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Next morning
Riddhima wakes up and sees Ramansh sleeping peacefully. Asha comes to the room and caresses both of them. Riddhima smiles and hugs Asha.
Riddhima: I said na, everything will be fine.
Asha: Yes it is. You both are the best children in the world.
Ramansh: When will I be able to go home?
Asha: You woke up? How are you feeling?
Ramansh: Absolutely fine. I want to go home.
Riddhima (smiling): I must check the formalities.
Jai: No need. I did it before you even thought of.
Riddhima: Thank you Dad.
Jai: hmmm.
All of them were talking when Jai got a call and went out.
Riddhima: Mom you know yesterday….
Jai: Riddhima!
Riddhima got scared and stood up.
Asha: What happened?
Ramansh: Yes dad why are you shouting?
Jai: Asha, go home with Ramansh. Me and Riddhima will be back…
Jai held Riddhima’s hand and pulled her with him to the car. Riddhima kept asking what happened but he didn’t answer. They both sat in the car and were on the way.
Riddhima: Dad will you please tell me where are we going? Atleast tell why are we going leaving Mom and Bhai….
Jai: Shut up! Your car was punchured last night? You have started lying to us? Got wings with new friends?
Riddhima fell silent. She didn’t utter a word after listening to Jai.
At night Riddhima got a call and left to talk outside.
Riddhima: Hello?
Voice: Hi Riddhima, I have something to show you. Please come to ABC restaurant.
Riddhima: Who is this?
Voice: Eager to know? See the picture I sent you.
Riddhima’s saw the picture. She was astonished to see it.
Riddhima: I am coming.
Riddhima saw Vansh’s car leaving and went to that restaurant.
She entered and a waiter came to her.
Waiter: Riddhima Ji…… How did you came? To take that picture? You are late. Now you won’t get it. You father will.
Riddhima: Who is he?
Waiter: Woh toh aapke Papa batayenge.
Waiter: Your father will tell you.
A tear fell from Riddhima’s eyes.
Flashback ends
Jai and Riddhima reach the VR Mansion. Riddhima was shocked and blank after seeing the circumstances. Jai takes Riddhima inside the Mansion. Everyone was standing in the hall. Even Vansh. His eyes had no power to look at Riddhima.
Jai: You know, Ajay Ji. I never wanted to keep her. Do whatever you want to.
Jai turned back.
Riddhima (with a shattered voice): Dad….
Jai: Don’t call me Dad. You are no one to me.
Jai leaves from there. Riddhima was standing still with no expressions, her head down. Chanchal came near her. Riddhima raised her head. Chanchal have her a tight slap.
Vansh: Chachi!
Ajay holds Vansh’s hand. Vansh looks at him. Ajay was looking towards Riddhima.
Chanchal: Wow! Didn’t get my son so decided to turn up with the other! How shameless.
Riddhima: Aunty, it’s nothing like that..
Rudra: Shut up! Now trying to cover up.
Kabir: You and your family…..
Riddhima: PLEASE! I won’t listen anything against my family’s respect.
Chanchal: So you admit you did it?…..

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