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Riansh(ishq mein marjawan2) a different love story episode 45- spending time with each other

Guys I am really very disappointed by the comments. You all don’t trust your writer…I thought you all will wait for the next episode!! But no!! So I thought to keep the story as it was only🙂! Tell me if you don’t like the story now also then I will wrap up this ff in 50 episodes ✌️!

The episode starts with:

Priest: start the rituals.

Soon all rituals were performed.

Priest: now both of you are married and tied to each other for 7 births!!

Ahana: oh yes!! Now vansh is only mine!!

Vansh: Ahana ..Ahana..

Ahana: yes.

Vansh: Ahana!!!

Ahana comes out of her dream world. She sees that she was in the college only. That marriage everything was just a dream.( See for you all I have done this🙃)

Vansh: Ahana(shouting)

Ahana: yes.. yes..sir

Vansh: where are you lost!! I have been calling you from last 5 minutes..

Ahana: so..rry..sir..

Vansh: what sorry! Get out!(anger)

Ahana: sir I am sorry!

Vansh: I said get out!

She moves out of the class.

Ahana(thinking): oh god..it was a dream..when will this dream come true..by the way this dream gave me a sign that I have to create misunderstandings between them to make vansh mine.(fir sapno pe paani firega)

Inside the class:

Vansh: ok so this topic is complete!! Any doubts??

Riddhima: yes..

Vansh: what is your doubt??

Riddhima: why are you so handsome!!

Everyone bursts out laughing.

Vansh: Riddhima..what was this!!

Riddhima: this is what you do!! Flirt..

Vansh: ohh..flirt.

He smirks at her and goes to her. He lifts her up in his arms. Everyone was stunned.

Riddhima: vansh..what are you doing..

Vansh: romance Sweetheart!

He takes her out of the class.

Riddhima: vansh we are in college!!

Vansh: I don’t mind!(wink)

Ahana was looking at them and burning in jealousy. He takes her to the car and makes her sit inside. He then sits on the driver seat.

Riddhima: vansh where are we going.

Vansh: shh..wait..

Riddhima nods. He drives and after a few minutes they reach a place. Vansh gets down and asks Riddhima also to get down. She does so.

Vansh: let me show you something.

They both walk ahead and then vansh points towards something:

Vansh: sweetheart!! You told me na that you want to roam on a bike with your boyfriend so here we go!!

Riddhima (excited): thankyou so much vansh!! I love you!!

She hugs him. He reciprocates. Then vansh sits on the bike. Riddhima sits behind him and backhugs him. He starts driving. Riddhima was very happy. She was enjoying in the cool breeze. She was resting her head on his back.

Nit khair manga
Nit khair manga
Nit khair manga sohneya main teri
Duaa na koi..

Akh meri hass deve
Jadon tainu takk da
Jaan ton vi zyada tu
Paas mainu lagda

Mere khali haathon ko hai
Tohfa tu Rabb da
Tera jaise hor koi
Ho hi nahi sakda

Mere sajdon ko saathi
Ik tera dar kaafi
Khuda na koi mainu hor mangda

Nit khair manga..
O nit khair manga sohneya main teri
Dua na koi hor mangda
Dua na koi hor mangda

Nit khair manga sohneya main teri
Duaa na koi hor mangda
Duaa na koi hor mangda

Bikhra hua tha kaanch ke jaisa
Chhuliya tune toh main sanwar gaya

Soon they reach a place and vansh stops the bike. He gets down. Riddhima also gets down.

Riddhima: where are we??

Vansh: come.

He holds her hand and they both reach a stall. It was corn/maize stall. Vansh asked the stall man to prepare two for them. He prepared and gave it to them.

Vansh: now eat this!!

She took it. They both started eating. They were enjoying their time together. After a while they sat on the bike again. After some time vansh stopped the bike. They reached the mountains:

Riddhima: wow such a beautiful place!!

Vansh: just like you.

She looks at him. They both walk there holding each other’s hands. They were enjoying the beauty of mountains and each other’s presence. They reached then deep side of the mountain. Riddhima shouted.

Riddhima: I love you vansh.

Her voice echoed because the mountains were deep. Vansh also shouted the same and his voice too echoed.

Riddhima: thankyou so much vansh for everything.

Vansh: why are you saying Thankyou to me Sweetheart!! I love you!

He kissed her forehead. She kissed on his cheek. They were enjoying the moments when suddenly..

What happened suddenly?🙃😂That’s it for Today. Do tell me your reviews and tell me if you want me to end it🙃! Bye! Take care❤️! Love you all❤️!

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