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Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 30th July 2020 Written Episode Update: Kavita Stops Shravan From Attending Class

Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 30th July 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Shravan impresses Vijay and whole class with his knowledge and gives some bonus knowledge, leaving Daddu and his team in shock. Bunty hiding behind gate claps. Shravan says he is proud of his army. Vijay says excellent and gives him 8 points. He sees Devraj and calls him in. Devraj says he is fine here, thanks him for teaching his son so well and walks away. Devika and Anish asks Daddu what next. Daddu says this is first class, wait and watch what will he do next. Shravan calls Sumo/Suman and reminds him that she needs to visit his house as promised. She says he cheated and knew answers from before. He says he already told he is expert in mugging and says she should keep her promise. He says let us see if he can come wearing her favorite shirt. Shravan happily walks home.

During lunch, Kavita and Rajender get angry on Shravan for attending class. Shravan says he is learning discipline and asks Rajender why did he fight with Daddu. Kavita says he is losing his manners. Argument continues. Rajender says there is a party in his room tonight at 8 p.m. and invites them all. Shravan walks to his room and sees Bunty wearing Suman’s favorite shirts, forces him to remove it. Bunty fumes. Shravan scolds him and hopes Suman likes his shirt tomorrow.

In the evening, Ramesh serves feast to family. Family praises Beena’s cooking. Beena serves them kheer. Ramesh nervously informs that he is opening his business branch in Indore and needs to shift in 2-3 months. Daddu gets angry while Vijay says within 2-3 months Ramesh can find a trustable manager to take care of business. On the other side, Rajender plays loud music and dances. Daddu angrily sends Damroo to complain. Shravan walks into Rajender’s room and switches off music player, angering Rajender. Kavita prepaers gattha sabji. Devraj gets tempted smelling it and says he and Vijay used to enjoy gattha sabji in college and packs some for Vijay. Shravan says he will go and give it. Kavita stops him. Shravan tells Bunty that Sumo says one should apologize for mistake and sends Bunty with sabji to apologize Daddu. Bunty reaches Suman’s house and nervously offers sabji to Vijay saying uncle miyan sent it. Daddu fumes. Vijay stops him. Bunty repeats Shravan’s words, apologizes Daddu for loud music and leaves. Suman realizes Shravan must have apologizes via Bunty.

Suman calls Bunty and says she knows he apologized via Bunty and asks him to attend class tomorrow wearing her favorite shirt. Shravan excitedly hugs Bunty. Kanchan tells Suman that she will not shift to Indore. Suman calms her down. Next morning, Shravan excitedly gets ready wearing Suman’s favorite shirt and walks down when Kavita stops him and says he will not attend class.

Precap: Kavita warns Shravan not to attend class, else she will go on hunger strike. Shravan meets Suman and informing same says he loves mamma more than anyone else in the world and cannot attend class from tomorrow.

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