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You are my love (Riansh) Part 18

Today’s Episode starts…

After a leap of 3 years…

Ridhima – veer today I will take your lunch box to office . You go

Veer- ok my mama

Ridhima- I am not your mama

Veer- ok mama


Then veer goes to his office

On the other hand vansh was going to his office.

Angre – boss , today we have a important deal with some RS .

Vansh- the full name

Angre- don’t know

Vansh- ok , let’s see

On the other hand

Veer- so farhad (assistant of veer) we have a important deal today right

Farhad- yes boss

Veer – farhad pls tell Mr . VR that today we can’t do the meeting . And pls call him to the evening party . There we can meet.

Farhad- yes boss

Farhad sends a text to angre and tells about the meeting.

Angre- boss , woh Mr. RS ABHI meeting nahi kar sakte.

Vansh- ok

Angre- boss unke Ghar mein EK  party hone wali hai ,,unhonee apko bulaya hai .

Vansh- angre tum jante ho ki ridhima ke Jane ke BAAD ,.mein parties mein nahi jata

Angre- par boss unhonee kaha hai

Vansh- ok hum jayenge

Vansh at home

In his room

Vansh- where are you ridhima , pls come back , I miss you , I miss you so much .

Holding ridhima’s photo vansh was crying bitterly.

Vansh- ridhima if you will not come then who will answer my questions

Who will answer

That why you left me , why and which betrayal pls come back .

On the other hand

Veer- sweetheart you know na today guests are coming . So be ready .

Ridhima- ok

Ridhima went to her room she holds a photo of vansh and

Ridhima- why you betrayed me vansh , why , we both toh love each other . No ridhima you can’t feel weak . You can’t fall weak.no no no

Then she goes from there .

To be continued…

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