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#RIANSH – SCAR ON SOUL# – #Part – 10#

Angre and Riddhima reached Sejal’s cabin which was adjacent to Vansh & Angre’s cabin (i.e., to the right of Sejal’s cabin is Vansh’s cabin and towards the left is Angre’s). As soon as the door opened, Riddhima’s eyes widened in happiness to find Aryan and Sejal. She wanted to hug them but then as she felt Angre isn’t aware of them so she stood and so did Sejal. Aryan didn’t want Sejal or Riddhima to know that Angre and Vansh are aware of her so, even he stood in his position. Observing the eagerness in the air Angre smiled

Angre: Riddhima she is Sejal my PA and from today you’d be working with her ….

Riddhima didn’t listen to what he was saying later but the word that Sejal is his PA and she’d be working with her registered in her mind as the happiest news ever and her happiness was evident in her eyes which turned to a smile on her lips which was observed by Angre and Aryan.

Angre: And Sejal she is Riddhima, Vansh’s PA. Make sure you inform her duties and do assist her until she learns everything. And Riddhima if you need any assistance then we are here so you can ask us

Riddhima just nodded while Sejal spoke

Sejal: Sure sir, I’ll help her

But her eyes were on Riddhima expressing her happiness and Angre understood that he is supposed to leave so gesturing Aryan he was about to leave when once again turned around to Riddhima

Angre: Riddhima for today you can understand the work and if there’s anything Vansh would call you on the landline and you can pay him a visit ok?

Riddhima nodded and Angre left. As soon as the door was closed the trio ran to hug each other.

Aryan (concerned): Riddhu you are fine?

Sejal (worried): Did that bastard hurt you again?

Aryan: Why the hell was he here?

Sejal: Did he leave now?

Aryan: Did he get any doubt?

Sejal: Did he doubt you about meeting anyone?

Aryan: Did he realize that you met us?

Sejal: Did he observe that you revealed about him to us???

Aryan: Arrey Riddhu why aren’t you speaking anything? We are worried for you and you are here staring at us as if you have seen some alien or a ghost and smiling at yourself rather than answering our worries

Riddhima was smiling seeing her crazy friends who love her to the core that they aren’t even giving her a second to reply to their overflowing questions.

Riddhima (slight smile): If you don’t breathe then how will I speak?

Sejal and Aryan sighed and looked at Riddhima

Riddhima (fake smile): Aryan am fine. Sejal you need to ask me if he didn’t hurt me (sarcasm). Aryan he was here as he wanted to know everything about my job and check the staff as he doesn’t trust me and he assumes that I might run away with some other man, so he was here to make sure there isn’t any man with whom I could do so. Sejal yes he left with much difficulty and yes (sarcastic smile) not before warning me to be within my limits not to disclose about my miserable life with anyone. Aryan at present he doubts that I might disclose my life other than that he doesn’t have any other doubt. And yea he didn’t yet know that I met you both and discussed my life with you, if he had known then today you guys might not be speaking to me (sarcasm)

Tears made their way from Riddhima’s eyes and seeing her even Sejal started crying hugging her joined by Aryan. Riddhima took her seat and the trio were speaking about their respective lives and families

Riddhima: Yesterday I spoilt our meet by discussing my useless life but didn’t ask about how’s aunt and uncle?

Aryan: First of all, stop blabbering that your life is useless and you better take this as my warning (anger & a bit high voice)

Riddhima flinched a bit and Sejal eyed Aryan with fire in her eyes seeing which Aryan realized Riddhima’s phobia and banging his head, he bent to her level and spoke softly

Aryan: Riddhu, I know whatever happened with you in the last 2 months can’t be changed and you can’t just call your life useless. You know what you are to me, Sejal, uncle, and mom. You have always been the light of our life and without you our lives are obscure. You just can’t lose the interest to live because of that demon. The Riddhima we know is a fighter, a fighter who fights against all odds to achieve her dreams from a young age. You have always been a fighter and you are still. You just need some support and we are here to give that forever throughout our lives. So, please stop being this defeated helpless woman. You have to fight and now we trio, the three musketeers as your dad gave the name (slight smile) will fight against this new trouble in our lives together and will win this fight, we have to.

Riddhima was in tears and she hugged Aryan instantly as after months she could feel as if she got some support in her not so alive life. She lost herself for that monster. She wants to fight back but the thought of Kabir hurting her, abusing her, and forcing himself on her was much petrifying that the thought of fighting against him couldn’t proceed further. After some time of sharing some light moments, she wiped her flowing waterfall of tears

Riddhima: Now will you tell me how are uncle and aunty?

Sejal: Dad is good, he is missing you and wants to see his 2nd daughter soon.

Aryan: And mom is no less, she is unable to bear this distance anymore away from her daughter.

Riddhima (slight smile): I miss them a lot. I too want to meet them but…. (afraid) but if Kabir gets to know then he’ll neither spare me nor you all. But…. but I … I can’t even fight him back. If I do, he’ll….. he’ll hurt me again. Am afraid of his that torture he’d give to me. Am afraid of him. I can’t be the free bird I was. I can’t fight back against that Kabir as… as he has the most precious thing of my life, my house, my parent’s last memory.

Sejal: Riddhu we shall sort this out asap. We’ll make sure he repents for his deeds. We are here for you. You need not worry about that memory of yours because it’s not only important for you but for us too. It has our childhood. The night outs, the bacha party, our dances, our noise of singing, aunty’s handmade chocolates, the rain dances we did, our homework’s, our projects, our drama rehearsals, our hide and seeks, uncles storytime…. Everything in our lives is related to that house and we’ll make sure he doesn’t even get to the shadow of the house. But am afraid of the consequences ….. (fear) am afraid what’ll he do if she raises her voice against his atrocities.

Aryan: Seju I know even am wondering this but we need to give her strength, we need to be her strength not freak her or create nervousness in her of consequences. Riddhu, listen we shall find a solution to this soon, but till then I don’t want him to know that you met us varna we don’t know what he’ll do!!!

Riddhima just nodded and after a while when Aryan bid bye to the duo, they decided to get back to work. Aryan left to meet Vansh before going to his work

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