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The reason of my ecstasy — Chapter 36

Hello!!! Hope you all are doing well. Well I got 300+ comments again. Actually tum logo ne 260+ kardi thi mene sirf reply kiya😂😂. Thanks a lot yr. Though I am repenting for being offline. Pata nahi agar me or gauri and madam ji also ek sath rehti to kya hota😆😆. Comments ka mela😂. So I have made an account in wattpad, the name is :Radhika1002 and my instagram id is  : mystery_girl_6464.  So let’s start now. 

Chapter 36…” Enemy is Ahead “…

(Chapter ka name pubg se lia gaya hai😂..all credits are reserved to PubG🤣🤣😆 Jai pubg).

Scene 1:

Riddhima and Vansh spent their whole night ij the village. In the morning Kabir came with another car and three of them left for Rajarhat.

After they came back they got freshen up and had their breakfast.

Rid:Everyone come to the secret room.

They all head towards the room.

All of them say a person in his mid-seventies was standing near the window. His face was full of beard and some part of the hair was white in colour in the face and in the head.

Rid:You all must be thining who is he?

Vik:I may know him.

Van:Same for me.

Kab:But we don’t know him, tell us who is he?

Sia:Yes bhabi say na who is he?

Rid:He is my father’s right hand. I told about him to you all. He is Arjun uncle.

Arjun turns his face to them. He has a smile on his face. He comes near them.

Rid:He is the person with whom I met in the beach.


Rid:In our reception day when I shot Ved. I left from there to a beach. I was trying to calm myself when I met with him.

Flashback Starts:


Arj:Yes Riddhu beta.

Rid:I won’t spare you, you killed my dad. I will burn you alive. Just wait.

She targets her gun to him.

Arj:Listen to me. I didn’t kill him. Let me make you understand what happened that day.

He tells everything. ( will be revealed later).



Flashback ends.

Van:And Riddhima told us about him near the cliff in which Ved jumped and died.

Vik:Yes correct.

Ish:So what will be our next step?

Ary:Why? Our plan was to kill Raj first.

Rid:Yes. Tomorrow we will kill him and end his story.

Arj:Now come with me. Leave those avenge things now.

They all came to dining room.

Rid:What happened?

Van:Please bring water for me.


After 5 mins,

Riddhima entered and saw all are sitting quitely. And Vansh was licking his fingers.

Rid:What you have ate?



Ary:Yes we all ate the rosogollas. It is finish now.

Riddhima threw the bottle towards Vansh.

Van:Aah. What happened sweetheart? Why you hit me?

Rid:Because of this water I didn’t get rosogollas. You are very bad. You know how much I love them. No one kept it for me. Vansh you will not get water for 1 month now. I hate you. I want divorce from you.

(Thanks pragya for remembering me😂😂 btw kesa lagi meri mazak🤣).

Riddhima leaves from the room.

Kab:Now bhai have to make her understand and have to say sorry.

Everyone chuckles except Vansh.

Vansh to himself: Today I am gone.

Scene 2:

Raghav came to Kolkata Airport with his P.A.

Rag:We have to meet with NNR. Let’s go.

At their house,

Raj:Good morning Sir.


Nik:Actually sir we need some money.

Rag:How much?

Neel:25 crores.

Rag:What? Why you need so much money?

Neel:Sir we are buying a land near Rajarhat. We have seen the area, it will be perfect for our business.

Rag:Who is the owner?

Raj:Her name is Nitiya. She lives in Dubai with her servant Bittu bhai.

Nik:We checked everything. It’s safe for us.

Rag:Ok but I want their pictures. Send me the pictures, then I will give the money.

NNR: Ok sir.

Scene 3:

During afternoon time,

Riddhima took her car and went somewhere without informing anyone. Slowly her car heads to a forest. The place was very lonely. A car was already there. May be someone is waiting for her. She cames out from the car and went inside the forest.

Rid:I came.

Person:Yes, I know you will come.

Rid:So what is the news?

Per:News is….

Rid:Oh I see. So you know what you have to do.

Per:Yes. Work will be done.

Rid:Good. Now I should leave, we can come here again later on.

Both of them leaves.

Precap: Vansh gives a suprise to Riddhima. Raj’s accident. 

So how was today’s episode. With whom she met in the forest? Any guess? Drop your comments. Bye all of you,take care and love you all. 😍😘❤

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