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RIANSH: WILL THEY FALL IN LOVE? (A beautiful journey) Episode 20

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Episode begins with.. 

Vansh and riddhima is in the car. Riddhima suddenly stops the car. 

VANSH: What happened? 

RIDDHIMA: I told that I want to talk to you. Moreover, I’m feeling hungry too.

VANSH: But, why did you stop here? We’ll go to some star hotel and eat..

Riddhima bangs her head and gets down.. 

VANSH: This girl won’t listen to me. 

Saying so, he gets down.. 

VANSH: Riddhima, what happened?

RIDDHIMA: Just look there..

Saying so, she shows a tea stall.. 

VANSH: Tea stall..

RIDDHIMA: We are going to have our tea there and talk..

VANSH: What!!

RIDDHIMA: I can’t keep on explaining you. Just follow me..

Saying so, she goes to the tea stall. The tea stall owner welcomes her.. 

VANSH: Do you know that person?

RIDDHIMA: I’m a regular customer here. I know him very well..

Riddhima orders two tea.. 

Riddhima sits on the bench and asks vansh to sit..

VANSH: Here?

RIDDHIMA: What’s your problem now? Why do you ask so many questions?

VANSH: Okay.. Don’t shout like a devil..

RIDDHIMA: First you sit monkey..

Vansh sits.. 

VANSH: Now, tell me. What do you want to talk?

RIDDHIMA: Actually, I have planned a picnic for our families. It’s a three day picnic. The place is kashmir. I have asked sejal to book the tickets. I’ll make all the arrangements to stay and enjoy.

VANSH: Now why this sudden picnic plan?

RIDDHIMA: Actually, Mom is missing ishani so much. I know that. I want her to spend some time with ishani. Even Sia will be missing her sister, right? I could have called bhai and ishani to come and stay with us for sometime. But, I thought that mom and dad might miss angre. So, I’ve planned this picnic. Now, everyone will be happy and enjoy.

VANSH: Not bad. But, why did you told angre that I planned this.

RIDDHIMA: Actually, I have planned this for you all to go. I thought that if I use your name then, it will be easy for me to convince everyone.

VANSH: What do you mean by you all?

RIDDHIMA: Actually, I have some work here. So, I can’t come. You all can go and enjoy. If I tell this to bhai, then he’ll ask me to join.

VANSH: If you have some work then, why did you plan it now? You could have planned this later, right?

RIDDHIMA: (thinking)I don’t want any relationship to become bitter. I thought that in these three days, all will be able to enjoy themself on their space for some time. I hope everything becomes normal, once everyone returns. I want bhai and ishani to spend some time. I even want mom to spend some time with ishani.

VANSH: Idiot, I asked you a question. Now, stop your mindvoice and tell me the reason..

RIDDHIMA: Actually, I just want everyone to enjoy.. That’s it. Bhai and ishani will convince mom and dad. Now, we have to convince mom and Sia. You all have to leave tomorrow.

Just then, riddhima recieves a message from sejal.. 

RIDDHIMA:  Thank God!! Sejal has booked the tickets. 

VANSH: How many tickets have you booked?


VANSH: The plan is super. But, there is a small change in the number. It is not 8. It is seven.


VANSH: Yes, I won’t be able to go. I too have some work..

RIDDHIMA: Can’t you go there and work?

VANSH: No.. I can’t. I have to be here.

Just then, the tea seller brings the tea to them.. 

VANSH: Now, without speaking further drink the tea..

Vansh and riddhima drinks the tea. 


Angre recieves the message from riddhima regarding the picnic place and ticket details. Angre informs rudra and chanchal about the picnic.. 

RUDRA: Angre, what is this sudden picnic plan?

ANGRE: Dad, actually vansh has planned this. We all we’re continuously working for the marriage. So, he has planned this for our relaxation.

Angre somehow convinces rudra and chanchal. Finally they agree with them.. 


Vansh and riddhima reaches the house. They both informs uma and sia about this and convinces them. Uma and sia becomes happy. Riddhima smiles looking at their happiness. Vansh notices her.. 

VANSH: (thinking) Seriously, she thinks a lot about others. She is totally different from what I’ve thought.

Just then, riddhima receives a call from her manager. 

RIDDHIMA: What!! How many times will I tell them? Why did you allow them? Okay, wait. I’ll come.. 

Saying so, she cuts the call. 

RIDDHIMA: Mom, I have to go to the office. You all pack your bags and get ready.. 

UMA: Okay, be careful. Come soon..

RIDDHIMA: Okay, mom..

Saying so, she goes.. Vansh looks at her going..

Riddhima reaches her office. She enters into her cabin and gets shocked seeing the person there. 

PRECAP: Now, what will I do today? What is going to help me today? 

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