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Ishk Par Zor Nahin 30th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Dadi plots against Ishqi

Ishk Par Zor Nahin 30th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Ahaan waiting for Ishqi. He calls her. He thinks where are you. Ishqi comes and hugs him. She shows the surprise. Kaise hua….plays…. He says so you were not answering my call. She says yes, I don’t remember what I told here, I thought to start a new journey here when we are in senses, I think you are also drunk. They have a talk. He asks do you like me now. She nods. They smile. She hugs him.

She recalls talking to Savitri. She says Ahaan’s thinking is modern, he supported my Maasi and me knowing Maasa used to beat us, his hatred will end. Savitri says he supported you because he didn’t had to go against mummy ji, but he has to go against her to support me. Ishqi agrees. FB ends. Ahaan says I will always trust you. He stops Ishqi and says I was waiting for this moment. She says Kartik said you aren’t romantic, you didn’t give me any compliment. He says you think of your words, you don’t romance.

He holds her close to kiss. She says anyone can see. He says let anyone see, who will romance if husband and wife don’t romance. He gets a call. Dadi says come soon, I m not feeling well. Ahaan goes to see Dadi. Dadi acts to be fainting. Ishqi sees her moving her toe. She thinks Dadi is acting to faint, she is fine. She says I will fan air on her face, it may help. Ahaan goes to call the doctor. Ishqi uses a hair dryer to blow aid. She thinks Dadi is an oscar winner, what an acting. Sarla says you didn’t do right, Ahaan and Ishqi should have not got married. Ishqi sprinkles water on Dadi’s face. Dadi doesn’t react. Ishqi thinks it will be a big problem if anyone sees Savitri at the hospital. Dadi is taken to hospital. Ishqi goes to call Savitri’s doctor. Ahaan asks her to come.

Riya talks to the doctor. He advises her to take care of her baby. She says I m fine, give the medicines, not Gyaan. Ishqi meets the doctor. He says you here, again. She asks him to check Dadi. Ahaan consoles her. He thanks her for being with him. She says I have come here for myself, you and your problems are mine now. Ahaan smiles and goes. Ishqi says I will explain later, don’t tell anything to them. Doctor nods.

Maasi gets worried for Ishqi. She says Dadi is Ishqi’s Saas now. Chachi says I m also there for Ishqi, she is like Sonu for me, don’t worry for her. Doctor says you are fine, what happened to you. Dadi says you mean I m lying, why would I do this. He says okay, maybe its due to stress. She asks him to send Ahaan. She says Ishqi you became my bahu, but I will not let you live in peace, I have ruined your wedding night. Dadi acts thinking Ahaan has come. Riya comes and claps for her drama. She says predictable drama to ruin their wedding night. Dadi scolds her and asks her to leave. Riya leaves. Ahaan sees Riya. Ishqi says there is no one, go and meet Dadi, she gets angry seeing me, you go, I will wait here. Riya thinks if Dadi can do a drama, even I can do it. Ishqi goes to Savitri. She says Dadi is admitted here, everyone is here, Dadi is acting ill to keep Ahaan and me away. Savitri asks how will we win over her. Ishqi says you have to win, Ahaan will know the truth, we will smartly plan it. Savitri says none could defeat her. Ishqi says I will bring her truth out. Ahaan sees Riya talking to the nurse. Riya says the baby’s dad had left me long time back. He gets shocked.

Riya says I m ashamed of your thinking, its your baby. Ishqi says we will promise each other, that we will always tell the truth.

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