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Chanchal: So you admit it that you are trying to trap us?
Riddhima: No Aunty. Why are you not understanding it’s nothing like that and this picture is just a….
Chanchal again raised her hand to slap Riddhima but Uma stopped her.
Uma: Chanchal, let her complete her words.
Chanchal: But Didi….
Ajay: Let her say what she wants to. She will clarify herself.
Riddhima looks at Vansh who was looking at her with some expression to be calm in her eyes. Riddhima wiped her tears and took a deep breath.
Riddhima: Aunty….
Chanchal: Don’t call me Aunty!
Rudra: Trying to make relations with us to pacify our heart.
Kabir: Thank God mom. She is….
Riddhima: ENOUGH!! Not letting me speak and making your own theories.
Chanchal: Stop yelling and tell.
Riddhima: I am not telling anything. Because you won’t believe. The one who believes me is standing there(pointing at Vansh).
Chanchal again slaps Riddhima. Ajay leaves Vansh’s hand. Vansh goes to Riddhima and wiped her tears.
Vansh: Enough Chachi! You can’t raise hand on her again and again.
Chanchal: You will take her side, she is fooling you. I am telling Didi (to Uma).
Uma: Please Chanchal.
Riddhima: I am not living here even a second.
Riddhima leaves VR Mansion. Vansh was standing at the gate staring at her going.
Vansh: You are strong Riddhima. I am with you. I am happy you are standing for yourself. You are not alone.
Riddhima was walking swiftly on the streets crying loudly. She reached home and was breathing heavily. She opened the gate and entered herself.
Jai: Stop there!
Riddhima: Dad…
Asha: Don’t call him Dad! Riddhima I never thought you could do this…
Riddhima: You think I can do this? Mumma…
Asha: No. I am not your mother. That picture tells everything, you ruined every single thing I taught you. Just go out of my sight!
Asha’s words pierced Riddhima’s heart. She started walking backwards looking at the whole house, servants, Jai, Asha, his brother staring silently at her from the balcony. She turned back and ran away from there. She kept running, she removed her sandals crying loudly on the silent streets. She fell down and started crying. She felt a hand on her shoulder. It was Vansh. She threw herself in his arms and was crying miserably.
Vansh: Calm down, Riddhima. You know the truth. I know the truth. Now everyone knows we love each other. Relax. All the problems will sort out.
Uma: Yes beta. Don’t cry.
Vansh: Mom?
Uma came to Riddhima.
Uma: The world is like this. Focus on the negative sides. Always. Stay strong. Your parents must be worried.
Riddhima: They threw me out of the house.
Ajay: You can stay with us. In VR Mansion.
Vansh: Dad?
Ajay: What? Your Dad is a pro player son. I know everything. Riddhima is a very sweet girl.
Uma: I am very excited to make her my bahu.
Riddhima and Vansh smile a little looking at each other.
Ajay: It’s late, we should go home. And Riddhima, no tears at all. Ok?
Riddhima: Ji.
Ajay: Good. Let’s go home.

So how did you find Vansh’s thoughts and his parents’ believes? Comment your review. 

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