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The Twisted game of Destiny-Happiness Blooming ep.38 IMMJ2 Fanfic

Happiness blooming!

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Episode Starts

Suddenly the machines that were attached to Riddhima started beeping loud. Riddhima started breathing heavily and slowly with a lot of energy her fingers were moving unnoticed by anyone. Vansh gave a call to the doctor while Riva and Rivan were focusing on Riddhima, they were scared. Aryan and Kabir came to the room along with everyone else and calmed the twins down.

Vansh soon brought the doctor with him and the doctor instructed them to all go out. Outside the room, Vansh strolled back and forth in worry while the twins stood there in silence playing with their fingers in worry. Aryan and Kabir stood calm just hoping for the best while the rest were in the temple room; praying for Riddhima’s health. Soon the doctor exited the room after examining Riddhima.

Vansh: Doctor what happened to her? Why did all of this happen suddenly? (worry)

Doctor: Don’t worry Mr Rai Singhania, it happens in such cases. It’s when the patient’s brain starts reacting and allows the body to react and give movements. That’s what has happened to her but in a higher level.

Aryan: Higher level? What do you mean?

Doctor: I mean to say that other cases have such symptoms signifying the soon recovery of the patient. This case is an advanced case, I’m happy to inform that her symptoms are the sign of proper recovery.

Kabir: Really! (happy) That means that she’ll wake up soon?

Doctor: Absolutely right! She’ll be awake in one hour. (smiling) I’ll be staying back monitoring her till she gets conscious.

Riva and Rivan jumped in excitement and joy and hugged each other tight having few tears of happiness passing down their cheeks. Happiness was blooming inside Vansh, he had given no response for a while. He was glued to his spot, completely frozen. Riva and Rivan walked up to him and shook him a bit, bringing him out of his trance.

Riva: Dad….Dad!!

Vansh: Yea (lost)

Riva: Are you fine dad? Didn’t you hear the doctor?

Vansh: Riddh….(tears) Riddhima’s recovered! (hugging her) She’ll get conscious, I’ll be getting my sweetheart back!

Riva: Of course dad, stop crying! (wiping his tears) Be happy!

Rivan: Exactly dad! Finally she’ll meet us and you!

Kabir: And us! (happy)

Dadi: And us!

Rivan: In short everyone! (laughing)

Vansh: I’m…I’m coming!

Vansh went to the kids’ room and locked the door from inside. Riva and Rivan followed him and found the door locked. Vansh sat on the bed, he had mixed feelings running in his body and mind. He was extremely happy with the news and at the same time nervous. Nervous? Nervous for the reaction after 18 years! He was wondering how their reaction towards each other would be? How he would apologize to her for leaving her for 18 years! Leaving her to suffer all alone! Would she be angry on him?

Ankhiyan Meri Puchh Rahi Hain

Dil Ko Mere Chain Nahi Hai

Kithe Ladaiyan Ve

Tu Ankhiyan Kithe Ladaiyan Ve


Kaise Tujhko Main Bataun

Raahein Teri Takti Jaaun

Neendan Churaiyan Ve

Tu Meriyan Neendan Churaiyan Ve


Dhadkan Ye Kehti Hai

Dil Tere Bin Dhadke Na

Ek Tu Hi Yaar Mera

Mujhko Kya Duniya Se Lena

He went to the wardrobe and fetched a picture of her and hugged it tight to his chest. He smiled and took a deep breathe. He safely kept it back and went to the washroom to freshen up. He soon unlocked the door and found his kids waiting their impatiently. The kid as soon as they saw him rushed to him and hugged him. He reciprocated and hugged them too. They broke the hug.

Rivan: What happened dad? Why did you lock yourself?

Riva: Exactly, dad do you know how worried we were?

Vansh: calm down, why worried for me?

Riva: What if you had done something to yourself thinking that mom would be upset with you!

Vansh: (shocked) How did you know?

Rivan: So we were right! Come on dad, that’s what we need to clear. Mom knows that you’re not at fault. We need to know the truth from her and you. We know that you all were told that she died but her side of story?

Riva: Exactly! We need to know why and who the hell tried to separate you two! (anger) Because of whom we had to suffer so much! Because of whom we never got you with us when we needed you the most!

Vansh: (determined) You’re right! We need to know that, I swear once I know the culprit I’m not going to spare him! (fist his hands) I promise you both! (he left)

Riva and Rivan: And we promise you to be with you at all times!

They both left the room. Vansh and the twins were inside the room with Riddhima while the rest were outside, waiting for the news. Vansh held Riddhima’s hands tightly while Riva and Rivan sat beside her. Vansh softly kissed her forehead and whispered to her to wake up. After the wait for some time, Vansh felt fingers curling up against his hands. He looked below to see Riddhima’s hand, holding his hand. He smiled and a few tears dropped down, he quickly looked towards Riddhima who had opened her eyes.

Vansh: Riddhima! (he blurted in happiness)

Riva and Rivan: Mom!

Pal ek pal mein hi tham sa gaya
Tu haath mein haath jo de gaya
Chalun main jahaan jaaye tu
Daayein main tere, baayein tu
Hoon rut main, hawayein tu

Hansu main jab gaaye tu
Roun main murjhaaye tu
Bheegun main barsaaye tu



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