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Our courage our pride (short story)

As per Ayesha suggetion,

Scene shows railway station with full crowd,everyone were pushing each other,when a tall,handsome boy,reached the track running with full speed,train's horn was about to blow,but his friends shouted,"Vansh,this side."
And Vansh rushed and got inside the train,but he could only cling at the gate,because there was not even ,a pin space left.He was smiling that he finally clinged,and looked back ,and saw a girl,her face was different,it had a different sort of innocence,she was trying to get inside the train,but people and crowd were pushing her back again and again,he then saw the train was about to start,and that girl,was continously trying to get inside the train,she was trying to hold the bar of gate ,but all in vain,train started,and due to crowd,she was about to step further,when someone pulled her back.
it was Vansh.
Vansh: Are you blind? Can't you see,you were to step at the track,you would have got beneath the train.
She was scared,too much,looking just down,crowd was so much,that Vansh held her hand tight and took her aside,then he saw in her eyes.She was really blind.
Vansh felt sad.
Vansh: Actually...you
Gril:Yes,I am blind.But I had to got in the train,that's why..
She was crying.
Vansh:Please,please calm down,even I had to went in that train,but I got down,for you,so please forgive me,I was just scared seeing you like that.
Girl wiped her tears.
Girl: Never change your priorities for anyone,tyou should not have got down of train.
Vansh: My priority was not train,but to save someone innocent life.
Girl smiled.

Vansh: Its Vansh Rai sighania,
Girl:Its Riddhima .
Vansh:Which station you wanted to go..I can help you out.
Riddhima: XYz..
Vansh:Interesting,even I had to go there.It is my Airforce interview over there.
Vansh:Not yet,trying from two times,not yet cleared.
Talking each other,Vansh helped her ,lifting her luggae,she was smiling,as if feeling comfortable,but was a little scared too.
Vansh got the cab,
Vansh:Comeon,our destination is same,ways can be same too.
Riddhima felt a bit scared.
Vansh: Amm,,,don't you have anyone in this city?
Riddhima denied.
Vansh:You can trust me.Its just a matter of 20 km.
Riddhima hardly nodded,she had no other option left,she had to leave the city as soon as possible.
They reached the destination,during whole way,only Vansh was continously speaking,Riddhima was just listening silently.
Vansh:So where should I drop you?
Riddhima:Your interview?
Vansh:Ya ..its in this building.But it still has time,you tell ,where can I drop you.
Riddhima:No wehere,I ..I will call someone.
Vansh:Are you sure?
Riddhima nodded and smiled.Vansh left,although he had no desire to leave her,she was so calm ,that he wished to stay with her.

After 6 hours Vansh returned from the interview,he saw Riddhima still sitting at the same place.
Vansh got to her,
sat on knees,without saying anything,just loooked at her.
Riddhima smiled: Vansh
Vansh: How do...you know,that it is me.
Riddhima: I am blind,but I can feel other's by presence.
Vansh:Feel everyone?
Riddhima: No..just some special people.
Vansh :WHy still here?
Then Riddhima explained that she is from orphanage,her orphanage had got some corrupt people,who wanted to sell her off,that's why she rushed from that city,and now,don't know where to go.
Vansh was full of rage,he just wanted to kill those people,but Riddhima made him understand that she doesn't has any proof against them.
Vansh then took her to a safe society,they soon became friends,Vansh cleared the interview,and got selected on a huge post,Riddhima too,joined a school,of blind children,and started teaching there.Vansh joined the forces,and then he seldom returned ,but whenever returned,even before going back to his home,he always came to Riddhima.He was falling,in deep love ,with her.
Then after some months,he returned at night,Riddhima opened the gate,and he sat on knees,,,she was feeling strange,he held her hand,and proposed her.

She denied.
Vansh insisted her to tell the reason,she told him ,that she doesn't want to burden him.
He made her understand,that his love is pure,not any form of pity.
They married,Vansh's famil,as usual,was against this relation,but due to Vansh,they accepted.
Then Vansh,whether far,or close,was always the suport system of Riddhima.
During war practice,he felt some sort of different feeling,and when returned,found that they are blessed,with twin babies,
They named the girl ,Naina 
and named the boy,Nayan.

At night,when Riddhima was sitting with both of them sleeping on bed,Vansh came from behind and kissed her shoulders,
Riddhima smiling,: Vansh,I never saw you,could never saw my children,but you promise me one thing,you will treat them ,equally always,like both of your eyes.
Vansh kissed her forehead.
Vansh: Trust me,they both are like our eyes, they both ,are my breath.
But for Vansh's family,case was different,
They loved nayan a lot,but Naina,was just a burden for them.
Infact Vansh and Riddhima ,could also see ,the discrimination,with their eyes,
Vansh's father,who was on wheel chair,he never lifted naina in his arms, always kept only Nayan with him.
But Vansh,always kept naina on his eyes.
Infact when the time for their admission came,Vansh's father wanted only nayan to be sent to school,
Whole day conflicts,that why Vansh keeps naina with her,
whenever Riddhima cared naina,Vansh's dad taunted her that she doesn't love nayan,
Scolding naina without any mistakes,
bringing everything for just nayan.

It was all done by vansh's dad.Vansh ,had been exhausted,explaining him ,that girls and boys are equal,and that his love for naina,can never get weakened by these sot of thinking,but his father didn't change.
Riddhima used to cry sometimes,but Vansh held her ,told her to be strong.
Vansh even decided to take Riddhima and children somewhere else,where they could love both their chidlren equally,without facing any narrow mindedness.But it was not possible,Vansh's father was on wheel chair,and emotionally,he neve allowed them to leave.
They were in a cage like situation,
Riddhima came to Vansh who had just made both twins slept,
she sat in Vansh's lap,He hugged her tight and kissed her.
Vansh: Riddhima ,please,let time pass,everything will sort out.
Riddhima:I am not getting the feeling Vansh,I am just,..Vansh only you are my  hope..You are the only one,in this whole world,whom Naina can call hers,please vansh...she needs you.
They hugged tight,but duty is duty.Vansh had to left for the war.
And Riddhima's fear came true,Vansh martyred.
Naina and Nayan ,who were 5 by then,could not understand,the deep meaning ,of patriotism,martyr,they could not even understand that Vansh will never return now,what they knew  was,their mother was shattered,and they could not see their father around.

At that time,it was very difficult for three of them,
Riddhima had to stay strong,she was dying without Vansh,he was her only support,not only physically,but her mental support too,she could not see any way left that how will she raise their children now,how will she protect them from the discriminatory eyes of society and her house people .
Naina: She had no place to go,nayan was taken by vansh's dad,all day,he used to wipe nayan's tears,make him sleep.But for Naina,she had no one ,to wipe her tears,Riddhima did so,but looking at Riddhima's condition she cried more,
one day,Riddhima got shocked to see,
Vansh's father had made Naina stand out of house,
saying that from the day she is borrn,everything is ruined.Riddhima was shocked to hear ,that vansh's father blamed naina for everything.
Riddhima fought back him,but he was adamant,not to let Naina inside the house,and not to let Nayan leave the house.
She was stuck,in a miserable situation.
She contacted court,Vansh's father was given warning regarding this,
but warnings by court could make Naina allowed to stay in that house,not in her grandfather's heart.
She used to daily change flowers kept in front of Vansh's photo,with her tiny hands,but her grandfather ,sometimes even pushed her hard,that stay away from my son's photo.She could not understand that why is her grandfather that much furious of her,what had she done,what had nayan done that he get so much love,
Naina:Mom,I always listen to elders,pray to God,follow rules,study well,,then why I get so much scolding from grandpa.

Riddhima cried hugging her.
Riddhima had made her mind that she will take her children to new house,but again,situation,she had no courage to left the room,where she spent her life with vansh,she had no courage to go and stay somewhere ,where she could not feel vansh.
One day fire broke out at the mansion,
Everyone got out,
Riddhima was too...taken out in unconscious state out of the house,
only Naina was not there,
then Naina was saved by fireworkers.
Instead of asking her if she is fine,
Vansh's father outbursted on her,that why she didn't rushed out.
Naina showed Vansh's photograph.
Naina: I ...coul not let,daddy's phot...
Before she could say anything further,her grandfather melted.He saw little burns on her little hands,and kept crying.He saw the courage of her son in her today.
Scene shows Riddhima keeping toys in box,
when she felt hands on her waist,she smiled,Vansh.

Vansh: Happy now?We won.All the discrimination ended.
Riddhima nodded.
Riddhima:You were right,your daughter,herself won everyone's love.
Before she could hug Vansh back in happiness,Vansh disappered.
Scene ended on Riddhima bringing tea for Vansh's father and he sitting with Naina and Nayan both in lap 
She had never seen Vansh
But could feel her sitting with them and smiling..

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