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My World Is In Your Love – Chapter 7

My world is in your love Chapter-7

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Riddhima called Sejal to the temple. Riddhima prayed to the Ganapathi Bappa and returned from the temple.

Sejal: Riddhima, Why did you call me to the temple?

Riddhima hugged sejal. She told everything that happened in the VR mansion and started to cry.

Sejal: Are you crying for Kabir?

Riddhima: No, I won’t spend my expensive tears on that brat. That brat won’t deserve it. I am crying because I liked Sia, Dadi, Rohan, Ishani, Angre and Vansh so much. I am going to miss them. Within a small period of time, they became close to my heart, sejal.

Sejal: Did you mention Vansh’s name in it?

Sejal began to laugh.

Riddhima: Are you my friend? I am crying, and you are laughing.

Sejal: Riddhu, Do you understand the meaning of love now?

Riddhima: I can’t understand.

Sejal: Riddhu, you didn’t have any pain or feeling for Kabir when you left him. But, you had a lot of pain or feeling for Sia, Dadi, Rohan, Ishani, Angre and Vansh because you love them. This is true love!

Riddhima: Yes! Sejal. Now, I understand. Love is not only between a boy and a girl. In human life, it starts with mother’s love towards a born baby, then father’s love to protect the baby, relative’s love towards the child and friend’s love.

Sejal: Exactly Riddhima!

Sia was not happy. Not only sia the whole family was in a sad mood. Vansh noticed it. Dadi asked vansh to take her to the temple.

Dadi: Vansh, come inside the temple?

Vansh: No, Dadi. I will wait outside.

Vansh was scrolling through the phone. Vansh had a breeze on his face. Vansh saw Riddhima. Riddhima was happily serving the poor people with the food. Vansh noticed the chain when Riddhima was serving the food half-bent down. It was the ‘V’ chain. Vansh was astonished. Some people crossed between them. Vansh tried to call her, but she disappeared suddenly.

Vansh thought to himself: Why didn’t I notice that? I want to see her again and confirm that it is the ‘V’ chain.

Two days later,

At 10:30 P.M., Sejal called sia.

Sejal: Sia, did Riddhima come to the VR mansion?

Sia: No, Sejal.

Sejal started to cry. Sia tried to pacify her. Sia informed Vansh. Vansh got the phone from Sia.

Vansh: Sejal, what happened to Riddhima?

Sejal: I don’t know, Sir.

Vansh: Did she inform about the location?

Sejal: she told me in the morning that she had an event in the Taj Hotel from morning 10’clock to evening 5’ clock. She told me that she was going to organize the event. Now, I can’t leave the hostel once I enter.

Vansh: Sejal! I will go and look for her.

Vansh took his car and searched her in the Taj Hotel. The manager told him that Riddhima had left half an hour earlier. Vansh’s heartbeat was so fast.

Vansh thought to himself: Will I lose you again in my life?

Riddhima was waiting for a bus or an auto. Vansh searched for the bus stop. Vansh went near Riddhima. Riddhima’s heartbeat also became so fast.

Vansh: Riddhima…

Riddhima: you? What are you doing here?

Vansh: Won’t you pick up your phone? Sejal is trying to reach your phone.

Riddhima: My phone’s battery is dead.

Vansh: Won’t you carry a power bank with you? OK, Today, there is a bus strike, no bus will come. Come with me, I will drop you in the hostel.

Riddhima: No, Mr. Vansh Raisinghania. I can take care of myself. You can go.

Vansh: Okay, Then I will inform sejal.

Vansh left the place.

Riddhima thought to herself: I am scared right now. I should have said yes to Mr.Lighthouse. How could he leave a cute, sweet and innocent girl in a bus stop alone?

Two men came to the bus stop and teased Riddhima. They have already consumed alcohol.

Person1: Hey, beautiful lady, shall I drop you?

Person2: No, you better come with me. I will take care of you.

Person2 holds Riddhima’s wrist. Riddhima tried to escape from the place. Vansh gave his entry.

Vansh: Will you leave her hand?

Person2: Why should I? Who are you?

Vansh: she is my girlfriend.

Person1: (Laughed) Are you a hero to save her?

Vansh laughed and took his gun.

Vansh: No, I am a Villan.

Riddhima was shocked to see a gun in his hand.

Person2: It is a toy gun.

Vansh fired the gun. Riddhima closed her eyes with fear and saw the angry Vansh. Soon both men ran from that place.

Vansh: Get inside the car, Riddhima.

Riddhima (feared): No…

Vansh (shouted at the two men): Excuse me, sir, please take this girl with you, she is ready to come with you.

Riddhima closed Vansh’s mouth with her hands. Vansh began to stare at Riddhima. After a few seconds…

Vansh: Just get inside the car. It is my order. I didn’t ask your opinion.

Riddhima was in the car. Riddhima’s wrist was reddish, so vansh took the first aid box and gave the ointment to her. She applied the ointment. Riddima was scared and tired. It was 11:30 P.M.

Riddhima: When will we reach, Bro?

Vansh: It will take 45 minutes, Riddhima. Will you stop calling me “bro”?

Riddhima: Okay, then shall I call you, VR?

Vansh: Ok.

Riddhima: Why did you come for me? You don’t like me, right.

Vansh: Because… (Vansh was dumbstruck, he didn’t know what to reply, he remained silent)

Riddhima: Why did you raise your gun against them? Are you an underworld Don? Do you have a license for it?

Vansh: you better be a policeman or a lawyer, Riddhima. They tried to misbehave with you, so I raised the gun. Yes, I have a license for it.

Riddhima began to sleep as she was tired. She didn’t wear the seat belt. Vansh stopped the car and tried to wear the seat belt for her. This time, Vansh noticed the chain clearly. It has a dollar ‘V’ in it. When the ladies hostel came, vansh saw Sejal waiting for riddhima. Vansh asked sejal to come to the office tomorrow and told her not to tell riddhima about it.

Sejal nodded her head. Vansh opened the door side of the riddhima. Vansh thought to himself: This girl is sleeping like a cute baby. How could I wake her up? Sejal made Riddhima wake up from the car. Vansh was about to leave,

Riddhima: Thanks, Mr. VR.

Vansh: you better say thank you to sejal.

Sejal made a grin at Vansh which made Riddhima jealous.

Riddhima: Okay, Bye VR. Tell sia, that I miss her.

Vansh nodded his head. Riddhima recalled her moment with vansh. When Vansh said, “She is my girlfriend,” she had a shy feeling and laughed at herself. Suddenly, she realized and said to herself, “Next time, I will ask him. Why did he say that?”

Did Vansh really say Riddhima was her girlfriend, or is it a fake drama?

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