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Vighnaharta Ganesh 30th June 2021 Written Episode Update – Madhav begs collecting materials for sweet to prepare for his Prabhu.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 30th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The episode starts with people blaming Madhav for stealing shawl of Prabhu while Maharaj arrives & Madhav is explaining him that he hasn’t stolen this but Prabhu himself came to meet giving it to him & Maharaj says I believe you because of your great devotion & praises shouting Prabhu’s name. Madhav takes leave from Maharaj realizing that Prabhu has promised him that he’ll be coming to eat sweet prepared by him.
Madhav roams in village begging for materials required for preparing sweet & meets a woman who gives him jaggery but intimates him to not go to the house of a woman named Savitri in front of her house who insults everybody. Madhav then too moves to go to her house.
Jaya asks Ganeshji why he went to that woman when he knew about her behaviour & he tells her that is what true devotion is to try if something good happens.
Madhav is watching while Savitri is cleaning her Paan’s but one of her Paan flies on fruit vendor’s open basket & she shouts him to give Paan of her which he stole but he instead says that when I haven’t come near your house then how can I steal but she warns him of calling all the villagers if he does not give & he says do whatever she wishes & she shouts stopping villagers to catch him & he pleads her to stop all this & keeps his basket on her house’s step to check hence she finds her Paan & he picks his basket but again she stops him for asking to give her something in return for keeping this basket on her house step & he gives her fruits but watching this Madhav feels foolish about the woman & then too he asks her to give him something on God’s name but she is accusing God who hasn’t given her anything instead she has done efforts to achieve all this.
Balbhadra tells Shri Krishna that inspite getting insulted why your devotee Madhav isn’t leaving from there but he says that what he is doing is right.
Madhav tells her that you shouldn’t blame God who has given everything in this world for human’s hence just give whatever you wish so that you’ll be also blessed by God but she is adamant to not to give anything. The other woman comes to tell him that I had told you she won’t give anything to you but then too Madhav asks her again & again & she finally throws a dirty cloth on his face saying take this & Madhav’s face is splashed with dirt.
Balbhadra says this woman instead insulted him this way but Shri Krishna says actually this is great donation from Madhav to that woman giving some knowledge of devotion.
Madhav takes that & leaves while some one also gives him a coin on name of Prabhu & Madhav feels delighted of purchasing some good thing for preparation.
Shri Krishna is leaving while Balbhadra asks him where & he says now it’s my time to teach more of knowledge to Madhav.
Madhav purchases some dry fruits from a vendor & he gives him but returns his money saying this is my donation for Prabhu while watching this Savitri feels otherwise of Madhav & curses him.
Madhav reaches near his hut where his Prabhu was waiting for him & he asks permission to give only sometime but Prabhu leaves intimating him that he has to leave because Maha-Bhog will also begin & all must be waiting for me hence will come for evening food while Madhav wonders but keeps himself busy for doing arrangements for the evening.
Savitri faces terrible stormy rains by which her stove gets destroyed which she had made hence curses Madhav saying to tell God if he can save all this but she keeps all the pots to collect water of rains & thinks what Madhav must be doing of her dirty cloth.
Madhav washes the cloth & keeps for cleaning in the evening when Prabhu will arrive.
Balbhadra wonders if Kanha isn’t at Madhav’s place then where he might be.

Precap: Madhav comes in temple telling his Prabhu that he has got lot of things today for him but Prabhu says I have got somebody else’s invitation for food. Madhav wonders who can it be leaving my offer he has gone to somebody’s else’s place & Prabhu enters a hut which is watched by Madhav & he sees wondering Prabhu eating Dal-Kichdi which isn’t liked so much by anybody.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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