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Truth always Triumphs (Ishqaan OS- Ishq par Jor nahin)

Hello guys,.. first of all thanks a lot for all your wonderful comments on my previous OS.Please keep your love pouring in.. so again I didn’t like the turn of events which happened during the wedding. this is my version of how things should have gone, less dram more reality.. I hope you like it


Day of the wedding

Ahaan looked at Isqhi and thought she looked so beautiful in red, her lehenga bought a beautiful glow to her cheeks and her simple jewelry made her look more delicate, stop thinking like that, she will b married in sometime, he scolded himself. Riya was the right girl for him, his mind said, and his heart was screaming Ishqi.

The wedding proceeding started, Ishqi was in total turmoil with her thoughts. She had heard the manager saying that Mayank had not paid the bill. So why did he lie to her that day, also he hid that sonu was his ex-girlfriend.

She looked at Mayank and he was busy on his phone. Is this guy even serious about this wedding, who sits with a phone in the mantap she thought, she pulled the phone out of his hand and saw the marks on his hand. They were the same marks which she was searching for, the nail marks. She quickly took the phone and saw all sonu pictures and slowly showed them to sonu as well.

Sonu couldn’t stop her tears, it was Mayank who did all that to her. Why don’t guys understand the meaning of no, she had already moved on from Mayank and she had told him so, why he couldn’t understand that and take her refusal. She looks at Ishqi and questions with her eyes.

Ishqi drops the gatbandhan cloth is the fire and says she won’t marry Mayank. Everyone gets worried and questions her. Mayank hold her hand and said he won’t allow her to go.

Even before he could realize a slap had fell on his cheek and everyone was stunned. He held his cheek and looked at Isqhi

“How dare you touch me with your filthy hands, you are a disgusting person”

“How dare you” Mayank is angry

“How dare i.. how dare you haan.. what have you thought girls to be… they aren’t a doll or a puppet who will keep playing to your tunes.  Tell me does it hurt your ego when a girl says no, and you are out to take your revenge by spoiling her life. A no is a no, is that so difficult to understand”

“What are you saying Ishqi” ahaan questions her angrily

“This Mayank here is a  looccha lafanga person. He drugged a girl’s drink on that party night and took obscene phots of her. Not just that, he was blackmailing the girl with those photos”

“She is lying” Mayank says

“What proof do you have IShqi” Ahaan asks her

Ishqi looks at him, of course he doesn’t trust her, after all Mayank is his best friend.

“Mayank had not paid the bill that night, when he said he was actually paying it. ” the manager can confirm that.

“So where was he that night, when you called him.. he was with that girl whom he had drugged. Later on he has even deleted the CCTV footage so that no one can see it” Ishqi explained.

“Mayank where were you that night, even  I couldn’t see you anywhere” Ahaan questioned

“Why are you even listening to Isqhi” he looks around, but all of them see him with doubts in their eyes.

“ I was in my room” Mayank says “what other proof you have ishqi” he was waiting that ishqi will tell everyone about the phots herself, so that sonu wedding will break

Ishqi falls silent

“who is that girl, if she can tell about this… we can confirm” Karthik says

Isqhi doesn’t understand what to do, our society especially people like dadi and sarla aunty and even ahaan will put all the blame on sonu that she went to that party and drank and even break the wedding. She can’t allow this to happen to sonu.

“Ishqi.. “ Ahaan looks at her and she looks at him

He has deep morals about family and that a girl should stay within limits, if he comes to know about sonu he will hate her forever, she won’t allow that to happen.

“I can’t say anything about the girl” she says

“then it doesn’t prove anything “Mayank smirks

“all of you please give me a day, I will prove it to all of you” Ishqi says..

Dadi nods her head and says “ do whatever you want, sonu wedding will happen today”

Isqhi walks out of the mantap and sonu and raj get married


The next day Ishqi gathers everyone, Sonu was tensed as she still hadn’t told Raj anything. She is just scared what her brother, Raj and family will think about her.

Ishqi sets up the screen and shows the CCTV footage. It showed that Mayank was indeed taking some girl to a room of the night of the party, but the face of the girl was not seen.

She also shows the pictures which Mayank had taken on his phone, with again the pics of the girl blurred.

“This is all framed, this girl is framing me because she doesn’t want to get married to me. She might have feelings for someone else, and does not want to marry me” Mayank taunts Ishqi

“Only a disgusting person like you can think like that, This can be framed but not the person who actually drugged our drinks” Ishqi calls the waiter.

The waiter confirms that its Mayank who has asked him to drug their drinks.

Ahaan remembers Ishqi telling him that she had been drugged. He hadn’t believed her before.

Ahaan couldn’t believe this had happened, was this guy really his friend, whom he trusted so much. He was even ready to sacrifice his feelings for his best friend.

He comes to Mayank and before he says anything a loud slap resonates.

Mayank’s mom had hit him “What fault did we commit that we got a son like you, you have lowered our head in shame”

Everyone was surprised to see this, because they knew Mayank from a long time and didn’t think he could do something like this

“Why did you do it” ahaan asked

“I don’t need to answer you”Mayank says

Mayank comes to Ishqi and holds her hand tightly” How did you get all this, when I had deleted the CCTV footage”

She tries to remove her hand from his, but his grip was stronger. “you deleted only the live CCTV footage, but the hotel has a system where in the backup goes to another server”

“The truth always wins Mayank, how much ever you try to hide it., and as for the photos I had taken your phone yesterday with me when I left the mantap. All I had to do was blur the girls’ photo”

Ahaan seeing Ishqi in pain, comes and pulls mayank’s hand from her.

The police come in and takes Mayank with them

“This is not over Ishqi” mayank threatens her

“tere jaise bohat dekhe hi maine.. jaaa ab havalat main” ishqi says confidently

Mayank mom and dad come to ishqi and ask her forgiveness for fixing the marriage of such a nice girl with their son, who they didn’t know was of that kind.

She tells them it isn’t their mistake after all.

Everyone asks Ishqi about the girl, but she says that the girl has already gone through enough and by revealing the girl, she doesn’t wish to put her through more trouble and pain.

She bids her byes to everyone and comes to sonu

“Don’t go Ishqi, I need a friend” sonu cries

Isqhi hugs her “someone is not going to be there for you always Sonu, you need to learn to fight your battle by yourself”

Ishqi comes to Ahaan “All the best with your wedding and your life. Goodbye” and she walks out of his life.

Ahaan’s heart was telling him to stop her, but what will he stop her with now, there was no reason, and he was going to get married to riya. It was over.. he just kept looking till she exited.


I hope you like it, people like Mayank don’t deserve to be outside in the open. The only place for them is jail, I wanted to see this.. and that’s how I have put in my OS. Hope you like it, please do leave your comments.. it will motivate me to write more.

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