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Riansh (the saga of truth unfolds) #episode 62

Hello peeps once hello …

Lets starts without bakwas

Scene 1

VR mansion

Siya comes sobbing badly and goes to her room

Riddhima runs behind her

Riddhima – Siya!! What happened..why are you crying

Siya (crying) – bha.

Vyom..vyom said..he..he doesn’t love me..

Why bhabhi!! Am i that bad..that he can’t love me..

Riddhima (weeping her tears) – shhh!!pehle rona band kro..
Listen siya..

You love vyom that’s completely right but we can’t force anyone to love us..

And love is not expecting something it’s all about giving something

Jaha pyr hota hai na waha matlab ki koi jagah nhi hai..or jaha matlab hai waha pyr ho hi nhi skta..

Just give him some time..may be he is not aware of his feelings yet

Siya – Ok bhabhi !!

Please don’t tell anybody about this

Riddhima – Ok now don’t cry

Scene 2

Riansh’s ROOm

Riddhima on a call with vyom

Riddhima – What happened there that siya is crying this much..

Vyom – nothing.. It’s just she proposed me and i rejected

Riddhima – don’t lie i know kuch to hua hai..

Vyom (stammering) – ab..wo..e..me..
I scolded her badly

I was trying to make her understand but she was not listening so..

Riddhima – So you scolded her..

How can you do this vyom

You know how sensitive siya is..you should have handled her patiently

Vyom – i know but i lost my temper yr.

Riddhima – Honestly tell me don’t you love her

Vyom -wo..me wo..

Riddhima (stern) – I am coming at your place now..

Need to talk to you..

And i am taking siya with me also

She hangs the call

Scene 3

Vyom’s house

Siya is sitting in hall and riddhima takes vyom in room to talk

Riddhima – dare you to lie to me

Tum jesa dikha rhe ho bat wesi nhi hai..

Tell me what’s the matter

Vyom – yes you are right shivanya

It’s not like that i don’t love her that’s why i refused

She is so nice but i don’t know do i love her or not

But the reason of my refusal is not this

Riddhima – Then what was the reason

Vyom – Siya and anaisha

Shivanya i know siya loves aanu alot but loving a child and accepting her as own daughter is different thing

Riddhima – even i accepted her na than why can’t siya

Vyom – i don’t want to risk both lives..

What if this relationship won’t work

I am not alone i have responsibility of aanu too

What if my baby will think that i didn’t think about her and married for my own desires

Riddhima – Siya will be a good mother vyom..

Vyom – fine i accept that she will be a good mother but what if she will demand her own child and if she then nothing is wrong in it..she has whole right to demand her own child

But my baby will feel sided then..

I can’t compromise with siya’s happiness

She deserves someone who loves her only

But my love will be divided between siya and aanu

And what if we have 2nd baby.. will siya be able to love aanu then like she do now..

I am afraid yr..

I can’t risk with anyone’s happiness

Both siya and aanu are important to me..

Riddhima – I agree with you vyom but don’t make decision in haste just think once again..

I am with you..

I am going downstairs and sending siya here..just talk to her ok..

She leaves

Scene 4

Siya comes in vyom’s room

Siya (firmly)- What else was left to scold me that you call me here again

Vyom holds her by shoulder

Vyom (softly) – siya please don’t get me wrong

I am really sorry i was harsh but please try to understand

Siya (with tears) – try to understand what..

That you don’t love me right..

Am i that bad vyom..

That you can’t love me

Vyom (cupping her face) – noo!!siya no never ever think about that..

He makes her sit on bed and holds her hand

Vyom – See..i am not saying that you are bad

It’s just i am not alone i have responsibility of my baby also..

Siya – Do you think that i can’t be a good mother of her

Vyom – No siya!! But try to understand.. It’s not easy…

Siya (angry) – you are making it complicated..😬

Vyom – You are my best friend siya and you will always be..

Don’t this relation is enough for us

Siya (angry)- No! Its Not enough…

And don’t give excuses of your daughter…

Vyom – I am not giving excuse yr

Siya (angry ) – Then why did you intimated with me in Your wedding
Why you kissed me..

Tell me..

I am not your mistress that you will be with me whenever you want and then consider me as just mere friend

Vyom (hurt,) -, dare you to think like that again..

I respect you siya…

Siya gets up and tries to live
Vyom stops her way

Vyom- You can’t go like this..

Siya – you don’t love me right..

Now i won’t interfere in your life again..

Good bye..

Vyom (stopping her) – siya please don’t go away from me..

You are my friend please i want you in my life

Siya jerks her hand leaves not before giving him a sad smile saying

Siya (smiling sadly) – Tum pyar kar nhi paoge or me bina pyr ke rehe nhi paungi..

Isse achha hai hm dono alg rhe..


She stromed out of the room..crying

Scene 5

At night

Riansh’s room

Vansh is standing near Window thinking something deeply

Riddhima comes from behind and hugs him

Riddhima – Looking tensed what happened..

Vansh turns facing her

Vansh (serious) – I will tell you but don’t get me wrong please

Riddhima – Promise i won’t..

They both sit on bed cuddling each other

Vansh – I am thinking about our deal..

Riddhima (serious) – Why sudden..

Vansh please be honest aren’t you happy with me or that deal..

Vansh – No riddhima it’s not like that..

I am happy…with you and talking about deal is..that was mutual decision by us na..

But i am scared that what is anyone from our family would get to know about this

How will they react..

Will they be able to understand us
And specially angre

He won’t feel na that i am spoiling his sister’s life

Riddhima (cupping his face) – Relex!! esa kuch nhi hoga..

No one will get to know about this..

Now sleep it’s late…

They both sleep in each other’s arms

Scene. 6

In morning

Angre comes to vyom’s house for a work

He is playing with anaisha

Anaisha – Mamu!! I will show you my photos of  birth..

They are in camera

Wait i will bring it

She goes to her room and brings the camera

And gives it to angre

Angre is scrolling photos suddenly the pictures of vyom and riddhima’s wedding comes

He scroll all the pictures but stop seeing a video..

He watch the whole video and stay rooted at a place

Angre (whisper) -Noo!! This can’t be true…

Done for today!!

No chappal for this suspense 😜

Precap : Revelation

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