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Riansh (Do Jism Ek Jaan) Chapter 28 DRUNK FOR THE FAST TIME!!

Hehe! Jaldi aagayi na 😂 waise main aaj kal comments nahi dekh rahi aapne to iske liye very sorry actually I’m “STUCK” at my relatives house 🙂 yeh jo sari ff mein follow karti hun pata nahi kahan se kahan pahoch gayi dekhne ka mauka hi nahi milta 😂🙂 (ye episode gaane ke wajah se khich jayega..! Dhanyawad janhit mein jari)


Whole family is about to leave –

Riddhima: think twice know I also wanna come with y’all

Dadi: my…

Ishani, Siya, Angre and kabir: No means No!

They laugh and leaves!

Riddhima: why are they so heartless?

Vansh (sipping juice) : heartless? How sweetheart?

Riddhima: they are enjoying alone isn’t this heartless enough?

Vansh: they are enjoying right?

Riddhima: yes!

Vansh: sweetheart look they are not heartless Infact they are so good!

Riddhima: and how?

Vansh (with a smirk): don’t you know anything? Dadi said enjoy! How a girl and boy can enjoy and yes all alone in house?

Riddhima (blush) : shameless shut up! Don’t you have some patience?

Vansh: waited for you since 2 years! If you were not gone! A cute lil boy or girl would playing in this vr mansion with abhay!

Riddhima: you.. Now go I’m not going to talk with you you’re so bad!

Vansh: And if I say you’re going to jump and hug me so?

Riddhima: never!

Vansh: well I was thinking of clubbing but seems like riddhima is not going!

Riddhima (with excitement hugging vansh): vansh sacchi you’re too good I love you!!

Vansh: I said!

Riddhima: ok ok I lost!

Vansh: now go and change!

Riddhima: I have to go RB mansion!

Vansh (chocking his juice): {cough, cough}, why?

Riddhima: i dont have any clothes here!

Vansh: ok lemme get ready and then we’ll go RB mansion and then club!

Riddhima: great idea!

They enter club! Riddhima goes to (najane kya kehte hain 😂) waiter and asks him a shot!

Vansh: riddhima you don’t drink right!

Riddhima: oh c’mon vansh I’m clubbing after long time lemme try something new!

She drinks 3 shots and goes to dance floor and dances-

Mere bin sooni hai dil ki rahein mere bin pyasi sabki nigahein jo mile bole bhar ke woh ahein.. Ashiq banaya   Ashiq banaya,, Ashiq banaya aapne

SShe goes and drinks 2 more shots

Deewane ruk ja zara tera humse samna hai ankhon se chu le hathon se chuna mana hai,, Khwaabon mein ayae jaye yaar hum wahin hai hum kisi ko asani se milte hi nahi hai!! 

Song changes –

Aa raat bhar.. Aa raat bhar 

VVansh also comes to dance

Riddhima: you don’t want dance right

Vansh: I’m also clubbing after 2 years I also want some change

Jayein na ghar.. Jayein na ghar.. 

Hai sath tu.. Kya hai fikar.. 

Jayein na ghar.. Aa raat bhar 

Jayien jahan jahan dil kare.. Jane kahan kahan phir mile.. 

Is raat mein bite umar sari umar.. Aa rat bhar aa raat bhar jayein na ghar aa raat bhar

Raat mujhe kyu jaane lage new kehti hai khud ko badal de tu chand ko cakh le taron ko pee le aaja na thoda sa jee le tu

Riddhima finishes her dance and vansh goes to find riddhima!

Vansh: where is she?! She is highly drunk

Ting (phone ka notification 🙂😂)

I’m home come fast!

Vansh: what?  Ok I’m coming!


Hy, break alert!! Don’t worry will back soon stay happy stay safe!

Saranghe y’all 💜

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