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RIAANSH : LOVE AND BETRAYAL . Episode 15 Arrow man revealed.


Hey guys,  hello . Thanks for the support you have shown . So your comments have inspired me to write next episode. I wish you will  all enjoy.

Episode 14 – https://www.tellyupdate.co.in/riaansh-love-and-betrayal-episode-14-kabir-reads-ajays-secret-message/


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Episode 15 :

Arrow – Man revealed

The episode starts

Scene – 1

Kabir takes that letter written by Ajay infront of  candle 🕯heat . And the letter starts becoming visible.  Kabir starts reading the letter written in lime ink

” Kabir sir , it’s me your junior and your brother Ajay . As you have ordered me to catch Ghost,  i get to know its location and its name and i am going to his house to fulfil my duty … thanks.  His name is Vansh raisinghania and he lives in VR MANSION ” .

Kabir: ( to himself) . So that ghost is Vansh raisinghania.  I will now not spare him.

Kabir puts the coordinate of VR MANSION in his laptop 💻and gets the location.  He leaves from Ajay’s office/ lab to vr mansion.

Kabir  : Ajay your sacrifice won’t get waste i will kill that Vansh,  death for death . So be ready Vansh… danger is coming🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Scene – 2

Vansh and Angre enters the cave of viridian forest , arrow man follows them.

Vansh  : look there is the Red Diary .

Angre : yes boss,  i am happy that we get the diary because every big criminals,  mafia , assassin,  spy,  espionage and detective  knew about that diary but still we are first to take it .

These two were talking when vansh paused angre at middle .

Vansh  : Angre move back .

Angre : why ?

Vansh  : just move .

They both moved back when arrow passed by . Two three arrows come but Vangre got saved. . Angre removed a grenade and threw at that arrow man . But arrow man ran and saved himself.

Vansh  : Who are you  ?

Arrow Man  : i am your nightmare.

Vansh  : so you are the one who attacked Ajay on that day and threw smoke bomb . What do you want?

Arrow Man  : that was my first step of my plan and stealing red diary from yours and that Pendrive from kabir will be my second step of my big plans.  😈😈😈

Arrow man threw a smoke bomb again and in the meantime took the read diary with him

Vansh: where is the diary.

Angre : boss , that arrow man took it .

Vansh  : damn it ! Now our new mission will to catch arrow man.

Angre : i am having a gut feeling that,     ” Arrow Man  ” could have been another men sent by Ragini .

Vansh  : you think that ragini send the arrow man to kill us and steal the red diary? Interesting,  very interesting.

Scene – 3 .

Seejal : riddhu,  you are saying that we shouldn’t attack ragini now , but why?

Riddhima  : i have something different for her . You wait here , i am going to meet someone.

Seejal : who ? Ohhhh ! Vansh 😍😍😍🙈

Riddhima  : Stop teasing.

Riddhima goes to meet someone.

Scene – 4 .

Arrow man is seen moving forward a woman .

That woman is riddhima.

Arrow man shoot at riddhima but riddhima saved herself.  She removes a gun from her purse .

Arrow man  : other girl’s purse contains makeup kits but your purse 👛contains murder kits ….

Riddhima  : i am not like other girls , “vaaz” .

Arrow man threw his bow and arrow away and bow ( sit )🙇‍♂️infront of riddhima . Riddhima and Arrow man both hug each other .

Riddhima  : well done vaaz ( arrow man) .

Vaaz ( arrow man) : thanks Riddhima our plan step 1 and step 2 get completed.  Now we have both Vansh and kabir as enemies .

Riddhima  : vaaz no one can stand infront of us . Have you stole that RED Diary from vansh and Angre.

Vaaz ( arrow man)  : no riddhima,  i can’t stole .

Vaaz ( in his mind ) “i can’t tell riddhima that i tried to attack Ajay and stole red diary from vansh . I have that red diary with me but i have to tell riddhima that I didn’t stole red diary) .

Riddhima  : no problem vaaz aka arrow man.  Time for new step to destroy vansh and kabir.

Precap  : kabir comes in vr mansion.  Both Vansh and kabir meet each other . Kabir  : you are under arrest vansh for killing an officer  – Ajay… see this proof written statement ( that letter) .

Episode ends

So how did you like today episode.  If you want something to add then please tell me.

1) How did actually kabir first come to know about ghost/ vansh because he was in Africa and vansh was here in india?

2) How did riddhima and vaaz ( arrow man) knew each other ? When did they meet ? And what is their big plan? And how they have enemity with Kabir and Vansh  ?

3) Why vaaz wanted red diary and that Pendrive.  ?

4) Even though vaaz stole Red Diary then why did he told lie to riddhima  ………for her safety… to double cross her or something even bigger….?

So from the starting inside Ajay’s,  Vansh’s and kabir’ planning it was riddhima and vaaz planning , so it was riddhima all along . What’ next ? Please comment.  Thanks,  bye , take care.

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