand breaks open the lock outside Bhima’s room. Both the brothers smile as they make way for little Bhima. Bala says our Barrister is here. Police captain calls it a drama but Bala says you only asked us to hire a Barrister to discuss the case. Our Barrister is here now. You can ask him anything. Police captain asks Bhima what he will say about the allegation which has been made against his father. Bhima asks him why the shoes are new but his uniform is old. Police captain tells him to focus on the question. Can I not wear them? Bhima says you can. What is their cost? Police captain says I don’t know. Why? Bhima says I will ask my Baba to get a similar pair for himself when he returns. Bhaskar’s father says your father cannot afford them. Bhima asks for the price again but police captain has no answer for it. I dint buy them. Bhima says you would still know the price. Bhaskar’s father ends up telling the price. Bhima says they are so costly. My Baba wont be able to buy such expensive shoes. Police captain tells him to focus on the main topic. Bhima says my Baba was a Subedar in army yet he couldn’t buy such expensive shoes ever. Once when Aayi made him remove his coat, we saw him wearing a vest with holes in it. Subedar’s income is no less than the income of a Police captain. Police captain says property also adds to your total income. Your father may not have it. Talk about the case. My shoes have nothing to do with it. Bhima says they are related to the ones who you have come with. They have a shop where they sell shoes. You don’t know the price of your shoes but a shoemaker knows the value of the shoes he has made.

Flashback shows Police Captain telling Bhaskar’s parents he wont pursue this case. Police dint find anything during their last visit to Sakpal House. You even asked for dowry and the wedding dint happen. What do you need compensation for? They offer shoes for him and his kids as a bribe. We will save our faces in the society by taking this compensation home. Police captain gives in. Flashback ends.

Bhima says you get a new pair of shoes from someone without even knowing its cost. You are blaming us for what they did wrong! They have killed 2 DIL’s of their house. Has it not increased their social standing? How did it decrease if they dint get dowry from us? You came here to seek compensation from us without investigating the matter properly!

Bhaskar’s mother says look at his audacity. Do you think we will get scared if you will put false allegations on us? Bala denies. We saw them killing their DIL! Bhaskar’s father denies. Police captain takes them aside. Forget about compensation. Go home or you will be trapped! Bhaskar’s father tried to object but Police Captain reasons that that little kid has proved everything already! There is nothing left to do. I don’t want to waste my time in this. Prove whatever you want to. Bhaskar’s mother speaks of the bribe. You must do it for us. Police captain removes his shoes and throws them toward sthem. I will send the other 2 pairs back as well. Police leaves. Bhimbai tells Bhaskar’s parents to go home. Live in peace and let us live in peace too! Bhaskar’s father warns them of consequences. He turns to go when Bhima tells him to take the shoes with them. We are neither greedy nor rob people of their belongings. We don’t intend to keep someone’s stuff with us. Bhaskar’s father picks the shoes and walks away in a huff.

Precap: Bhima wonders where his Baba is. I think he is in some danger. Dhansukhlal and Mangesh kidnap Ram ji. They have covered his face with a cloth and beat him. Bhimbai wakes up in the middle of the night screaming loudly.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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