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You are my love (Riansh) Part 17

Today’s Episode starts…

The celebration…

The party starts

Vansh and ridhima came down



The tripple VR group was twinning.

They cut the cake

Then everyone was enjoying the party . Just the ridhima was searching vansh .

Then she was shocked seeing  vansh and ahana together . She was broken into pieces. She was in tears .

Then thought to leave VR mantion and go . The party was ended.

She left VR mantion

Ridhima came to veer’s house . Veer was shocked seeing ridhima like this

Veer- what happened ridhu

Ridhima- vansh….. Be…betr… betrayed ….me

Veer – why and how

Ridhima told the whole incident to veer.

Veer was shocked

Veer – how could he do this to you , I will not spare him, I am coming

Ridhima- no veer , you will not go there and do anything. Let him be happy with ahana.

Veer – but

Ridhima- veer I have a request

Veer- tell

Ridhima-marry me

Veer was shocked

Veer- wh…w..wwhat

Ridhima-yes veer marry me

Veer – ok Ridhima

Then they both marry each other at temple

Vansh was searching for Ridhima in the whole mantion .

Vansh- where did ridhima gone?

He came to his room and saw a letter .

In the letter

Bye vansh your sweetheart is going and leaving the mantion but before going there is one question. ” Why did you betrayed me vansh” “why vansh ,why ”


Sweetheart ridhima.

Vansh was shocked .

He was in tears .

Vansh- I didn’t betrayed you ridhima , pls come back

He was crying

To be continued…

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