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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 30th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Sirat tells her decision to Kartik

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 30th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Ranvir saying I was just thinking about you, I m living just because of you, I wasn’t living when I was away from you for 2 years. Sirat cries hearing him. He asks her why is she crying, she is fine. She says I m also okay, are you fine. He says you can fight and check. She says my fight isn’t ending with myself. He says I didn’t understand you. Doctor comes to check Ranvir. Ranvir jokes. She scolds him. He falls asleep. She goes from there. She sees Nani. Nani asks what did Ranvir tell you, did he get a shock by your words.

Sirat hugs her and says much spoilt because of me, I have to fix it now. Nani says don’t hurry up, think well. She goes. Kartik comes there and sees Sirat. She says this is not the right time to talk, meet me at the park tomorrow, thanks for doing much for Ranvir and me, and bye as of now. She goes. He gets worried. Sirat stays with Ranvir. Kartik calls her. She doesn’t answer. Kyun….plays… Kartik messages to ask, is everything fine. She thinks of Ranvir. She sits looking at him. The night passes. She sees the sunlight. She gets away. She goes to the washroom. She washes her face. She goes back to Ranvir. She says I have decided it and now I have to follow it. She writes sorry message on his bandage. Nani gets tea for her. Sirat asks Nani to sit with Ranvir, she has to meet Kartik, our relations have got tangled, I have to solve it. Nani says come with me, don’t rush. Sirat goes. Kartik gets ready. Suwarna asks where are you going, Manish went to the factory, Dadi’s checkup is due today, go later. He says I have some work, I will come, I m worried about Sirat. He goes.

Sirat prays and leaves from the hospital. Kartik drives. He thinks of Sirat. Sirat thinks of Kartik. Chauhan and family meet Ranvir. Ranvir asks for Sirat. Saroj says she was here just now. Chauhan thinks she would have gone to meet her lover. Ranvir sees the sorry message. The auto driver asks which way to say, there are two ways. She says the way we are going ahead is right. A man asks her to buy any one of the two designs. She sees K and R keychains. She says I have chosen it. She reaches the park. A faulty speaker makes noise. He says I was going mad thinking what is that I don’t know, Chauhan and Nani know it. She says sorry Kartik. He says come to the point. She says you are a good person, you have helped me always. He asks what’s the problem, we didn’t come to write an essay on me. She says I have a battle to fight, I feel person should be sincere, but did you hear that it would mean one should be selfish, you told me to lose little fights to win a big battle, your advice is helping me, its imp that I talk to you. Ranvir asks why did Sirat write sorry, what is she going to do.

She gets angry on the speaker. She throws the stone and says this time, my words will be heard by the opposite person completely. She says my life has changed, like a storm has come, I want to fix everything, remove my name from the boxing team which you are sponsoring. He asks why. She says I don’t want anything else than Ranvir, I want to give all the time to him and be with him always. He says I m not making you away from him. She says yes, but I would get away, which I don’t want. He says you didn’t shoot him, he isn’t in that state because of you. She says I don’t want to meet you from today. He says this is not related to Ranvir and me, Chauhan asked you to do this, right. She says no, its my decision. He says why, we are friends, we can stay friends. She says yes, but I don’t want to. He asks did I make any mistake. She signs no. He asks why are you punishing me, why are you breaking the friendship, tell me. She steps back and leaves.

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