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Here it goes……..

Vansh Ridhimma enters VR mansion hand in hand when a chorous shout come


The masterminds behind the whole plan were standing in hall with poppers in their hand .

Kabir: I told you my plan will be successful . (patting himself)

Ishani: hello it was my plan you only suggested some points

Kabir: so technically it was my plan also yaar .

Vansh: stop it guys , now can you tell how you planned it.

Sejal: Vansh actually it all started when you two went to the beach to talk Kabir came and told everything . Then we thought if all problems have ended then you two should propose each other. We knew you wouldn’t do it yourself especially Ridhimma .

Ridhimma: sejal (shout)

Aryan : she is not wrong Ridhimma . She told us you took a lot of time convinced. Vansh got ready so easily .

Ridhimma was embarrassed Vansh saw this and came to her rescue.

Vansh: stop this, continue your story

Sejal: so we thought lets make both of you surprise each other .

Kabir: so I Angre and Aryan went to convince Vansh which was easy. We told him that we will do all the arrangements he just have to propose you and I will bring you there

Sejal: we told same to Ridhimma after she agreed and Sia told she will bring Vansh

Ishani: then we all planned the surprise and brought you there .now the results are in front of us . (indicating towards Vansh Ridhimma)

Then suddenly anupriya came to hall hearing the sounds.

Anupriya: what happened children why are you shouting this much. Is everything okay?? ( showing fake concern)

Ishani: mom everything is perfect actually bhai proposed Ridhimma today and now they are a couple.

Anupriya was shocked that her plan failed but maintained a calm face

Vansh: yes mom . I and Ridhimma love each other a lot.

Anupriya: I am so happy my son (showing fake happiness) bless you my child

(looking towards Ridhimma) I am so happy that you are my son to be wife .

Vansh Ridhimma looked at each other and said: we don’t want to marry now.

Ishani: both having same thought not bad bhai .

Sejal: of course ishani after all they love each other right .

Riansh were embarrassed by their teasing so

Vansh: I am going to freshen up .bye (went towards his room)

Ridhimma: I am also going to my room to freshen up.

They went while others were laughing except anupriya . After freshening up Ridhimma was taken by the girls trio to Sia ‘s room so that they can listen what happened . They slept there only.

At night

Someone entered Sia’s room and saw Ridhimma standing at the balcony . went and back hugged her. Ridhimma who was lost in thoughts came out of it turned to look . She saw Vansh and Sai’s

Ridhimma: Vansh what are you doing here ?? What if they wake up?? (repeatedly glancing at the sleeping figures.)

Vansh: they will not if you will not shout . Now what are you thinking ??

Ridhimma: you guess… you love me right then you should know it.

Vansh: okay (encircling hands around her) let me guess ….. (gives a flirty smile ) you were thinking about me .

Ridhimma: why do you think that I was thinking about you ?? You are not that important

Vansh: (faking anger) oh I am not important then I am going

Ridhimma: oh you angry bird come and sit with me here under this starry sky . By the way I was thinking about you only.

Vansh: okay okay

They both sit on floor . Ridhimma keep her head on Vansh shoulder and hugs her and keeps his head on her.

Ridhimma: (looking at moon) thankyou Vansh

Vansh: why ??

Ridhimma: for coming in my life for making it beautiful.

Vansh: we both made each other life beautiful. We complete each other.

Both were looking at sky and fell asleep hugging eachother.

At backyard

Anupriya was standing there with tensed face and crossed arms. The red hoodie person came .

Anupriya: I called you so that you can stop them from proposing each other but they proposed each other.

Red hoodie: (girls voice) I went there but due to darkness I thought no one is there and came back . But don’t worry I gave them a fright in the last.

Anupriya: what will we do now ??

Red hoodie : just think of a way to get me inside mansion I will do the rest

Anupriya: okay , I will do something and tell you

Both go back after a little talk

Early morning when sun rose and sunrays striked Ridhimma face she opened her eyes she saw Vansh face and started admiring her . She kissed his cheek and then saw Vansh is about to wake and pretended to sleep.

Vansh: Ridhimma wake up .

Ridhimma: good morning Vansh

Vansh : good morning Ridhimma (smiling)

Then she sees the sorrounding and says

Ridhimma: Vansh go otherwise you will teased whole day .

Vansh : right (looking at girls) I should go

He goes to get ready while Ridhimma also goes to her room.

After getting ready they came down and saw all others standing there with anupriya in centre.

Vansh: mom what happened??

Anupriya: actually I want to talk about you and Ridhimma??

Vansh: what about us??

Anupriya: I am thinking to get you two engaged .

Both Vansh Ridhimma were shocked

Vansh: but we don’t want to marry now mom. Why such hurry??

Anupriya: I am only talking about engagement son not marriage . You can marry when ever you want . I have also told this to mom (here mom is indicating dadi I forgot she is alive and just remembered ) she is coming tomorrow from vrindavan for engagement. The engagement is 3 days later. No more discussion

Saying this she went. Both Vansh Ridhimma looked at her retreating figure in shock. others were laughing at them.

Precap: office romance. Dadi comes back home.

here part 15 ends . hope you liked it. please tell me your views through comments . silent reader please comment as it means a lot to us

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