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You are my love (Riansh) Part 19

Today’s Episode starts…

The party…

Everyone was coming to RS mantion.

Vansh and the family also comes .

Then veer and ridhima came and the spotlight was on them



Vansh was shocked seeing them .

Ridhima and veer went to the stage and

Veer- so ladies and gentlemen meet my gorgeous wife MRS. Ridhima Raj veer Singh.

Vansh was shell shocked . He was shocked knowing that ridhima is veers wife .

Then farhad came to veer and told that MR. VR has came. Ridhima and veer went to meet MR. VR

Farhad- so , this is MR. VR

Ridhima and veer were shocked seeing vansh.

Vansh- ridhima

Ridhima- vansh

Vansh about to hug ridhima but he saw that ridhima and veer were holding each other’s hand and he remembered that ridhima is married to veer.

Vansh was in tears .

Ridhima was in tears

Vansh- ridh….rid..hi..ridhi..Ridhima

Ridhima- van…vansh

They were about to hug each other but they stopped . They were in tears

Veer- vansh , you here

No response

Veer- vansh , vanshhh

Vansh – yeah

Veer- you here ?

Vansh- yeahh ,  some mr. Rs called me

Ridhima- veer you called him

Veer- Ridhima , I didn’t knew that vansh is the mr .VR .  Actually I was having a deal with Mr.VR

Vansh-  so ,you are mr . RS ??

Veer- yes Raj veer Singh

Veer- I am sorry ridhima

Ridhima- no , no sorry  it is your professional life and our personal life should not affect it

Vansh(fierce)- it should not affect our professional life.

Veer- ok so meet you tomorrow , at office.

Vansh- ya

Veer- but for now you enjoy the party.

Vansh – ya

The dance starts

Couple dance


Vansh- siya

Angre- ishani

They were dancing on

Thoda Thoda pyaari hua .

Vansh and ridhima were continuously staring each other .

Then veer twirled ridhima and the couples changed .

Vansh- ridhima

Veer – ishani

Angre- siya

Vansh – wanna ask you something

Ridhima- tell

Vansh- you are happy with this marriage??

Ridhima(fierce) – of course , I am married to the love of my life .

Vansh was in tears and ridhima could see it.s seeing him ridhima also was in tears.

Ridhima (thinking)- no ridhima you can’t fall weak . No you cant feel weak.

Then the dance finishes.

It was dinner timing …

Everyone was eating . Vansh was staring ridhima.

Suddenly ridhima coughed . Vansh took a  water bottle and was going to give her but just then veer  gave her water and ridhima immediately hugged veer.

Vansh was feeling insecure.

Then everyone went to their house.

The party ended

To be continued…

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