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Riansh (the saga of truth unfolds) #episode 47

Hello everyone i am back (jhel rhe ho na meko😂) although u didn’t complete my target but i m posting becoz i love u all ab pilich bhr bhr k comment krna

So epi starts here

Scene 1

Riddhima (in tears) – Vansh!!!

Vansh is sleeping on floor with her without mat


(Few of u guess it right vanshu is sleeping on floor with her 5 crore de rhi hu aaps me baat lena😝😝)

Riddhima (quite loud) – you always make me surprise by this na vansh why you did this

Vansh (opening his eyes) – Because i love u Mrs. Raisinghania

Riddhima get up and sits on floor and  so as vansh

Riddhima (weeping her tears) – Why you did this vansh you don’t have the habit of sleeping on floor that too without mat your back must be hurting na

Vansh (cupping her face) – how can i sleep on bed when my sweetheart is sleeping in floor

Trust me riddhima i thought that u hug me in sleep and i felt you will be uncomfortable

Riddhima in tears hug him

Vansh first felt awkward but then hug her back

Riddhima (sad) – Why u did this vansh you always do things that i don’t like

Vansh – Becoz i can’t see u suffering for me

Riddhima breaks the hug and hold her ears

Riddhima – I am sorry vansh i did gussa on you last night

Vansh (smiling) – It’s ok only you have right to do gussa on me

Ridhima pulls his cheek

Scene 2

Riddhima is sitting on bed

Riddhima – i am thinking to take sponge bath today i have no strength to go to washroom

Vansh – I will send ishani to help u in sponge bath then i will come and get ready

Riddhima (chuckling) – Why!! You are my husband not ishani!

Don’t be Mr. unromantic raisinghania

Vansh is standing there jaw drop


I will definitely die soon seeing her like this
What is wrong with her
Now what should i do wait !!lemme take the advantage 😉 (@aarushi i gave ur idea to vanshu😝)

Riddhima – Relax vansh i was kidding go and send ishani or siya

Very next moment she find herself in air

Vansh is holding her in his arms

Riddhima – Vansh what are you doing take me off plz i have to bath

Vansh (smiling) – That’s what i am going to give u

You did a mistake by saying me unromantic now we will bath together afterall we are husband wife na😉

Riddhima (shy) – Vansh stop this take me off why are u doing this

Vansh (soften) – Are u comfortable sweetheart

Riddhima – Vansh me..wo..me..

Vansh – Just yes or no

Riddhiam rest her head in his chest and closes her eyes smiling

Vansh smiles and takes her to bathroom

Scene 3

In bathroom

Vansh makes her stand beneath shower

Riddhima – Vansh wo..i

Vansh keeps his finger on her lips

Vansh( coming close to her earlobes) – Shhh!! Sweetheart just enjoy the moment

He opens the shower

Both are looking at each other with love and affection

Song play In  bg  just feel the song guys

Roshni se bhare bhare
Bhare bhare naina tere
Chhooke bole na chhoona mujhe
Chhooke bole na chhoona mujhe

Sapnon se bhare bhare
Bhare bhare naina tere
Chhooke bole na chhoona mujhe
Chhooke bole na chhoona mujhe

Vansh pulls riddhima by her waist and she gasps

He slide her pallu slightly and rubs his thumb on her bare belly

Riddhima grabs his collar and pulls him more closer

Both join their forehead with each other

Vansh – I love you sweetheart you are my drugs i can’t live without u

Riddhima – Don’t make me weak vansh things will get more complicated

Vansh caresses her bare back with his hand and she tighten her grip on him more

Vansh (seductively) – I don’t know anything i just know that you are mine and i can’t live without u

And he  started kissing her on her neck and throat

He sniffens her scent kisses her on arms shoulder And back

To see that she is not responding he pinches her on her waist and she moans his name which drive him crazy like hell for her

Riddhima also started kissing him on his forehead cheeks and neck

Vansh hands goes to her blouse’s dori and he opens it

Riddhima (moaning) – va..van..vansh

Vansh takes her in his arms and goes to bathtub

They both sit and vansh lock her with his legs

Vansh takes her hand in his hand and direct her to his shirt’s button

Riddhima slightly opens his button and remove the shirt

Vansh started kissing her again all over the body passionately and this time riddhima to reciprocate

He undo her pallu and removes her saree

He slightly started applying soap on her face arms shoulder and waist by kissing it

Riddhima also started applying soap on his body by rubbing her body with him

Riddhima (slightly) – Vansh..wo ..me

Vansh (in her ears) – Shhh!!Sweetheart we won’t go beyond this

I don’t want to do anything in haste

You are with me and that is enough for me

And yeah thnk u so much for being with me and giving me this beautiful moment

I am going you first change and then call me

Riddhima’s POV

How u get to know everything without my saying vansh

But When their is so much love Destiny play its game

I don’t know what will i do after some time

Pov ends

He gets up and started to leave but due to water he  slips and fall on her

Both share an eyelock

Suddenly they heard dadi’s voice

Dadi is in their room calling them

Dadi – Vansh ..riddhima beta where are u both

Riansh just facepalm themselves

Riddhima (frowning) – You didn’t close the door right

Vansh – I forgot !!

Suddenly dadi knocks the washroom room

Dadi – Who is inside

Riddhima and vansh (unison) – Meee!!!

And both look at each other in disbelief and  riddhima shot angry glare on vansh

Dadi chuckles

Dadi – Both of you come downstairs for pehli rasoi rasam

And yeah enjoy😂 (bhai esi dadi kaha milti hai)

And she leaves

Riddhima (angrily) – pehle tumne darwaza band nhi kia phir tumne muh bnd nhi kia😬

Now get lost😬

Vansh silently get up and leaves ( bheegi billi vanshu)

Scene 4

Everyone is sitting at dining table

Ishani (teasing) – Why did u both take so much time

Siya (chuckles) – May be they were busy in morning romance

Ishani – Ohoo!! Morning romance and all

Vansh and riddhima started blushing

Dadi – Stop teasing my children
They were in bathroom together that’s why  they got late (dadi rocked riansh shocked 😝😝)

Everyone looks at dadi in disbelief and burst into laughing and riansh bow down their head

Angre – Wow sona!! you made meethi bhaat today it’s vansh bhai’s fav right bhai

Everyone started eating breakfast

Suddenly vansh gasps and left flabbergasted and freeze on his place

Done for today

Now u all keep guessing what happened to vanshu

Precap :  i am sorry vansh papa

Ishani have you gone mad

Do support guys target is 40

Guys i wanna know one thing from u all that all my readers are below 18 except @riansh1212 so are u comfortable with intimate scenes should i add some more intense scene or u will get offended by that do share ur view

Luv uh all


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